Sunday, April 28, 2013

Darcy Doodle Update! Chocolate Goldendoodle Arrives Hastypearl

Darcy Doodle Update!
 So, look what a month and a half can do for a Goldendoodle puppy!
I will continue to take her picture in this same spot, on the fence on our property, to refer back to.
In March, when she arrived, she was just a little handful.
Scroll down to the March 14 posting to see the matching picture!
She has probably tripled in inches and has gone from 8lbs to 20plus lbs in a month and a half.
She should end up around 70lbs, so she has a lot to!
To say that she has grown, is just an understatement!

 Our Border Collies, were workers.
Sesame Street had a skit with a catchy song, in the 80's...
"I'm a dog, I'm a workin' dog, I'm a Hard Workin' Dog"...sung along to a video of a Border Collie herding sheep.
Does anyone remember that?
For years, the boys and I sang that song!
Well, Darcy, doesn't seem to have the same desire to work as our BC's did.
The only work she's into is to constantly irritate her Airedale sister, but that is another story!

Larry has been at his job night and day, lately.
Yesterday, he finally had a bit of time, and some green grass around the burn pile, to reduce our always growing, brush pile.
Darcy's only interest was at the end, when Larry ran water onto the hot coals.
She is a bottomless pit for water.

Many times lately, I have asked myself, WHY I insisted on getting a puppy.
My life WAS quiet and mostly my own.
Where was the screaming voice that should be heard in ones head saying....
                                       DON'T DO IT?:)
We all know that dogs don't live forever, and our Airedale is aging.
After all of the hard puppy work is done, I can already see that Darcy is going to be a sweetheart!

This is a wonderfully back lit morning stroll with  two new best friends.

Yep, she's growing!

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Hope your days are Wonderful...Laura

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Hastypearl", Lives Up to Her Name!

 So, the true story goes something like this!

I stopped into one of my favorite antique stores in Boerne last check out a favorite booth and take a quick break from the puppy.
I walked around the store for a minute and on the last row, saw a "Space Available" sign, on the door of a small display case.
I promise, I have never seriously considered renting a space, anywhere, but something about this jumped out at me.
I came home and discussed it with my husband, and I was a little surprised, when he seemed positive about the idea.
 I called the owner and told him that I was ALL about art and vintage found objects.
I knew it was a stretch for an antiques store, but much to my surprise, and sight unseen, he said it was something he would like to try!
Crazy to say, but I basically signed on the spot and am now the proud owner of a great little retail case in a very busy location in Boerne!

I  drew inventory from my Etsy items that had just recently become inactive...interesting timing... and my stash of found objects inventory, from our estate sales shopping.
It didn't take long to collect just the right amount to set up a pretty presentable case!
You have to know that I enjoyed curating and staging!

 You may recognize some of my items and of course, there are plenty that you havent seen, too!

Added bonus... a number of very sweet shop owners actually came over and introduced themselves!
It seems like a really an encouraging environment!
I am glad for that, because I suddenly have a whole new area...yep, Im on a roll... in my life to learn a lot, about.

I know that there are always many reasons why things happen in our lives.
Sometimes, things can be well thought out and sometimes, we just need to do things in a Hasty way!
I am looking forward to seeing what God has for me in this next step of my life!

 A fellow shop owner took a picture of the finished product!

I hope that you will come by and see the case (#861) some time and feel free to tell your friends about it!

It is very easy to get to.
Its located at Exit 539, on IH10 and Johns Road, which is the exit for Tapatio Springs and the middle gateway to Boerne.

Now, get out there and do something Hasty, today!

And finally, you know that thing you bought at the store and brought it home and it just wasnt right.
Wrong enough that you actually took it back?
Well, thats what has happened with my Business Facebook page.
My computer brainerd friend, Jill said about it..."its too clunky and not user friendly at all"!
We decided to jump ship over to a personal Facebook Timeline.
So, because Facebook needs a first and last name for that, you can now find me under
Hasty Pearl!
The business name doesnt have a space so it seemed a little off, but I can live with being called, Hasty!
Its up and running and now I will be able to respond to everyone better while still sending out updates on Hastypearl!
Looking forward....
Have fun!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Surfin' USA Mixed Media Shadow Box Project

So, there comes a time in life as we age, that our children become old enough to have their OWN children.
No one can prepare you for it, you just have to go through it, yourself!
I mean, you can know a person...specifically, a friend's child... AS a child and even watch them grow up, but when they have their OWN children, it's pretty freaky!
Yes, we will ALL surely, age! 

Well, not only has one of my own children had a sweetheart child, but recently, one of our friends daughter's did, as well. I was invited to the baby shower and the invitation said that "surfing"...a hobby of the new grandfather...was going to be the baby boy's nursery theme.

Seriously??? You're going to hand me THAT AWESOME theme!

Yep, I was definitely going to run with that one and have some fun with a Mixed Media Shadow Box Project.
I had an extra Shadow Box Frame, just waiting to be filled!
I used a found Catholic School Reader, from those pure and sweet old days, to make the surfboards, and a boat.
Of course, the boat had to rock on the waves and the sun had to shine brightly, to complete the theme! 
 These photos again, were taken last minute...pre-blog, and were not well lit. I'm about to be done with those "hurry up pictures" and am on track to better light for this blog, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to share this really fun project.
Instead of putting the solid back that came with the frame back on, I sought out help from my great friend, Patsy Wright, of Framing Done Wright, in San Antonio. She cut me a piece of glass and it opened up the whole scene for light to pass, right through!
I hope Mr. Clarke Stamper, is enjoying his little coastal surfing scene, as he enjoys his first days on planet Earth!
I love how my younger friends are growing up and having families of their own.
Yes, the circle of life continues for us all...
Sweet surfin' Clarke!
Have fun everybody...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Watercolor Bunny Hop!

So, I got this idea late one night before Easter, to create a special mixed media card for my Great, great nephew Jackson, who I was going to enjoy an Easter visit with, and started experimenting!  

 I wanted the end result to be long, and accordion folded, so this is how I progressed.
Of course, the painting part is always the most fun!
Here is the finished project! I had so much fun with it, that I created a second one for my Great, granddaughter, Katherine Anne. Shhh...she hasn't seen hers, yet:) Happy Spring, PinKatie!

I only thought of photographing at the last minute and didnt light it the best, still, I wanted you to see it!
Have fun!