Monday, September 30, 2013

Fred Mullet Art Class Hastypearl

Fred Mullet Art Class
I'm not sure how one describes Fred Mullet.
He doesn't exactly make it easy for you...and I'm SURE knowing that, makes him smile!
He's an artist. He's witty. He's full of..."Fredisms".  He's smart. He's an innovator. He's a teacher.
He is a nature lover, that's for sure...mostly fish, botanicals, fish, and fish.
He makes and sells rubber stamps. But they aren't your average rubber stamps.
When they arrive in your mailbox...they are preloaded with Magic!
Go to his website, and look around at his Samples or Eye Candy.
Don't discard because it is fish. Think...what kind of things interest you?
The technique's will work with everything!
Seriously, its what he has figured out to do with the stamps, that makes his art so exceptional. 
He spent the last 3 days, at Stamp Antonio, teaching sold out classes.
You've taken technique classes before.
Some you go home and NEVER use what you learned and some you go home and Use Everyday.
I use what I have learned in Fred's classes...almost every day.
It matters to him, that we learn about Color, and Contrast.
Positive and Negative.
I missed taking this class the last time he came, and it was worth the wait.
I will be doing this technique, A Lot. 

My new art friends.
I'm So Glad for meeting them in this environment!
Their wisdom and skill and talents, are so valuable.
They ADD to me!

This is my finished project!
I'm not really a straight lines kind of girl, but the composition book covers, were samples of what we made.
Its a perfect example, of things that you make in your studio, that alone, don't really look so amazing. But when you cut them up, and collage them, in a different context, they take on a whole new
My drawers, are FULL of pieces that are just waiting, to be combined with new neighbors!


On these two pages alone, there are a number of techniques, that I will definitely use again!
I cant WAIT to play and experiment!

Anyway...Go Take A Class.
In whatever discipline you are interested in.
Even better, take a class that you want to, but are scared to!
I promise, you'll be glad that you did!!
If it's title is, Spritz Me, Baby...Mo' Bettah'...
You're probably onto something good!
My obvious point here is...Learn, Stretch, Try, Fail, Succeed...Just Do It!
I Hope that you have a great day today, and I'm always Glad to know that you are reading about my hastyness!
As Always...Stretch On!
xoxo Laura


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mixed Media Bird Nest Hastypearl

There's a New Bird In Town!
A while back, I found some irresistible handmade Birds!
Well, they were REsistible in their current state, but I knew that I could Improve Them:)
You see, they originally were made with a gaudy collection of Christmas papers...
My husband asked me what I would do with them, and I said I didn't know, but I knew Something would come to me!
I took a Fred Mullet class a couple of years ago, at Stamp Antonio, called... the Elegant Mess.
In fact, he is repeating that class at Stamp Antonio again, THIS weekend.
Both of his classes filled up in minutes, so if you ever get a chance to learn from him, he has great ideas AND is a blast!
(he sells really neat nature originated stamps, as well)

Anyway, the Elegant Mess technique, has served me almost every Mixed Media project that I do.
Birds that started out with a terrible base, are now soft and textured, and so much more beautiful!

These Special Birds, know how to weave Beautiful Beads and Ribbons and Gold Threads, into their nests!
One nest is made from the Softest cotton felt.
The other is made, from a crisp Linen Tea Towel.
You never know what will be next!

In the workroom....

I think these Beautiful Nests they would be so sweet, in a babies nursery. fact...this blush bird, has already flown to North Texas, to a very sweet, new cousin, of mine:)

I could also see them, tucked in the branches of a Christmas tree!

