Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yep, I Love Chocolate Doodle!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hastypearl Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art!

Hooray, for Vintage Parts!
When I thought about what I wanted to sell in my Etsy shop, naturally, I chose Art.
But my kind of expression of art, almost always includes...Parts!
In my frequent hunts...prowls...venturings, when I find SPECIAL vintage items that speak to me and I think they will work into my art and I can afford them, Ill buy them.
Then after a while, reality sets in....You cant use everything you buy!
I knew that would happen to me
so, from that came the...Vintage Parts, part, of hastypearl!
Well, I am glad to say, that I am finally getting to the marketing of my wonderful found Parts, on my Etsy shop!
I wish there was a way to put ALL of you in my pocket and take you with me to see the places that I find myself searching in.  

 As happens, you find yourself wondering about the items Owners. The Families. The Collectors.

Who would store tiny vintage charms in a cigar box and keep them for decades?


Who would take a child size tambourine and scratch a face and the words, Wild and Wooly on it?

 What grandfather and grandson would whittle on their porch together, and talk about life?

What newspaper would hire artists to carve beautiful printer plates for the ads in their copies?

 What kind of man would collect dozens of vintage casters and put them in a box in his garage?


 Then, there is the category of the vintage bits and pieces that show us what it was like to be alive when life was simple.
I have an shelf covered  with vintage items like this, that people love to look at when they visit our home!

I especially love to find things that are still with their boxes.

All of the information and explanations are there, to read and learn from.
It's amazing how useful some it can still be!

I can see a grandmother and granddaughter, laughing and making crochet daisies with this easy to use winder, that I found!

I was at an estate sale in Boerne, last weekend. Amazing century place. Massive Oak Trees that were already here when some of Texas' history was being made.
There was a woman, moaning with  sadness about some of the family pieces that were for sale.
"How could the family sell that?", she'd ask. 
I consoled her a bit, as I also experience those feelings.
I told her...she could buy them and take care of them for the family!:)
(She already had a stash!) 
The families, will never know us, but we can still enjoy their treasures!
That's what the hunt for treasures is all about.
We can all take care of each others "stuff" along the way! 
So, yep, Ive started listing some PARTS on hastypearl. You'll see more of them in time.
I'm the girl that goes straight for the garage to find beautiful wood handled tools, too!
I'm selling those at Johns Road Antique Mall in Boerne, Texas.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the stroll through "Vintage Parts"land and will swing over to hastypearl to take a look at them. Each item has a bit more info, there.

I'm so thankful to those of you that are visiting my blog.
The whole process and the kismet of how people find each other in blog land and how you can connect with someone you will probably never meet, is fascinating to me!
I certainly understand that it happens, because I am a blog follower...too!
Maybe I will list some of my favorite blogs some time!

Im enjoying the little location counter on the right side of my blog, but I have another counter that indicates that many more readers are stopping by! The curious side of me wishes I knew who you were so I could thank you:)

Anyway, I'm really enjoying it...
Hope you are enjoying your days...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Polymer Mosaic Found Object Angel Doll

There is a lot going on on this beautiful Polymer Mosaic Found Object Angel Doll, that I call
"Thimble Heart"!
 Before any clay work happens in my studio, I enjoy making my hand painted rice paper.
That usually sets the color palate in motion.
Sometimes, you cant hardly see it, but its still important.
This time, I lined the box that "Thimble Heart's" body rests on, with paper that has beautiful golds and greens.

 I used a found vintage recipe, printed in an old newspaper, for her face.
Shes a pretty special girl, so of course, she needed a silver leaf crown!

Her dress is incredibly textured, and decorated with acrylic paints, and beads and bits.

I especially love finding and buying vintage sewing kits.
It always makes me sad that families don't keep them, when they are closing out a loved ones home. Nothing, in a woman's life, especailly in previous generations, gets touched more than her sewing kit.
You can see a vial of kept pins and needles next to her thimble heart!
Are these her "swords" for protecting? :)

My projects, are a way to preserve items and the "hearts" of the women who's treasures I find.


Her skirt is overlaid copper leaf and this sheet is particularly richly colored.

