Friday, March 18, 2016

Hastypearl is Still Kickin'

Hastypearl is Still Kickin'

Hey guys!
Yep, I'm still in the game.

We are working on opening a new site, 
so confess, I haven't been blogging.
I kind of hate to, and then switch sites.
You know?

But I really MISS blogging! 

You should see my list of "to blog"topics.
It keeps GROWING !
But, change takes time and its going to be so fun when the new site is up.

In the mean time, everything is still good in Hastypearl Land.
I've got LOTS going on in the studio.
( looks like Dorothy and Toto flew through this morning...but its a good thing!)
I've got several articles coming out soon, in the most wonderful publications.
I'm hosting another Book Arts Workshop with the fantastical 
Roxanne Evans Stout and Leslie Marsh, 
June 24-26 in our Redstone, Colorado home.
(there are still a few spaces left...please come!)
My family is great.
My South Central Texas garden is A-Live, soooo Alive.

I have tons to talk about.

If you want to be alerted when I go live at, 
on the right side of this page
 and you will be emailed!

In the meantime, 
you can still find me posting/listing away at Hastypearl Etsy
 and Pinterest.
I love them All!   

This Mixed Media Teal Book Art Piece, 
is available at Hastypearl Etsy.
Come Take a Look :)

I'm so happy that You stopped by!

Whether you are Northern or Southern Hemisphere, 
I hope you are well and enjoying these 
Wonderfilled Days!!!!

Best, Laura