Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mixed Media Assemblage Angel Hastypearl

Mixed Media Assemblage Angel

As many of you know, I love Two things that both show up over and over in my art.
One...Angels...the second ....Building Angels :)

My stash of found objects continues to grow.

I cant "help" it :)

Just let me in the doors of a closing estate 
where there was a Curios Minded Gentleman with a workshop, 
and I AM going to find what he tinkered with!

As happens, I recently met at the Church of Redstone, Colorado, 
a woman with a never ending smile named, Betty.
It didn't take long for us to discover 
that we had a number of friends in common.
That same morning, I "randomly" sat next to a woman 
that I had met all the way back in the 70's named Melissa.
Both women were dear to my SIL's family, Bess and Jim.
Bess and Jim, are the common denominator to us all.

Well, eventually in the story, 
Betty wrote me to tell me about an important 
fund raiser that was to be held in the Crystal River Valley.
It was for a ministry that Melissa and Louis McBurney 
established 40 years ago for Pastors and their families.

I don't think that we think about Pastors 
as people that might need ministering to, as 
THEY are usually the ones doing the Serving.
Well, Melissa and Louis knew better, 
and their Marble Retreat ministry continues, today.

After reading a letter of mine and seeing my blog and hastypearl etsy addresses,
Betty sweetly contacted me and asked me to be a part of the 
Marble Retreat fundraiser.
I was honored and thrilled.

This Angel was what I made for the event 
and I thought that you would enjoy seeing her.

Her body, was built on the most amazing wood finial. 
I realized, that I never took a photo 
of her from behind. Oops. Sorry!

I layered and layered.
Many of the brass gears and pieces, 
came from my stash from the estate of a clock repairman.

I traveled  to that estate for three days straight 
and people continued to pour out of it with bags in their arms.
It will be a while, before I go to an estate sale to match that one!

You know that I also love casters.
This porcelain caster 
was a perfect match for her mother of pearl button heart.

We just got back from 11 days in the Crystal River Valley, 
where the Marble Retreat is located.
This would be a very similar view 
to what those seeking healing there, would 
see from the home in Marble.
Its a very Restorative view for All!  

one of the verses that they have on their website:

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. -Psalm 46:1

It was my Joy to participate by 
submitting this Angel piece for the event, 
and I was very delighted to learn that it sold!

I always think about the person/s that will end up with my pieces.
I know that for every item that I create, 
that there is a Special Person just waiting to be matched with it.

I hope that you are enjoying these beautiful days.
Cooler for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere 
and Freshening and Spring like for you in the Southern part of the World.

Thank you so much for stopping by...
I hope you will often.. :) xo Laura