She is ready to hang on your wall, or place on your stand, like I have done here, on my dining room sideboard!
Some of my meals there, definitely need "watching over"!

Here is a side view so that you can see how she was constructed.
Thimble Heart is available at my Etsy shop called, hastypearl!

Enjoy your days...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Watercolor Fox Collage

Watercolor Fox Collage
As you know, Larry and I have been traveling to Colorado since the 70's.
We have explored our way across most of it, but our heartstrings, are in Redstone, situated on the opposite side of Snowmass, from Aspen.
The valley has been dubbed the most beautiful in America.
If you go there...and please go there... you wont argue.
We try to stay a couple of weeks, when we go.
It is a restful time, even though we are never...still.
We hike and drive and explore. Read, eat and wish we lived there!
Its the kind of trip, that you don't have need for your cell phone and the TV only comes on for three hour, evening drunks of American Pickers;)
Larry loves to fly fish.
I will often accompany him, following along with my art supplies and camera, unless he goes on one of his all day marathons!
Then, I will hike and explore, alone.
As I have previously mentioned, last summer, I enjoyed painting owls, but I also drew the red fox.
While we have stayed in almost every available place of lodging, we most enjoy staying at the Gamekeepers Cottage, which deserves its own post...maybe I will do that sometime.
The cottage has a picnic table, nestled under century pines.
That is where you will find me, drawing.
Last summer, one morning, I started a study on the fox.
Sketching from different angles....enjoying reading about their lives in nature.
Later, that afternoon, actually while doing a little real estate shopping, we turned a corner and on a freshly mown meadow in a neighborhood that we like, I saw on my right a strange sight for the middle of the day...
"Larry stop"!
There, like a gift, the Very red fox that I had just been concentrating on, in my sketching...
Larry stopped, and Sir Fox sat for WAY TOO long, with me snapping away at the camera.
In my rural area, if we see a fox do this during the middle of the day...we have to consider, rabies.
I asked our hosts, Janette and Jeff Bier about it, and their explanation was... sadly, the residents were probably feeding it.
Just like the misguided urge to feed deer, humans benefit, more than the wildlife does. 
So, he was smaller than I anticipated. The coat was beautiful.

 His ears moved all of the time, gathering information. I love the black points on the extremities.

Can you believe it?
So, yes, a timely gift!

When you are in the mountains, you are GOING to see wildlife.
Some you want to see, some you don't!

The red fox, is an extremely social animal.
Traveling in families, or packs. Where was this little guys family?

All you have to do is watch a PBS "Nature" episode, on them, and you learn how intelligent they are.

So, we know that every pack has to have the alpha leader....

And...those that play and chase butterflies in the middle....

And, the reliable protector, watcher, in the back....

I had such a special time working on these pieces and couldn't believe how wonderful the timing of our chance meeting with young fox.
Minutes earlier or later, and we would have never seen that sight!
You can find these original 8" x 10" watercolor, collages at my shop, hastypearl, on Etsy.
We are already planning our 2013 summers trip to Colorado.

I'm not sure what I will think about while I am there, but I don't think there will be any shortage of fantastic surprises just waiting to be explored!

Enjoy these beautiful days and thanks for checking in on my blog!
I'm really enjoying bringing you the stories of our life!

You can see more stories like this if you follow me at Facebook.
They wouldnt let me sign up as "hastypearl", so you can find me at hasty pearl!
 (its funny when Facebook refers to me as dear hasty!)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tesoro Box Laurie Mika Mixed Media Polymer Clay Workshop

Project Two, Tesoro Box....well, we jumped right back in with two feet, to part two of the Polymer Clay Workshop!
Laurie has a "show and tell" sort of style of teaching, and then she sends you create!
It occurred to me how similar the feelings in different disciplines in our lives can be.
Certainly, right before you go into a show pen on your horse, you have that feeling of...what is going to happen? How is this going to work out? Look?
When you pull your chair up to the table, with a blank slate... or in this case...empty wooden box, you get a little adrenaline surge...
Then, you lean in and get to work.
Even with an idea or theme, you have no idea how a project is ultimately going to look! 
After a while, Laurie walks around and in the most amazing respectful and personal way, steers you back when you are heading off of a cliff or if she can see you sinking with fear.
A smile from someone cheering you on seems to give you new courage to explore....
But, not Overpowering.   
Its an amazing gifting, really.
Might have something to do with her having a huge FB following.

