Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dance and Swing! Fiber Art Collage Hastypearl

Dance and Swing!
Fiber Art Collage
Dear Readers,
I thought it might be fun, for you to see what I've been up to in the studio!
After all of the holiday decorating, and shopping and lists were starting to look complete, I slipped up to the studio, for a quiet time of Playing and Making, for two certain ladies... 
Katherine Anne and Savanna Grace!
I started with simple Line Drawings.
For these two Young ladies, I thought the Dress would be appropriate.
But for you, it could be an Animal, Toy, Flower...Anything!
While there are dozens of stitches to be used (and can be Googled), I wanted a very simple and straight forward stitch, to "Draw" the dresses with.
I'm very attracted to the shapes of the 40's and 50's.
Maybe, its because the 50's were when my Mother, was actually sewing dresses like this, for me!

I have saved fabric scraps for years.
You probably have as well.
Start by cutting and tearing and layering out a composition, that looks good for your collage.
I hadn't even thought about it, but my Son pointed out to my Grand, when she was opening this piece, that the floral fabric I used here, was on their sofa, that we had given them.
I love it when those kinds of things happen!
I had inadvertently selected a fabric for Her piece, that I had years ago selected, for myself!

Next, comes the really fun part!
Dig through your buttons, or notions, laces and trims and continue building your collage.
One hint I have learned along the way...
Sew your buttons and trims on now, otherwise, they will show through to the back of your piece.
I think it looks much nicer, if there aren't threads and stitches showing on your completed back.
I learned that the Hard can thank me later ;)
Add Words if you like!
I was reluctant to use this trendy technique for a long time, but sometimes, it is useful, to develop the theme.
I have a weakness tendency, with some pieces, to add and add and add.
With these two pieces, I wanted to keep it very simple and let the Line Drawings, lead.
At this point, you can stitch or glue this completed layer down, to your background.
I used a measured, torn piece of watercolor paper, but you can use Anything that you want for your background.
Sometimes, I glue a simple saw tooth hanger on the back.
These pieces are so lightweight, that they can be hung on a wall, with a simple straight pin.
For these two pieces, I glued two simple loops of ribbon on the top, for hanging.
I love Weldbond glue, for these collage projects.
It dries clear and is Super strong.
I buy Large bottles online.
Make sure that you sign and date your piece.
It will serve as a timeline, for the one that you share it with.
This piece, didn't really compete this year, with the Nerf gun that my Grand was playing with, but long after the Christmas toy is gone...her piece from Grandmother Pearl, will remain :)

"As to dancing, my dear, I Never dance, unless I am allowed to do it In My Own Peculiar Way.
There is no use trying to describe it:
it has to be seen to be believed.
Did you ever see the Rhinoceros, and the Hippopotamus, at the Zoological Gardens, trying to
dance a minuet together?
It is a touching sight."
Lewis Carroll 1873

As Always, I'm so glad that you stopped in, to read my Hastypearl blog.
I hope that you will try your hand at your Own collage!
Who you share it with, will love that you spent the Time on them.
xoxo Laura
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 ...And I thank you for your past comments, whether here or on Facebook!
You would be surprised, how you can connect with Amazing, Special People, who are blogging away the interesting things that happen in their lives.
I personally, have been blessed by many Wonderful Connections!
Now...time is a wasting...Get To DANCING! :) 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013 Hastypearl

Christmas 2013
Yes, the season of Christmas has come and gone...Another year.
I've had 57 of them, now!
I've experienced It in a lot of different homes, other families homes, and somehow, its Magnificence, Still Holds me Captive.
As an artist, its easy to be seduced by an overload of stimuli...everywhere... to the beauty of icons, music, tastes and fragrances.
Angels...the Messengers of God, are often central in my art pieces.
Mine may be made from a rusty wrench, but Those that do battle on my behalf daily...Not So.

There is nothing wrong with symbols or icons.
We all use them.
They are tools that we use to Remember.
To Celebrate.

But it's The Message, that deserves prominence, this time of year.
As a Christ Follower, its a Reverently Reflective time for me.
More than a baby.
More than an icon.
More than a celebration.
Its about....Surrender.
Not a word that is very popular in our culture, but an irrevocable Gift, when Chosen.

