Friday, October 30, 2015

How To Install Grommets and Eyelets in 5 Easy Steps Hastypearl

How To Install Grommets and Eyelets in 5 Easy Steps


I started laughing while downloading these images, 
thinking about the teacher on 
Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 

Only instead it sounded like this...
Anyone? Anyone? 
Who knows how to Install a Grommet or Eyelet?

Actually, its kind of a fun thing to do, 
and its almost always for a fun project when I do it!

Its really simple and will give you a nice finished look. 

The only difference in the word Grommet and Eyelet, 
is that an Eyelet is smaller.

Otherwise, they are both installed the same way.

 Eyelets come in two parts.
The top usually has a longer stem on it, 
and the back, has a larger hole, and slips over the stem.

There are really only two things that can go wrong, 
so it doesn't hurt to practice on a scrap, first.

One, you can accidentally reverse the two pieces, 
and two, if you don't hold the eyelet tool straight, 
it can make the front a little wonky.

Again, just practice and you'll be fine !

These are the two tool pieces.
One is the anvil, and the other is a stem that you hit.

I'll show you what the pieces look like without paper or fabric first,
 so it will be easier to see.
1. The first step is to cut a hole in your fabric or paper, 
the same size as the openings of the eyelet.
I use a hole punch or one of my pointed razors.
Use scissors or even a pencil.

2. In the picture below, place the kit anvil on something flat.
I use a Vintage Anvil that I bought for $5 at an estate sale. 
I couldn't be without it. I use it for all kinds of things.
If you don't have an anvil, you can use a rock, or your sidewalk. 
Use your imagination.

3. Place the front piece face down on the kit anvil 
and the long stem through the paper or fabric.

4. Then, place the back piece over that long stem.

It will look like the image below.

I did this WITHOUT my paper, 
just so that you could see what it would look like.

5. Then, you line up the tool stem, on top of the back piece, 
and pound it lightly with your hammer.

It really only takes a few light taps.

If you did everything right, it will look like the image below 
where I actually did the steps WITH the paper project.

So, this time WITH the project...

The image below, shows the long stem of the eyelet front 
coming up through the art piece.
I then slipped the back piece, over the long stem.

This time, with the front piece pushed through the paper 
in the image below, is ready to hammer.

Use the tool, to lightly tap the back piece onto the front piece.
Try to keep it straight up and down, 
so that the front isn't flatter on one side than the other.

Flip it over, and it will look like the image below.

Sometimes, the anvil will still be attached, 
but its really easy to unstick.


This is what it will look like on the back.
No more raggedy or frayed edges.

Depending on what size Grommets or Eyelets you get, 
you can use them for belt making, 
shower curtains, cafe curtains, tote bags, 
pillows, bookmaking and like I have done here, 
for hanging Mixed Media Projects.

There are also other tools for installing Grommets and Eyelets, 
like the Cropadile.

I like these little inexpensive kits, better.
When you run out of Eyelets, 
you can just buy replacements.

You can find them at art box stores, 
and fabric stores in the notions department.

So, Ferris, 
if you had known that you were going to learn how to install an Eyelet, 
you might have gone to school that day that you missed :)

For those of you that haven't done this before, 
I hope this helps and that you try it very soon!

If you do, let me see what you made, OK?
Anyone? Anyone? :)

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Enjoy these wonderful days!

:) Laura aka hastypearl


Friday, October 23, 2015

A Peculiar Trip Hastypearl

A Peculiar Trip


As you know, we have a second home in Redstone, Colorado.
Its been a dream of ours for our whole adult lives.
I cant think of a trip, literally since the mid 70's that I wasn't Euphoric 
about every moment we were there.
For me, it has always been...Remarkable!

We spent 9 days there recently for what would be our last trip of 2015.
This trip held no early plans, 
and following a very busy last trip up for an Art Show that I participated in, 
to be honest, I was really just looking forward to chilling and relaxing.

I mentioned on FB, that I would give a report on our trip.

The wheels seemed to come off right from the start.
Really, not any more than a large percent of travelers 
can testify to in modern traveling, 
but it was a challenging trip up.


To shorten the story just went downhill from there.
The details aren't really important, 
although we humans really do Love to tell and hear details :)

What was way more important to me
...was the Peace that I had during the downward spiral.
Yes, we can Practice it in our personal walks, 
but its really about what happens Inside of each of us,
 at those times.