This one and others will be listed on hastypearl, soon!
I hope that you are enjoying the changes of the seasons, wherever you are!
And make sure that you say a sweet hello to your feathery neighbors...  
the Birds!
I invite you to sign up, on the right column of this blog, to receive my postings, as soon as I write them!
I very much appreciate you taking your special time, to read about my Art and Life!  
xoxo Laura

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Humble Morning Glory Hastypearl

Morning Glory
It always amazes me, that for less than one dollar, anyone, with an acre or a pot, can buy a package of seeds...soak and sow, and with little nurturing afterwards, be delighted for a very long season...
the humble Morning Glory.
In an array of colors...
they will make you look like the greatest of gardeners! 
While I read in blogs daily, the excitement of the crisp feeling of fall, South Texas is still suffering in heat.
As I write this, it is 98degrees, in the last of September.
Still, the sun shines through the trumpet
of the Morning Glory.
With many previous days of  triple digit temperatures...until the frost arrives...
it will continue to happily, scramble and scamper.

If you haven't grown them before...
please put them on your list for next spring.
Brown thumbs...included!
Enjoy these photos...until then:)
Thanks for stopping by...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Something Wonderful! Redstone, Colorado Hastypearl

Something Wonderful!
Redstone, Colorado
I don't know what your Dreams are.
Everyone has them!
Some come and go.
They Endure or are Released.
Some Are Fulfilled and some Aren't.
Having a place in the Mountains, has for 38 years, been one of those dreams that I couldn't seem to Escape.
I actually would dream, about a Specific Home.
An Unbelievable home, that because of an Unbelievable set of circumstances and a Providential Nod, I was able to go Inside of last summer, and even meet and Friend the Owners.
That Home, wont ever be mine, but....
What a "Dream Come True" Moment, in my Life!

This week, My Dream for a place in the mountains, Came True!
It came with some bumps and twists and a very long Wait, but I can see the whole picture Clearer, now that I am on the Other Side.
There is sometimes, a domino effect  for Dreams.
They can be Complicated.
 Sometimes, one domino has to fall for one person, before another persons can.
But that's not my Job to worry about!
All I have to do is....Trust!

So, Welcome hastypearl Readers,  to images of my Dream.
I'm Humbled....
and still processing, how any of us can Deserve Such Wonder...

Occupancy will be scant for some years yet, but Sharing it with others along the way, will bring me Great Joy!
There will be more info about that, forthcoming.
In the meantime, I will just be Thankful.
And Amazed.
Dreaming is a Wonderful Use of Time:)!

What's Your Dream?
Have a Dreamy Day... Laura

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Textures! Hastypearl

An artist is always looking.
There's nothing better or more enjoyable to execute than a good, clean line drawing, but our world, and most of what we take in visually, isn't just a "good, clean line drawing"!
The World is full of Depth and Texture...Thank Goodness!
I was recently in the mountains of Colorado, and along with the myriad pictures of flowers, I also at every turn saw...
Maybe you will find inspiration in These pictures, or maybe they will Alert you to be watching for the amazing amount of Texture that you will pass, in every day.
Derelict 1800's building 


Foundation on the building

Lichens and rust on the pipe for the Mill

Rivets...great pattern

Creature Highway, on a fallen log

Slice of a monstrous granite mound

Algae's and lichens on a stone fireplace 

Water rushing over the colorful rocks in the river

These are actually only a fraction of the Texture pictures, that I took!
Keep your eye out.
Don't miss it!
Texture is another of the many Gifts that we have to appreciate, in Every day!
Be amazed at how It will Inspire you:)
Thanks for stopping by my hastypearl blog!
I hope you will enjoy other images that I have collected on my hastypearl Pinterest boards, or check out some of the ways that I have used Texture in my art here!
Have a great day!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Let Nature Sing! Mixed Media Assemblage Hastypearl

Mixed Media Assemblage
Every now and then, I make a Mixed Media piece just for me, that is a combination of some of my favorite found objects.
The items that I use, have to speak to each other, otherwise, they are just unrelated beauties.
This piece, was such an enjoyable project!
I thought, you might enjoy seeing how it came together!
The theme for this project centered around the two words...
"Words" and "Nature".  
Many of my projects, start with using some of my hand painted watercolor papers.
I work on these watercolor papers for a looooooong time, to get the texture built up, like happened in this piece.
Of course, most things are usually prettier in person, but really....
This paper is PRETTY!