So, its quiet here, after the rush, and while I love the rush...I love the reflective quiet, too.
The time before the end of another year, where we have time to Think and Be Thankful.
Thankful for Grace.
Thankful for Mercy.
Thankful for the Opportunity for New Beginnings...Every Day New Beginnings.
...Receptive to The Gift.
This was the sky outside my second story deck on Christmas Morning.
Just me and The Creator.
A Creator that is Big Enough for All...and for just... Me.
I love that.

So...I hope your days have been Remarkably Full of an Awareness of Love.
An Unexplainable Love...towards Us All!
xoxo Laura 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wren Mixed Media Collage Hastypearl

Mixed Media Collage
When I mentioned this little watercolor piece that is available at Hastypearl, on my Facebook wall this morning, I realized, that I had never shown it on this blog before.
I've told the story, about the two wrens who in two days time, deconstructed one of our flower basket liners, to use it for materials for their spring nest!
They weren't greedy!
They didn't take it ALL :)
In South Texas, their songs are such a reliable, happy sound.
I Love having them as neighbors, so I was only a little grumpy, to replace what was left of the liner!
So, I did a little tribute for them with this collage piece.

I think that I could draw and paint all day, but alas...I too have a nest to keep!

To me, there is nothing more useful, than the Victorian photo cards, that come in the albums that I look for at estate sales.
The Art on them Alone, is inspiring.
The flowers and vines made a happy home to my water colored wren!
The quote by Josh Billings, is fantastic!
I've never thought of that great feeling that you get from the act of generosity or giving, as something that lives on...just by our thinking of it!
Every person Gives in their own way, but this time of the year, is our families time of sharing, and it is one of my Favorite Times of the year.
God has been so Generous to us in this Country...and it is Wonderful to Give Back!

So...lets all consider more, how we can practice Generous Charity, in whatever form we choose, as we approach the end of another year!
..."you'll draw a dividend, every time you think of it"! 
Thanks for checking in ...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hastypearl Happy First Birthday! Mixed Media Art, Whimsies and Necessities

Happy First Birthday!
Mixed Media Art, Whimsies and Necessities :)
!Long Post Alert!
I'll try to make it worth your While!
Because this posting is untypically large, instead of enlarging each picture, like I usually do, if You want to enlarge, simply click on the picture:) 
Well, WHERE? HOW? does anyone ever encapsulate an entire
YEAR of Astonishment?
I know.
You've been busy, too.
We all have been, but I must say, that this past year, has been
Wonderfully Amazing, and Full!
To Start...
I had had the dream for Years, to open a shop on Etsy.
Just the concept, was all that I had.
For some reason, the Idea had Captured me.
I have always Made, gifted, donated, but the "take a leap" decision to put myself out there and become part of a worldwide market place, was a big deal for me!
It came together in a totally Providential Way.
More than once, in conversation, I would say something like...I would love to open a shop on Etsy, but I don't have the technical skills to do it...and someone like ...Jill,  CollectedMess, ...
would quietly say...Ill help you.
It went on like that ALL YEAR LONG!
I think, If we can humble ourselves and acknowledge that we need help...
Provision for us, has already been made!!!  
It wasn't all just Hastypearl...
there was sooooo much More, going on!
March, brought the Arrival of our Goldendoodle, Darcy, who had been more Difficult to get,
than you could ever know.
Bless my Peeps for going through numerous announcements of finding  a dog,
and having it fall through.
Darcy, all the way from Atlanta, for OUR family...was Meant to Be!
This was my first Large mixed media piece to Sell.
It surprised me how hard it was to let it go, but Woohoo,
it was a Fun Feeling!

Lola, She was a Showgirl, began again, the arduous task of raising yet Another, little sister!
The Joy of Engineering and Making, Continued!

There were daily Walks on the property, with the girls.
This one resulted in finding a far hidden, that who KNOWS how I saw it.
I took this selfie, imagining  what it must look like for a little Creature, to have a Giant spying on him :) He happily was relocated to the creek behind our property!

