Sunday, December 21, 2014

Journal Fun! Hastypearl

Journal Fun!

I thought I would show you some 
Journals that I've recently made!

Journal making for me, comes in spurts.

I guess it depends on what materials I'm going to use.

If I use my drawings or paintings, or maybe even bleached papers, 
it will take a little longer.
But sometimes, it just takes me digging around in my paper stash, 
and boom...the next thing that you know, I'm tearing and gluing!

Making them, is really simple and fun!
Now, I didn't say, FAST, because for me, they aren't.

First, its important to keep some extra 
composition notebooks around. 
Thankfully, they are easily found.
I actually pick them up at the grocery store, 
so I'm talking, THAT kind of easy.

For these three Journals, I took my extra papers drawer 
downstairs and plopped down in front of a movie 
and started digging.

I'm kind of in a making Multiples mood, lately.
If I'm making say an angel, to sell on Hastypearl, 
I'll usually make Multiples, at a time.
While they are always one of a kind, 
somehow, Henry Fords' idea of making more than one at a time
 is finally rubbing off on me:)

So, I start stacking my scraps by colors, or themes and keep going 
until I think that I have enough paper to cover 
the fronts and backs of each notebook.

I've learned, that there are People that like to 
cut and make things very neat with straight lines, 
and there are people...uh, like me, 
that are more likely to tear and go random :)

Where do I get my papers you ask?
I buy some of them, in the form of books of papers in the 
scrap booking department of art stores, 
but MOSTLY, I make them or I find them from magazines, 
catalogs or newspaper flyers.

Take care with copyrighted images.
We don't want to steal someones hard made art or photography.
These aren't going to be sold, so I'm ok.

One of my favorite places to find copyright safe images, 
Why someone like Karen, would spend her life 
sharing her fantastic free images, I don't know, 
but I am soooo glad for her Generous Heart!

After I have my pieces torn, cut, and roughly placed...
I start gluing.
I'm addicted to Weldbond glue.
I buy it online in giant bottles.
I think they could fix the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
 if they just knew about Weldbond.
Maybe I'll place a call to Italy, right now ;)

So, just get after it with the glue.
You can use a brush or your finger.
Just use a lot!
Dont be surprised, if some of your papers bubble.
Lightweight papers, like newpaper 
and slick magazine papers,
 ARE going to bubble.
Just Breathe 
and accept that this isnt about something 
being perfect.
If that's just too frustrating for you, 
then stick with thicker images or copy your favorites 
on thicker card stock, 
that you can buy next to regular copy paper.
Glue sticks don't effect papers the same as paste glue, 
so you might would rather use it. 
If you want, you can use a brayer or an old credit card, 
and roll out the glue.
Again, Im not terribly precious about things.
Just have FUN!

Most everyone loves to have a pen or pencil handy, 
so I use the inside front, 
to make a little pocket for them. 
Its a great time, to use a piece of scrap fabric.
I love to find upholstery fabrics, 
that have a little sturdiness to them. 
I actually just glued these pockets.
Just push the glued fabric sides in a bit 
and make some little pleats on the bottom, 
and that will allow for the pencils to slip right in. 
If the pocket is flat, its not as usable!

Doodling or Zentangle is allowed.
Even Encouraged :)

Some of my last sets, have had favorite yarns, ribbons, 
fibers, laces, buttons, 
findings or beads attached.
I use an awl, to punch holes through the 
finished covers and lace my fibers through. 
There really is NO end to what you can do to these.
That's the FUN of it !   

Sometimes, I use my sewing machine and sew right through the 
finished journal covers around the edges.
This time, Im just leaving them as is.

I do like to "paint" over the whole thing with Weldbond,
 to seal all of the pieces down.
With lots of use, its not impossible 
that there wont be some lifting of the papers, 
but again, I think a journal should feel like 
your favorite pair of leather shoes.
All. Worn. In.!

If you are a sketcher/painter, maybe you would want to paint 
over the pages with some gesso.
That, would give the page some texture and a little more weight.
If You are a writer/poet...You're ready to go.

Maybe You would use this for your endless lists...
Yep, we all have them.
At least, Your lists will be housed in a happy place!

So, yes, I have some People in mind for these books.
These Journals, will find their new owners, very soon. :)

I'm  writing this posting 4 days before Christmas.
Yes, there are the typical books, sweaters or shirts, 
under our tree, but if you're asking me, 
People enjoy receiving something that you made with Your hands...or Your Heart.

