Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy 2015 ! Hastypearl

Happy 2015 !

Yes, another year has rolled by.
My father told me when I was a child, that the years would go by quickly, 
but I was young and "smarter" than he was and 
told him that that wouldn't be true for me.

Well, Five Decades later, and I wonder how it could have happened.
I mean, that the time has gone by so fast, not that my father was smarter than me ;)

So, now its my turn to be the parent.
And its my turn to wish that I could tell my boys everything that they 
need to know to grow and mature, but that job is over for me.
The amazing thing is, they seem to be doing just fine without my input:)
They impress me, constantly.

They are both Kind.
They are both making their way in the world and Contributing, to it.

The three of us, have recently started doing something fun together.
It happened rather impromptu, actually.
Because we are all so busy, along with a little texting, 
we are also sharing with each other, 
favorite song we enjoy.
Its a way to give and take and learn more about each other.
I love participating in that process.

We are also known to send each other 
images of things that Visually Amaze us.
This activity makes me very happy.
It seems that they both have a great eye for Natural Beauty.
They both know how to slow down and catch the Gifts.
The Visual Gifts that God gives the gillions, 
if we Choose to see them.

One son lives near the Texas Gulf Coast and I love 
seeing the long views of the water that he captures.
I never dreamed that he would live near such Beauty.

During Christmas, while visiting with us,
one of my sons was playing with my camera. 
I was aware of it, because I handed it to him, 
but I had a houseful of guests, and was busy with that.

After he left, and while downloading my pictures, 
I found the surprise images that you will see, below.
It makes me emotional just thinking about it.
One, because I continually miss them, 
and two, because he took the time to slow down and 
See the Magnificent Wonder 
of a humble, common houseplant 
and drop of water, back lit... just so...

For So Many reasons, 
I think that they are two of the greatest people
 in the world and I couldn't be prouder of them...




I Hope for You, an Amazing 2015.

There is So Much Good, in front of us.

I hope that you will See it All...

And Share it with those that You love :)

xo Laura