Then there was the willy nilly decision, to open a small case, in a shop in Boerne.
I will sadly be closing it at the end of 2013.
It was So much fun, but not productive.
I do have my name on the list for a larger space, should any of the long time space owners decide to let one go.
There was continued gift making and giving...Welcome to planet Earth, Ms. Savanna Grace!

After I took the next step and started this Blog, again thank you Jill, I participated in some
Blog giveaways!
That was a lot of fun!

There came a Mothers Day surprise, from my soft hearted Son.
The Joy that came from That, lasted a Long time!

After endless begging for her return, I enjoyed again learning from my Bestest Mentor, Laurie Mika.
Like it or not, and I've told her this, she was one of my First Influences and I imprinted on her like a baby duck to its mother!
She's been inspiring to me, in So Many Ways!

From the Beginning, my Motto for Hastypearl was,
vintage parts and heirloom art.
It took a while, but I eventually started listing...the vintage half of that motto.
I have had great support on hastypearl, for those items that I find and fall in love with.
I will never carry something in my shop, that doesn't speak to me both in originality, historically, and a sense that it was Special to a Human, in their lives.
That seems to translate to my buyers.
One of the last things that I write on my sold items thank you note, is...that I hope they will let me know what they do with it.
I hear the most amazing things...that I would NEVER have imagined... and I LOVE that.
This year was 38 years of marriage to a
A golfer...
Can you tell by the card that I made him? :)
Angels have repeatedly been a theme for hastypearl.
This is a Mixed Media Box that I made at Laurie Mikas' class.
I inscribed the word, "LAMB" in Hebrew, on the polymer tile on the bottom.
That is Who I Am, And Who I Serve.
Its a Very Special Word to me.

Through art classes and blogs, I have made friends that I NEVER could have imagined that I would.
At every turn, there is a New Life out there for me to connect with.
I love that we can NEVER have enough Friends and Helpers, and that there is an Endless Supply, to choose from!
This is Vivien Brown...BEAUTIFUL...inside and out and she has a Lovely shop on Etsy called,
TheRiverWalk. A Must Look!
This is a triptych that I made in Laurie's class where I used a Beautiful Found Vintage Dresden Angel!!!
What a perfect piece to incorporate into my Mixed Media Shrine.
She doesn't think that I can see her.
Those hilarious ears give her away all of the time ;)
Annually, I do a tribute of my incredible Special granddaughter, Katherine Anne...
This one, is hanging in our entry hall.
 When I showed it to her on Skype...she said she "didn't like that butterfly"!
I suppose it might look like it was attacking her.
I Love to engineer.
This piece of Tiny House Love, went to New York, to live with a Special Mentor,
artist Elizabeth Rosen.
All I can say to her is....Thanks!
And all I can say to You, dear reader is....go look at Her Etsy shop, ElizabethRosenArt.
I want to BE her when I grow up! 
There were sooo many of These Sunsets this year.
If you want to, about the time of Your sunset, You can imagine me Running for my camera and taking yet Another picture, of My sunsets.
They are fleeting Gifts...Given to us, almost Everyday.
What did we do to deserve such???
As we come to a close on my year, it became apparent, early summer, that it was going to be a possibility, that Larry and I, were going to see a Long Time Dream, come true.
We didn't rush it.
It was meant to be.
For years, a home that we had actually looked at on previous summer vacations, still hadn't sold.
The treacherous economy and rock bottom interest rates, had allowed this home to... Wait for Us.
Simply put...
Our Dream Came True and Evergreen Lane, in Redstone Colorado, awaits our Return Visits!

UNTIL we can, it will be available for YOU, on VRBO #497230
PLEASE, do your Family a Favor and GO THERE!
I created our site on VRBO, to describe its virtues.
And Now I'm telling you, that if you do ...
So, in a Years Time in our Lives... Lots of Things Happen.
Some... Most...are Wonderful!
I didn't post many pictures of myself on this blog over the year, but this was a very Happy selfie, that I took last summer when I was creating....
I leave you with This Heart...and MY Grateful all of you who have supported
this Unfolding Dream...called Hastypearl.
Each of you...who Unknowingly Helped me and Encouraged me...
Thank You!!
I live a Dreamy Life!
Tight hugs...and I hope you will continue to follow me Next Year, as we continue to
See what Happens with Hastypearl!
I think its going to Be Great :)
xoxo Laura
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I would love to have you join me as I sometimes get...