You see that with a VERY SMALL monetary investment, 
three people, are going to get something from me, 
that will probably mean a lot more to them than a sweater. 

Maybe you will give this a try.
Its just a Starter idea.
I'm hoping, that you will change it up 
to suit who YOU are!
Make a stack of them at a time, 
and when that birthday need sneaks up on you...
you'll be all ready for the moment!

Thanks for stopping by. 
I love that you do...

Blessings to those of you observing the Beautiful time of Hanukkah,
 And to those who are preparing for Christmas.

What a Happy Time it is for us All!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Interview with Artist Carla Trujillo Hastypearl

Interview with Artist Carla Trujillo

I love the Mystery of Attraction.
Attraction's of All Kinds, go on All Day Long.

You love That flower, she loves the other one.

You love That song, he loves the other one.

There is no explaining it, but its a Beautiful thing!

It's an easy thing for me to say, 
that I am Attracted to ALL things, Carla Trujillo.

A good while back, I found her blog...and read the WHOLE thing.

That happens, when you find that you share 
Important Life Themes with someone.
I feel that I share some very important ones with Carla.

While its likely, that we wont ever meet (but you NEVER know :), 
she is a person that I will always follow 
through this wonderful world called, the internet.

I was pretty excited, when she agreed to do this interview with me.
I'm sure that she has done plenty.
I know you will enjoy getting to know her and seeing her great Art Dolls.

Lets get started so that if you don't know her yet, You can....!


1. Laura: Carla, at what age did you recognize/feel, 
that you had an ability to express yourself artistically
 and what medium was it?

Carla: My artistic journey began around twelve years of age. 
I had won an art contest with a pencil drawing of Christ,
 and my prize was drawing lessons.

2. Were you encouraged? 

My parents were always encouraging me 
and they even went so far as to let me paint images on my bedroom wall.

3. What/Who inspires you?

I think I learn a little from many different artists, 
but the one who really inspired me to explore 
mixed media art dolls is Patricia Anders. 
I first came across Tricia's art dolls in a magazine publication 
several years back and was blown away by her talent. 
I was instantly hooked.

4. What percentage of the time, do you like your finished product?

I would say about 75% of the time.

5. Do you start and finish a piece, 
or do you work on multiple pieces at a time?

I have multiple pieces going on at the same time. 
When one stumps me, I set it to the side and move on to something else. 
Most of the time I return to finish the piece, 
but there have been times where it is 
dismantled and integrated into other works.

6. What gives you the most satisfaction in your work? 
i.e. The idea? The process? The materials? or none of these?

I would have to say that I get the most satisfaction in the process. 
I usually come into the studio with no preconceived ideas 
of what I will be creating. 
It just happens as I experiment and fiddle with stuff.

7. I hear people talk about running out of ideas? 
Does that ever concern you?

Not really. 
When I feel like I have come to a road block, 
its usually because I am burned out. 
That's when I know it's time to walk away 
from the studio for a while.

8. Carla, you know that with pleasure, 
I have read your WHOLE blog all of the way back to 2007! 
It was great fun, to see the changes/evolution of your art. 
You have mostly had a figure, and often a female figure, 
central to your art. 
Can you share where that comes from for you 
or is it just the most fun thing for you to assemble?

I have always been drawn to the female figure. 
I guess I view her as a powerful and mysterious image. 
She can range from simplistic to very complicated 
and I just love exploring those aspects. 
My desire is for simplistic, but the muse usually has other plans.

9. Carla, when I was gathering up your link information, 
I found that you aren't the only Carla Trujillo out there! 
But, your name comes up First and certainly as an Artist!

You have your indiandollartworks blog
which is usually the mother-ship for everyone, 
a FB, Flicker and Pinterest presence...
plus you do gallery and art shows! 

But your most recent accomplishment was to your surprise, 
for submission of some of your pieces. 
OF COURSE they were accepted, and not only that, 
they were Featured in a 5 page article 
in their Summer 2014 issue!

I wonder, if you could briefly walk my readers 
through the nuts and bolts of how someone submits their work to a publication. 
Did you send them photos/images or your actual pieces? 
How did that work?

I do share the same name with some very interesting people. 
Its funny that you should bring that up. 
My husband had taken a class in ID theft 
and one of the things to check was to Google your name,
 to see what comes up and that leads to some interesting finds.