 Stamp Antonio owners Carol and Amy were around for most of the class and both made boxes.
It was nice to see them "treat" themselves to a class, for a change!

Again, after two full days of laboring...I mean creating... our boxes went to the showroom table for a collective review.
Laurie asked us to speak about our boxes.
It was nice to hear from each woman.
Many expressed similar challenges in this exercise, but everyone learned something about themselves.
Overhead shot of all of the boxes.
It really was a beautiful sight.

My hero, Laurie!

Ive told her a number of times, that she really has been a significant influence on me.
I never toss such "intersectings" of humans, to coincidence.

Surely God is in control of those times.

I took her class three years ago, when I was considering, for the first time in my adult life, that because of health reasons, I may not be able to continue doing something that I really love.

While we ALL will eventually have to make adjustments and let some things go in our lives, I'm learning, that there are new things that we may not have even considered, that will bring equal satisfaction/joy.
 My box had a theme that was born in me many years ago.
I first found accidentally;), weeks ago, a beautiful vintage picture of a Sheep.

 I felt like I wanted to inscribe in Hebrew, somewhere on my box, the word...Lamb.

I found the word Lamb, but as in any language, it had many spellings and meanings.
I sought the help of my friend, Rebecca, superwoman, teacher of women, and she sent me the appropriate spelling for what I needed.

It is a very personal box for me with significant Spiritual meaning.
 Again, this was a very technique driven class.
I learned new things this time around.
Things that will easily be used in my future projects.
It takes a while for it all to sink in, but my memories of this whole weekend's experience of seeing old friends and making new ones, will stay with me for a long time.

Hope your days are Wonderful....

Laurie Mika Mixed Media Polymer Clay Mini Medieval Triptychs

Laurie Mika Mixed Media Polymer Clay Workshop
You know how most of our days, click along with regular mediocrity?
Monday, wash day, Tuesday, string beans!) 
Then... as a gift, Days of Wonder come along and you look to Heaven and wonder why you deserve such a Gift?
Well, one of those "Gifts" happened to me, again, this past weekend.
Clay Artist Extraordinaire, Laurie Mika, had a two class, three day workshop at Stamp Antonio, in San Antonio.
I signed up for Both classes.
Part of the fun of something special, like a trip, or a visit, to me, is the planning.
Well, I think that you can see, hunting and gathering in my studio, for necessary supplies was pretty consuming business!
Keep in mind, that our two projects collectively only covered a FEW square inches, but a girl has to have all of her Stuff...just in case! 
 I had a sure theme for one of my projects, which I will feature in another posting.

The second, literally happened the night Before, when I looked up and saw a vintage Dresden Angel in my studio, that I had bought at the Comfort Antique Show, 3 years ago!
She had been Patiently waiting for me to "discover", what I wanted to do with her!

Eventually, both projects unfolded, as they always do.
Polymer clay has to be conditioned, before it is used.
I am happy to say that all of my bags purchased, were actually fresh, and the prep time was fast and easy. My hands were Very thankful.

Lists were made and items crossed off,  as I filled my traveling, supply bags.

I admit I was a little embarrassed, when I arrived with 4 full bags of "opportunity"!
In the end, I was glad to have so many things to "shop" through, as I developed each of my pieces.
This is a picture of one of Laurie's pieces, that I keep hanging in my studio for Certain inspiration!

 Below, is the sample that Laurie made, for what our triptych would look like finished.

Laurie is an amazing artist.
She is a traveler.
You can see the influences in her work, from the different countries that she visits.
Her pieces often have a positive phrase or saying, included.
Not surprising...she is a positive person!

Laurie has recently opened her new Etsy shop called, LaurieMikaMikaArts.
Go and see her crazy. amazing. pieces.
She also has a great new blog, where you can see her and her adventures!
Be sure to leave her a comment!  

Finally, the clouds parted, the angels sang and after a three year wait since we had last seen her, I sat in my "anticipation seat", with my table covered with supplies and a terribly silly smile on my face!
All of my begging for Carol and Amy to work out a time for Laurie to come back to San Antonio, had been fulfilled!