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Angel Mixed Media Assemblage Hastypearl

Christmas Angel
Mixed Media Assemblage
I've thought a lot about what really gets my juices going with my Art.
Drawing does.
Watercolors do.
Collage definitely...
what I REALLY enjoy doing, is digging through my studio drawers, and pulling out my favorite pieces...on that day...
and doing a little engineering and assemble something!
The harder the putting together, the better!
Now, its going to have a historical bent.
That's just who I am.
Maybe that will show up in lace or something rusty, but I'm just too romantic about history, to not include Vintage.
That is what happened with this Christmas Angel !
My shop is full of them.
All colors.
All sizes.
All mediums.

There's just something reassuring about an Angel!
They don't all have to be sweet like this one.
I've done Michael, the Arch Angel, with his foot on Satan's neck, too.
But at this time of year, as we dress our homes for Hanukah and Christmas Celebrations,
its nice to have a few around, as Reminders.

Maybe you will click on over to hastypearl, and see what I mean.
I think you will enjoy it:)

I'm so glad that you stopped by to read this post.
I've enjoyed some Lovely New Visitors, thanks to Elizabeth Bunsen's note on her FB wall, about my last blog post.
See...there we are...already back on the subject of Angels! ;)
I hope that your days are Wonderfilled...
xoxo Laura 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Are You Experienced? Yes, Jimi Hendrix...Thanks to Elizabeth Bunsen! Hastypearl

Are You Experienced?
Yes, Jimi Hendrix...Thanks to Elizabeth Bunsen!
You know the song.
Are You Experienced?
Well, I think that previous Elizabeth Bunsen buyers, would know the Connection to that songs question, that I am suggesting.
What arrived in the mail yesterday, put me in a special group of people that have
"Experienced" artist extraordinaire, Elizabeth Bunsen.
Recently on Facebook, Elizabeth displayed some of her incredible eco dyed yarns and asked which color people liked the best.
I immediately responded...Saffron!
She dyes papers, and fabrics and yarns... in all things natural...
The Saffron, was the Most Beautiful to me.
Some days later, I read her blog.
She has a separate online site, where she Sells her art.
I went there.
Right before my eyes...I love the timing of special moments...was the Tiny Stone, that was wrapped in the Saffron dyed yarn...that I had previously, Favorited!
The "Buy" button, was the next thing I remembered!
I've never bought from Elizabeth before, so I could tell from the pictures, that there would be papers, fabrics, but I wasn't really sure what else.
The Package came in a non descript mailer.
The Signs that Something Special was about to happen, came Early....
or...she Had Me with her first String!
Second, a layer of lime green tissue wrapped in a "To Die For Yarn"...was the Second Sign that this was going to be...
I Opened, and Opened, and Opened.
How could a small mailer, hold such Wonder? :)
Truth is...I still hadn't even got to the Part That I Had Bought!
See, I contacted Elizabeth about sending her some leaves from my South Texas Garden...
and apparently she Sweetened the pie with...well..extra sweetness!
Somehow, I get the feeling, that she would have Done That, Anyway...

The Experience was like a Christmas that you dream about...
At this point in the postings, I Still haven't got to the Purchase....

Finally....the Purchase...
Purples, lavenders, limes and orange...

A Beautiful Zine of blues and rusts and browns...
What will I DO with all of this?
I will wait.
Like the Controlled Anticipation that came while opening the Gift, I will take my time and Know what I want to do with Each Piece...
Why Hurry?
Until then, the Whole Thing, will stay Intact and be Displayed, Just Like It Came.
I have plenty of table tops, just waiting for a Change!
...finally...a Thanks from EB
Thanks to YOU...EB!
Now, Lovely Hastypearl Readers...Run...and Be Experienced! :)
...oh, and Elizabeth...your leaves are on their way !
I can only Imagine what wonderful things you will Do with them:)
I'm so glad that I got to share this special experience with you and that you are reading my hastypearl blog.
I hope that you will sign up...over on the right side of this page... to follow me by email and receive notice of my blog postings!
...until we meet again....Happy Sunday to All...