As for the magazine submission, 
it was not as intimidating as I thought it would be. 
I mailed in the art quilts, 
so they could be professionally photographed in their studio. 
You do have to pay postage both ways and write the article. 
The first paragraph of the article is information about yourself and the art piece,
 and everything after that is about technique. 
The entire article should be no more that 700-800 words. 
It seems like a lot, but when you write the technique, 
it fills up the pages real quick. 
Once everything is submitted, they will email you a rough draft 
for the article with photos for your review.

Then you have to be patient for the magazine to be published. 
I received a complimentary magazine as payment for submission. 
It was exciting to be published!

10. Finally, what is next for Carla Trujillo? 
Is there something brewing that we should be on the lookout for? 

I have so many things in mind and never enough time to do it all. 
I'm hoping to publish assemblage work in other magazines 
and I have been approached about teaching a class online.
I also have been working with clay and love it! 
So, keep an eye out for new materials in my work. 


So, there You are!

Thanks Carla, for participating in this interview.
I know that your fans will drink up Every word, 
and that you will make NEW fans after they see your amazing pieces.

Your work is One of A Kind.

It means a lot, for someone to see art and say...Oh, that is______'s.
Well, We all say, Oh, that is Carla Trujillo, when we see Yours! :)

And just like happened to you with Patricia...we are Hooked on You !

And Thanks Dear Readers, for checking in again with hastypearl!

I love that you do...

I hope that you are enjoying these Wonderful Days.

In these exceptionally Busy days, make sure that you Take Time to look around and drink it all in!

There are Free Gifts for us...Everywhere we look :)


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Red Oak Book Workshop My Books Hastypearl

Red Oak Book Workshop

My Books

Hopefully, you have already read my previous posting 
about a fantastic workshop 
that I recently hosted, with Roxanne Evans Stout 
and Leslie the teaching seats.

While we are still floating along in Post Workshop Bliss, 
that's not what this posting is about:)

I thought that I would simply show you... what I created!

No two students book covers were alike 
 and no two pages were alike, either.
We were given technique and tools 
and left to our own imaginations! refreshing.

I will apologize, but Once.

When I say that, you will understand.

If you want to know what these books 
look like from the hands of the talented teachers, 
you would be wise to go to their websites.

That is not to say that I'm not amazed and proud 
of our work.

Its just important that I direct you to look 
at what Years of practice in these techniques, can look like!

Our books had Soldered and bound covers.

Some people sent Leslie pictures that they wanted to use on their covers, 
but she somehow and amazingly found for me,
Vintage pictures 
of the town that I live near.

I had never seen any of the pictures that she found.

This one is undoubtedly of the river 
that runs through the city and its original bridge.

I will Treasure this Sentimental Find.

My book will Never lay flat, Nor close!
That's OK.
I love FILLING the pages.

That's my style!

We were all amazed at the simplicity of the graphics 
that the string made on our paper and fabrics, 
from winding it around and around a copper pipe.

After dropping our "wands" into the boiling water, 
the leaves made their own beautiful tracings. 

Those of us addicted to Mixed Media Art, 
are always scavenging materials.
I retrieved the strings that came off of our pipes 
from the trash cans and along with some ribbons, 
made a little weaving.

Again, I could hardly pay attention to Roxanne's 
copper box making tutorial, 
because all I could think about was 
grabbing her little copper squares, leftovers :)

She also told us a story about where 
she illegally   ;)
found this metal grate, 
but again, I cant remember it, 
because all I wanted to do was grab it :)

I tied it to one of my pages and cut out the openings.

I love how light pours through the holes 
and even better, how it looks from the back on the pecan leaves.

It was fun asking the owners 
of the Turn of the Last Century Old Time General store
 that I shop at, if I could have leaves 
from their Century Pecan Tree! 
They were actually curious 
and asked if I would bring the art that I made with them!

I'm a talker, and find that most people 
love hearing about other peoples interests AND, 
that same store owner, gave me a really great suggestion 
about who I might invite to future art workshops!

One thing leads to another, right ? :)

As you have seen, I've made Many more pages.
I will post them 
along the way on my Facebook timeline.
I hope that you will stop by there 
sometime and see what I'm up to.
There is a button on the right side 
of this page that will instantly link you to it, 
and to my Etsy shop and more! 

Next, are a few images of a mini book that we made.

Leslie sells AMAZING books with beautiful embossed lead covers, 
in her Etsy shop and at Shows.
I was fortunate enough to buy one 
from her last year, and I wear it all of the time.
I look forward, to making another embossed cover.
It is definitely something that repetition will help with.