Maybe you aren't even aware of how Peaceful you are, 
because at the time, 
you are really in the Middle of Gods focused Grace on you...
like the pebble that hits in the circle of the waters ripples.

But when people begin to speak back to you, 
that you sure seem to be at Peace about things, 
you Know in your heart, that its True.

At tough times, we have a decision to make...
Am I going to Collapse?...
Or with my (endless) dose of Grace,
am I going to Push through the "assignment against me",
 as a friend recently put it.  

I'm not saying that I get it right every time, 
but I know that the Spirit of Peace is available to me, 
if I'll take it.

As I was downloading and editing these typical Colorado Fall images,
I confess, that for the first time, 
similar shots that have been covered over with Euphoria, 
are this time, colored by a tinged memory of Challenge.

There are soooo many lessons to be learned, 
just from that last sentence.
Still, they represent a time that I KNEW that even with the things 
that were happening to us...

God Was Still In Control.

Regardless of yours and my circumstances... 
THAT wont Ever Change.

The scripture below, is often reserved for funerals, 
to encourage us when we lose a loved one...
but I'd much rather use it for the Living, 
as it is also speaks of an option for Confidence, 
in Challenging times...

Romans 8:38

...And I am Convinced that Nothing can Ever separate us from God's love.

Neither death nor life,

neither angels nor demons,

neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow---

not even the powers of hell can separate us from God's love.

Words of life for Confidence 
...even in Challenging times!

Thanks for stopping by.

You know that I love that you do:)

xo Laura

Friday, October 9, 2015

Somerset Studio Said, YES! Hastypearl

Somerset Studio Said, Yes!

About a year ago, I had a conversation with two amazing 
and much more experienced  ladies in the art world.
I already had it on my "To Do" dream list, but when they said, 
"Start submitting your work to publications", 
I knew it was the conformation that I needed.

My photography skills were severely lacking, but frankly, 
there is ALWAYS going to be some skill that is lacking.

We just have to do the best that we can.

Besides, Designers/Photography Editors can fix big messes :)

This time, I wouldnt even have to worry about that, 
because this particular magazine actually had you 
send OUT your art piece.

OK. Even better!

I'm no expert, but if you are interested in submitting art, 
every magazine, has dates and guidelines for specific calls, 
usually in the back of the issue, 
or you can go to their websites and all of the details will be available, there.

This particular call that I submitted to, 
requested a bit of a Gothic feel.

I knew just the piece!

It was already finished and ready to go.
I packed it up and shipped it out.
Then...I Waited.

MANY months went by, and then this.....:)

I'm NOT going to lie.
I was thrilled!

Out of all of the possible imaginable scenarios, this was a great way to end.

It was so much fun, to see my piece, snuggled right up to great art.
It was curated beautifully and looked so right.

I guess if there were ANY piece that I have ever created that I would say best represents me, 
it would be This One.

I've got this crazy interest in the early 1900's, or better said, 
the High Victorian Era.
Not so much the pastel and ruffly kind of Victorian.
THIS kind of Victorian. 

I thought that I found this image from The Graphics Fairy, but it turns
Still, Karen's site is FULL of fantastic images that she shares. 
I have always thought her to be very generous in the images that 
she makes available to the public.

Who would think of a strong Victorian woman, 
when most women during those days, weren't considered to be that.
We know however, that women have always had to be strong.
Women run the world in so many essential ways.

So, all of my favorite found objects came out to play.
I love layering and layering.
I love to build pieces that the eye keeps moving around and around. 
It keeps things fresh with the observer, always finding new things to look at.

Most of the items used were seriously Victorian.
From the exquisite tatted lace, to the gold trim and of course...the buttons.

Please...see to it that I am buried in Fantastic Buttons ! :)

(This piece is available at my Hastypearl Etsy shop!)

So, this is a simple story of Trying.

We don't have anything to lose if we try and we hear no.
That just means that we try, Again!

Having art published in a magazine, may not be Your Thing, 
but I know that you have One.
Whatever that big dream is, that you've had hidden in your pocket...TRY.

We are all in the same boat. 
Successes and Disappointments even come to your Hero's.
We don't see the background events where they were told No, 
but they've heard it.