The room was packed.
Every time one of us stood up to move, we bumped butts!
"Oh, Sorry"! "Excuse me"! It went on happily for three days! 

Carol Condos, one of the owners of Stamp Antonio, introduced Laurie and off we went.

Three years ago, at the first Stamp Antonio, Laurie Mika workshop, I was BLESSED, to have made a wonderful, artist friend, Vivien.
She mentored me though that event, as I had NEVER taken an art class, before.
We have thankfully stayed in touch and we had a blast sitting next to each other, for both classes.

She is a beautiful, talented, classic lady and it shows in her art.

We shared supplies and ideas and encouragement, and of course, the required, medicinal dark chocolates, that an artist MUST have to create!

This workshop,  wouldn't have been the same without her!

Check out her new Etsy shop called, TheRiverWalk.
There you will see her beautiful handmade, vintage, religious jewelry pieces.

After EIGHT, nose to the ground hours, we all gathered our pieces, in various states of "finishedness" for a show.

It never ceases to amaze me how beautifully unique, the human imagination is.

No two pieces were even NEARLY, alike.

I love that!

Mine came home with me that night, but not because it was finished.
I think it was maybe half glued.

The centerpiece Angel is stunning.

In the early 1900's, when Victoriana was rampant, the Germans were famous for their beautiful pressed paper work.

This angel is quite old.

I knew I didn't have the right to glue it or alter it.

Late that night, I got the idea of tacking it in with old nails that I had saved from deconstructing an old Victorian photo album.

I had exactly enough nails, to respectfully hold her in place, for the rest of my generation!
She will remain with me, as a great reminder of how much fun our weekend was!

 I'm always cruising art blogs, and last week, I saw a lovely fabric bead, on Deryn Mentock's amazing blog titled, Something Sublime.

She has a tutorial for making this bead.
PLEASE go to her blog and see what they are SUPPOSED to look like. Her skill level as a jewelry artist and teacher, is amazing!!

I didn't have time to take the tutorial, so I did a hurried, botch job of it, so I could have something fiber"y" on hand for my triptych.

I promise I have lots to learn from her blog, and plan to continue to do so.

It was fun to have a few extra beads, to share with my buds.

I love the Gothic shape of the background boards Laurie designed.
It was fun to hear how challenging it was for Laurie to supply what looks like a "no big deal" shape, for our substrate!
I know plenty of times I think...oh, that will be easy...and then its not!

She reminded us to be careful about our scale when we were setting up our scheme.


My angel was a large as the background!

Not to worry, remember all of those extra supplies I brought?
I softened up some more clay and I just enlarged the background.
I love how it accommodated and featured, Beautiful Angel!
So, I will end here with Workshop Day One.

I think that by now, you can Discern, that I was just a little bit happy with the workshop!
It was definitely Challenging, but I have new depth of information, to go with what we learned at the last workshop.
Laurie has grown before our eyes, and I hope the next time we meet with her, we All will have grown as well.
I'll end with something that I read and shared with Laurie, before she left.

I recently read a story about a bloggers experience of attending a workshop similar to Laurie's, by another artist.
I would credit the blogger, if I could remember who it was. Sorry.
She said she and a number of her artist friends, attended the event.
The presenting artist, wasn't ready when they arrived.
The artist, rambled though her presentation, unprepared, showing little respect for the artists in attendance, who if like our weekend, a number of people had come some distance at their own expense.
Finally, at the end of the presentation, the presenter, basically told the attendees, that they were not "allowed" to share anything that they had learned.

I thought about Laurie, and the other teachers that I have learned from, who have ALL been Generous, to come and share Freely.
Every one of them have wanted to see us benefit and grow from their years of experience!

Think about all of the things that you have learned from someone gladly sharing with you.

Hastypearl, is full of ideas that have been spawned from techniques that someone has shared with me!
Thank goodness for Generosity!

Yep...just a thought to ponder.

Lets all Go and Share something helpful to the people we cross paths with!
What a wonderful legacy for each of us to leave behind!

Enjoy your days...