My base for the piece, is the lid from a found, 1950's Scrabble game!
It was WELL used.
 I didn't photograph the outside of the box, but it was TAPED together.
I can imagine it saw many happy hours, of play! 
I cut the wood game trays, to form a frame around the inside of the box.
I let the game instructions' Words, show around my watercolor paper.

I've had these great wood maple leaves for a while and was waiting for just the right place to use them.
Now, and thanks to Laurie Mika, for teaching me how to make molds, I can more comfortably use my originals!
Do you know how to make a mold? 
These leaves, would have been applied on a clock, or piece of furniture.
They are really, very pretty!
You probably know by now, that I am in love with the mountains!
On my last trip there, I collected these small Aspen branches and wove them together.
Carrie Edlemann Avery, at Paper Wings Productions, taught me about painting book pages with resin.
I love what it does to the paper.
I used the paper for a layer on top of the watercolor, that is sometimes difficult for me, to cover over!

Then, I made a "bead" with copper wire, glass beads and a feather.
It feels a little like a fly lure, with the feathers going every direction!

So, we're getting closer to assembly time, now!
Some time back, I found this adorable little leather pouch.
I don't have a clue what it was used for, but it is SO soft.
It holds another found feather and the most AMAZING stone, that my husband gifted me from one of his days of fishing, in the Crystal River.
I have looked hard, and not been able to find another, with this Great soft, putty green color! 

OK, Enough's finally, time to assemble!

For me, the icing on the cake, is this lovely Tennyson quote, which beautifully summed up  my feelings...
For me, there is no better way to capture the thought of Nature...then as a Representation of God.
You feel it when you see a Sunset, or Mountains or the Sea,
hear a Stream or smell a Rose!
It's one of our greatest...Gifts.... 


This piece will stay with us!
I cant wait to find its perfect place in our home.
I hope that you enjoyed seeing its development:)
I've met some wonderful people on FB.
You can find me over there enjoying and passing along some wonderful art, submitted by a variety of artists.
I've also listed some new items, similar to this piece, at hastypearl, on Etsy.
I hope you will stop by, soon!
Enjoy YOUR Nature Filled days!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rollin' On with... Hastypearl!

Rollin' On with Hastypearl!
I Know.
 That was a Criminal Pun, but I couldn't help myself!
So, I walked through my house a while back, and counted 9, (the number went up), pieces of furniture that had casters underneath the legs.
Yes, we have a number of "turn of the last century" pieces, but you can't knock those Victorians for trying to make things easier to move, right?
So, I keep my eyes out.
I look to and fro, and occasionally, I find the good ones.
The rusty and the crusty....

The Industrial....

The not so worn....

Rubber wheels....

Celluloid wheels....

And the just plain...Too Lazy to cover the wheels when the item got spray painted!
Whew, these are cool!
And, a great buyer from Louisiana knew it, and snatched them right up!
I saw casters, similar to these at a store in Fredericksburg yesterday, for $35 a PIECE!!!!
So, if you are looking for elevation, mobility, or want to use some in a Mixed Media project,
Hastypearl, is the place to look for Rollin' On ! :)
I hope you will stop in a check out my listings.
I set myself a sales goal for this year, and I am Full of Joy in saying, that thanks to my Sweet Buyers, I have Surpassed it!
Thanks to my fathers genetics transfer, my entrepreneurial itch is getting scratched and I LOVE IT:)
Feel free, to sign up on the right side of this blog, to get announcements when I post on my blog.
And I promise, I won't annoy you with a ton of postings.
I'll just let you know every now and then, when something Fun is happening in my life:)
Thanks to All, from ALL OVER THE WORLD, who are reading!