Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's A New Day! Hastypearl

It's A New Day!

Hi, guys...friends old and new that have been reading this Hastypearl blog!
I have some great news...

After a wonderfully interesting process and passing of time, 
I will be moving my Hastypearl presence away from Blogger, 
over to my very own site...

Since the beginning of Hastypearl in 2012, 
I've found myself wondrously In Over My Head!
Happily, I have found at EVERY turn, 
Generous Sharers of their knowledge, 
that have HELPED me every step of the way.

If there is Any one thing that I can encourage you to do
...it's to ASK FOR HELP!

Not one to have ANY problem with doing that, 
I have learned SO much.
The best part about that, 
is that there will ALWAYS be opportunities for us
to Give Back of the knowledge that we possess...
and I Love doing that. :)
 We, Pay It Forward...like the movie said. 

So, you will still find me at Hastypearl Etsy
where you will find lots of amazing Vintage Finds
...cause I love hunting for the very best and unique pieces out there.

And, I'm still buzzing around Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.
All of those links are listed on my Hastypearl.com
home page.

I'll still be blogging away, 
about things going on in the Hastypearl Art Studio, 
publications that you can find me in, my garden and travels beyond.
I love sharing my life with you.

This Blogger blog, will stay Open.

~I love looking back on the postings of workshops 
I have hosted and the friends that I've made there.
~I love rereading the Artist interviews I have done...
I could Never leave those behind!
(I have some wonderful NEW interviews 
lined up that you will enjoy reading for sure.)

It's been so much fun here, but its time to move on!
For those of you, that have followed me from the beginning, Thank You!
It's been great to look over at the Feedjit register, 
and see you tip toeing through my words.
Those of you coming from all over the world, 
 have been mind blowing.
Whether you have stopped in once or many times...
Thank You!

Please sign up on the right side of this page, to continue on with me.
With those signatures, I will finally start a Newsletter.

I want you to be the first to hear about my new 
Mixed Media Art and gift listings, 
and special sale announcements in those 
upcoming Hastypearl Newsletters.

I'm excited that for the first time, Hastypearl art 
will now be sold right from Hastypearl.com

Sign up either on this blog, or over at Hastypearl.com

Of course, I hope you will tell you friends and family about Hastypearl.

To the many people that have helped me along the way...

Doing cartwheels...
Lets get started!!!

Its a New Day!...Laura aka hastypearl