It was another opportunity to practice 
the bookbinding stitching that she taught us.


So, there You are! 
A little continuation of my previous blog posting.

Its an Understatement that 
Both ladies opened many new doors, 
for ALL of us.

There are workshops of Every Kind, 
available around the country, All of the time.

Do be Bold and Try New Things!

Its a great way for us to build our brains, feed our imaginations and souls,  
and Discover things that we Might just fall in love with!

So, Thanks for stopping by my hastypearl blog.

I hope that You find Wonder, wherever you are!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Red Oak Book Arts Workshop with Leslie Marsh and Roxanne Evans Stout Hastypearl

Red Oak Book Arts Workshop
 Leslie Marsh and Roxanne Evans Stout


NASA called, and said that they use fewer steps to launch a rocket, 
than we did in the three day workshop that Leslie Marsh and Roxanne Evans Stout
 taught us last week! :)

Some background first.
I have Never held an art workshop. Ever.
I had Never met either teacher. Ever.
In fact, Leslie realized, that the two of us, 
had never even talked on the phone about any details. Ever.

Maybe I should have instead titled this posting...Ever, 
because it was often the theme of the workshop!

None of the students had Ever met each other or either of the teachers. three short days, an overwhelming bond 
occurred between ALL of us, 
so much so, that you would have thought 
that it was our Tenth reunion!

Leslie and Roxanne arrived to our home in Texas LATE, 
the night before the class began.
They hit the ground running setting things up 
the first morning and they never stopped smiling...Ever!

Leslie started the first day, by leading us outside to gather 
leaves and flowers for the eco dyeing 
portion of the workshop. 
We got the large Tamale pot boiling with 
my alkaline Texas water, 
a rusty piece of iron, some black walnuts 
and a cup of vinegar.
That recipe only changed each of the three days 
by the addition of water and vinegar.
The beautiful thing to witness was, 
how Each Days pieces changed so dramatically.

Once the papers and fabrics (three kinds) were in the dye pot, 
she started us working on the book covers.
No, these weren't Just book covers, 
these were Leslie's beautiful soldered covers.
And no, we didn't just make ONE book, 
we made TWO!
In Three days...What??

Day Two began with Roxanne asking how we felt about 
the previous day and if we would share.
It was amazing and touching, to hear how deeply, 
we had each already been effected and in so many  Different ways.

It is said, that you get out of something what you put into it.

Every woman that attended, had already put themselves ALL IN, 
and that was before we even got our hands stained :)

She then had the idea of taking us to my back garden 
to get our collage juices going. 
We gathered bits of nature and made Mandalas, 
and placed them on the shredded bark in the shade.

I'll stop and say, that I sent exterior pictures for our promotion 
from this EXACT same time of year last year, 
and the Fall Colors in the Texas Hill Country were ablaze!
This year...nothing! 
Ladies left their colorful and cool October homes, 
to arrive to 88 degrees and green!
Completely ironic to the name of the workshop, 
but as we know, we cant do ANYTHING to effect Nature!
It is on its OWN time clock!

Back into the house we went to some beautiful 
collage tutorials done like only Roxanne can do them.
Every supply was provided.
And provided.
And provided!

What an amazing opportunity it was for us to be 
so Richly Filled by Two Such Talented Women.
They went Above and Beyond anything 
that could have been Dreamed! 

Please notice how neat the tables are at this point!
YOU know what I mean.

Its just a matter of time, before everything got Wild!
...except for Elissa (in the lime green top)
Her space was ALWAYS neat as a pin...
yeah, you know, there is Always one of THOSE 
in every workshop ;)

From there, it went back and forth from the dye pot, 
to more soldering, to more collaging and 
finally to a beautiful binding of our books.

I think that I speak for most of us, that had never done one or 
more of every category, 
and yet, somehow, we got ALL of our projects completed!

(pecan leaves)

Every time something came out of the pot, we were Delighted!
It was like a Gift being opened.
I am now sooo addicted!
Now, I see why all of the dyers out there, 
are buried with scraps of fabrics and paper fresh from their dye pots :)

We set up on my kitchen island for demos.
This is Roxanne showing us idea number one, thirty, 
four hundred.

