Sunday, December 21, 2014

Journal Fun! Hastypearl

Journal Fun!

I thought I would show you some 
Journals that I've recently made!

Journal making for me, comes in spurts.

I guess it depends on what materials I'm going to use.

If I use my drawings or paintings, or maybe even bleached papers, 
it will take a little longer.
But sometimes, it just takes me digging around in my paper stash, 
and boom...the next thing that you know, I'm tearing and gluing!

Making them, is really simple and fun!
Now, I didn't say, FAST, because for me, they aren't.

First, its important to keep some extra 
composition notebooks around. 
Thankfully, they are easily found.
I actually pick them up at the grocery store, 
so I'm talking, THAT kind of easy.

For these three Journals, I took my extra papers drawer 
downstairs and plopped down in front of a movie 
and started digging.

I'm kind of in a making Multiples mood, lately.
If I'm making say an angel, to sell on Hastypearl, 
I'll usually make Multiples, at a time.
While they are always one of a kind, 
somehow, Henry Fords' idea of making more than one at a time
 is finally rubbing off on me:)

So, I start stacking my scraps by colors, or themes and keep going 
until I think that I have enough paper to cover 
the fronts and backs of each notebook.

I've learned, that there are People that like to 
cut and make things very neat with straight lines, 
and there are people...uh, like me, 
that are more likely to tear and go random :)

Where do I get my papers you ask?
I buy some of them, in the form of books of papers in the 
scrap booking department of art stores, 
but MOSTLY, I make them or I find them from magazines, 
catalogs or newspaper flyers.

Take care with copyrighted images.
We don't want to steal someones hard made art or photography.
These aren't going to be sold, so I'm ok.

One of my favorite places to find copyright safe images, 
Why someone like Karen, would spend her life 
sharing her fantastic free images, I don't know, 
but I am soooo glad for her Generous Heart!

After I have my pieces torn, cut, and roughly placed...
I start gluing.
I'm addicted to Weldbond glue.
I buy it online in giant bottles.
I think they could fix the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
 if they just knew about Weldbond.
Maybe I'll place a call to Italy, right now ;)

So, just get after it with the glue.
You can use a brush or your finger.
Just use a lot!
Dont be surprised, if some of your papers bubble.
Lightweight papers, like newpaper 
and slick magazine papers,
 ARE going to bubble.
Just Breathe 
and accept that this isnt about something 
being perfect.
If that's just too frustrating for you, 
then stick with thicker images or copy your favorites 
on thicker card stock, 
that you can buy next to regular copy paper.
Glue sticks don't effect papers the same as paste glue, 
so you might would rather use it. 
If you want, you can use a brayer or an old credit card, 
and roll out the glue.
Again, Im not terribly precious about things.
Just have FUN!

Most everyone loves to have a pen or pencil handy, 
so I use the inside front, 
to make a little pocket for them. 
Its a great time, to use a piece of scrap fabric.
I love to find upholstery fabrics, 
that have a little sturdiness to them. 
I actually just glued these pockets.
Just push the glued fabric sides in a bit 
and make some little pleats on the bottom, 
and that will allow for the pencils to slip right in. 
If the pocket is flat, its not as usable!

Doodling or Zentangle is allowed.
Even Encouraged :)

Some of my last sets, have had favorite yarns, ribbons, 
fibers, laces, buttons, 
findings or beads attached.
I use an awl, to punch holes through the 
finished covers and lace my fibers through. 
There really is NO end to what you can do to these.
That's the FUN of it !   

Sometimes, I use my sewing machine and sew right through the 
finished journal covers around the edges.
This time, Im just leaving them as is.

I do like to "paint" over the whole thing with Weldbond,
 to seal all of the pieces down.
With lots of use, its not impossible 
that there wont be some lifting of the papers, 
but again, I think a journal should feel like 
your favorite pair of leather shoes.
All. Worn. In.!

If you are a sketcher/painter, maybe you would want to paint 
over the pages with some gesso.
That, would give the page some texture and a little more weight.
If You are a writer/poet...You're ready to go.

Maybe You would use this for your endless lists...
Yep, we all have them.
At least, Your lists will be housed in a happy place!

So, yes, I have some People in mind for these books.
These Journals, will find their new owners, very soon. :)

I'm  writing this posting 4 days before Christmas.
Yes, there are the typical books, sweaters or shirts, 
under our tree, but if you're asking me, 
People enjoy receiving something that you made with Your hands...or Your Heart.

You see that with a VERY SMALL monetary investment, 
three people, are going to get something from me, 
that will probably mean a lot more to them than a sweater. 

Maybe you will give this a try.
Its just a Starter idea.
I'm hoping, that you will change it up 
to suit who YOU are!
Make a stack of them at a time, 
and when that birthday need sneaks up on you...
you'll be all ready for the moment!

Thanks for stopping by. 
I love that you do...

Blessings to those of you observing the Beautiful time of Hanukkah,
 And to those who are preparing for Christmas.

What a Happy Time it is for us All!