They are no different than us.

I hope that this posting encourages you to take that Next Step 
in an area that's special to You!
And when you do...I hope that you will let me know what happens... :)

As Always, thanks so much, for stopping by...

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I hope that you will..:)    

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Intro to Encaustics Hastypearl

Intro to Encaustics 

I have a Confession to make.
Its not a bad thing, its just a way that I function.

I tend to learn something, and stay in it for a Long while.
When something new or at least new to Me comes along, I resist.

Encaustics is an example.

When I first started hearing about encaustics, 
I thought, oh, its ANOTHER new direction and it 
would take a ton of new equipment, 
I dont WANT new equipment, 
where will I store it...blah blah blah.

I recently had 4four4 ladies come to Crystal Neubaurs workshop, 
that I hosted here at my house, 
that were ALL going to Encausticamp 
and I finally let my wheels start turning :)

One of the ladies, later mentioned on FB, 
that Michelle Belto, a San Antonio artist that I had wanted to meet, 
was going to hold an Intro to Encaustics class
 at Southwest School of Art, 
in  San Antonio.


" I test drove the car". 
That's my theory for...never test drive a car or you are probably going to Buy it!

Specifically I mean that, I went to SSA's web site and read about Michelle's Class.

You Know what I'm going to say next!

I (BOUGHT the car)...meaning...I signed up for the Class!

Well, I'm happy to say...that I now GET why everyone loves Encaustics.

Michelle was a fantastic teacher.
Her format was indulgent, to say the least.
First, demo time, to show us the steps, 
tell us about the product and safety issues with working with hot beeswax.

she sent us back to our stations to Explore, Create, and Play!
She quietly stayed right there with each of us, Encouraging all the way.

Knowing how fascinated with architecture and buildings I am, 
I have to digress and tell you how amazing the entire SSA building and classrooms were.

My husband has a built in square footage skill of walking rooms off with his stride.
I couldn't wait to do that for myself, 
just so that I could tell him how HUGE the classrooms were.
This room that the class was held in was !!!!! 3000 sq. ft. !!!!!!
It was a Fantastic space to be in :)

Two of us shared a table, even though there was one table empty.
The tables were so huge, 
that there was PLENTY of room for two...
plus it was fun And I made a new friend :)

This picture shows the perspective of the space with three working tables lined up.

More working ladies.

Here is Michelle at the end of the weekend, 
doing a little gallery showing of all of our finished pieces.

Its always amazing to me, 
to see the versatility and variety of the humans capabilities,
Colors, Styles, Voices.
If there are 10 people, there are going to be 10 wildly different styles.
I LOVE that!

Here I am working on one of my last pieces.

More end of class gallery time.


(piece hanging on wall at SSA) 

I've said before, that I've had almost NO art training.
I was a theater student in University, and we had our wonderful fair share of time, 
designing sets, makeup, costumes, etc, 
but with an eventual focus on Learning Differences, 
I ended up getting through without ever taking an art class.

Walking down the halls of Southwest School of Art felt 
like the halls of Trinity University.

All I had to do was read the names of those massive wonderful rooms 
and I knew that I wanted to walk through them and Taste what was inside.

It felt like home.

If felt like sanctuary.

I LOVED the feeling,

It felt like I WOULD be back.

(piece hanging on wall at SSA)

All you had to do was walk up and down the halls,
 and see the great creations on the walls,
 to feel excited about the possibilities!

(piece hanging on wall at SSA)

(I'm sorry that I didn't get the artists names for the above pieces)


So, these two are my pieces. 
Such yummy colors and products from R&F 
that were provided for the students, 
to combine with our own papers and ideas.

The sky was the limit!

So, Finally, here's Michelle !

What an honor, to spend three days with such a talented artist, 
and thoughtful, vulnerable and provocative woman.
(who by the way, soldiered on and taught even though, her husband was in hospital)

You're another Door Opener for me, Michelle.

We all meet those Important people in our lives, at Just the right time.
I love the Providence of that.

I love the sweet Adventure of Life!

Don't You ? :)

As always dear reader, thanks for stopping by and spending a little time with hastypearl.

...and Enjoy your Adventures, today :)

...oh, and ps... 
I bought an electric skillet and griddle this week 
and they will store just fine in my studio :)