Roxanne and Leslie, were so compatible.
I don't know if I have ever been around two 
More pleasant people.
The three of us went at it HARD, for 5 days, 
and it was seriously, Pure Joy the whole time:)
Night number two, the three of us, the moon and the stars ate 
leftovers on our upstairs deck and talked. 
Then on night three, we did leftovers AGAIN 
but this time...I think that we were so tired and relaxed, 
that we laughed our heads off until wayyyy Late!

Yes, Leslie and Roxanne knew each other, but it felt like we had become fast sisters...
we were...Kindred Sisters!   

Finally, we finished and it was time for Show Time!
We took our Two Books and Fabrics into the Dining Room 
and had our own little Art Show.

I was so proud of what we had accomplished.
Noses to the ground, we surprised ourselves.  




Neither Leslie or Roxanne are New at this.
Many of you have taken their classes and already KNOW 
what I am talking about, so you are going down memory lane.

If you haven't taken their classes, 
and you see their names come up as instructors at an Art Event...


If they collaborate again...and I hope that they will....

Its not just the skill set or the style that they bring...its the Heart.
Beautiful Hearts.
Generous Hearts.
Honest Hearts.

And to the Ladies that came from all corners of the United States, 
You were Exactly the women that were SUPPOSED to be here.
The event wouldnt have been the Same with even One of you missing.
I love how that happens.

If you haven't already been drenched in our 
Workshop Honeymoon Honey 
on each of our Facebook walls yet, 
you will!

Like I said, I've never seen anything like this before...

Roxanne, it wasn't an accident that we were on FB 
at the exact time that this workshop was 
conceived and contacting Leslie, was Brilliant!


Elissa, Carol, Kip, Laura, Roxanne, Leslie and Melody

And to You, my Dear Readers, I'm so glad that you stopped by to read my blog.
I'm Always glad!
Out of all of the blogs out there for you to read, 
it means So Much to me that you join me.
I hope that you will again...soon.

Feel free to post a comment...I always love to hear from you :) 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mixed Media Assemblage Angel Hastypearl

Mixed Media Assemblage Angel

As many of you know, I love Two things that both show up over and over in my art.
One...Angels...the second ....Building Angels :)

My stash of found objects continues to grow.

I cant "help" it :)

Just let me in the doors of a closing estate 
where there was a Curios Minded Gentleman with a workshop, 
and I AM going to find what he tinkered with!

As happens, I recently met at the Church of Redstone, Colorado, 
a woman with a never ending smile named, Betty.
It didn't take long for us to discover 
that we had a number of friends in common.
That same morning, I "randomly" sat next to a woman 
that I had met all the way back in the 70's named Melissa.
Both women were dear to my SIL's family, Bess and Jim.
Bess and Jim, are the common denominator to us all.

Well, eventually in the story, 
Betty wrote me to tell me about an important 
fund raiser that was to be held in the Crystal River Valley.
It was for a ministry that Melissa and Louis McBurney 
established 40 years ago for Pastors and their families.

I don't think that we think about Pastors 
as people that might need ministering to, as 
THEY are usually the ones doing the Serving.
Well, Melissa and Louis knew better, 
and their Marble Retreat ministry continues, today.

After reading a letter of mine and seeing my blog and hastypearl etsy addresses,
Betty sweetly contacted me and asked me to be a part of the 
Marble Retreat fundraiser.
I was honored and thrilled.

This Angel was what I made for the event 
and I thought that you would enjoy seeing her.

Her body, was built on the most amazing wood finial. 
I realized, that I never took a photo 
of her from behind. Oops. Sorry!

I layered and layered.
Many of the brass gears and pieces, 
came from my stash from the estate of a clock repairman.

I traveled  to that estate for three days straight 
and people continued to pour out of it with bags in their arms.
It will be a while, before I go to an estate sale to match that one!

You know that I also love casters.
This porcelain caster 
was a perfect match for her mother of pearl button heart.

We just got back from 11 days in the Crystal River Valley, 
where the Marble Retreat is located.
This would be a very similar view 
to what those seeking healing there, would 
see from the home in Marble.
Its a very Restorative view for All!  

one of the verses that they have on their website:

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. -Psalm 46:1

It was my Joy to participate by 
submitting this Angel piece for the event, 
and I was very delighted to learn that it sold!

I always think about the person/s that will end up with my pieces.
I know that for every item that I create, 
that there is a Special Person just waiting to be matched with it.

I hope that you are enjoying these beautiful days.
Cooler for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere 
and Freshening and Spring like for you in the Southern part of the World.

Thank you so much for stopping by...
I hope you will often.. :) xo Laura