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Who Said Poppies HaveTo Be Red? ;) How To Transfer Your Art To Fabric Hastypearl

Who Said Poppies Have To Be Red? ;)

How To Transfer Your Art To Fabric

I have always been fascinated with the concept of Transferring.
Carrie Avery first showed me how to do it in one of her basic technique classes.
Still, for some reason, it has always held this mystery for me.

The mystery ALL went away with Leslie Riley's Transfer Art Paper, or TAP, 
because she has made it SO easy.
No, I'm not a paid advertiser, I just Love this product.

I'll show you in these following quick steps, how simple and fast it is...
however, I warn you, that you are going to be mad in the end!

You see, I've made this as a surprise gift for an unsuspecting friend.
They MIGHT read this hastypearl blog posting, and I'm not quite ready for it to been seen !
You will JUST have to come BACK to see the finished piece...soon! 

So, lets get started!

I recently, got an urge, to paint some Poppies.
I'm not the most literal of people, so my Poppies AREN'T red :)
The good news! 
I Haven't seen the "Accurate Paint Color Police" yet, 
so I think I will stick with that approach :)

I drew and water colored in my journal page, but you could draw 
directly on to the white side of the TAP, if you want.

You can use whatever you want...even use a photograph. 
Its up to you!

Photocopy your art with an ink jet printer.
Some products use laser...TAP uses ink jet.

Trim your piece down to how you want it.
Remember, what you leave is what will transfer.
I ONLY wanted my flower, so I trimmed right down to the outline.

Place your art in your printer. I had room to place three Poppies!

Feed the TAP through your printer.
Leslie has GREAT instructions, that I read and reread.

The flower printed on the TAP paper, exactly as I had painted it! 

Cut out your printed images.

Place your TAP image side down, and press with a hot iron onto your fabric.
My project, is about Fabric, but TAP, will work on paper, wood, glass, canvas, metal...
I guess anything that can withstand the heat of an iron.

Last year, I made my sister a Canvas Bag, with images of her grandchildren eating watermelon!

So, you can see that I transferred onto Vintage Fabrics. 
Specifically, a handkerchief and a napkin.

My studio iron, is kind of a toy...and it doesn't get super hot, and my little toy ironing board, while space saving, doesn't have super padding underneath, so the finished transfer, wasn't total, but because I am always looking for a soft, vintage look, I think the finished result is perfect.
(It sounds like I am making excuses for the results, but it you look back at my paintings, the transfer was actually quite accurate!)

Hotter iron and firmer surface...and you will get a crisper transfer.

So, that's it!

I told you, it is soooo simple.

There really isn't an end, to what you can do with this process.
If you wanted to, you could lay down additional layers on top, 
to build layers of texture and really make it interesting!

So, This is the part, where you will be angry with me, for not showing the final project.
I Promise, I will Soon! 

You will just have to stop back in an look for the Continuation of the Story!


Yesterday, was the Summer Solstice.
I think I may be the ONLY person on the planet, that dislikes the day.

For me, a warm weather lover, it means we are on the Down Side towards the colder half of the year.
Yes, that's half glass empty thinking, which I am not known for, and Yes...we have PLENTY of warms days in front of us in S. Central Texas...its just a THING that I have.

Regardless...the days are beautiful and there are Poppies blooming in my garden right now, 
so we have MUCH to be thankful for.

So, head out with your paper and pen and sketch something to Transfer..Right Now!!
(and can paint it Whatever Color YOU Want!!! :)

Thanks Lesley Riley for making us such great products.

I hope that you will Tap the Buttons on the right side of my blog front page, 
to head over to my hastypearl Etsy shop, and see some of my Art ! 

Thanks as always...for stopping by...I'm So Glad that You did!

xoxo Laura

Monday, June 9, 2014

How to Hang a Cluster Of Framed Art Hastypearl

How to Hang a Symmetrical Cluster of Framed Art

Have you ever been too intimidated to hang art in a cluster?
I get it. 
I would have been too, however, I married into a family of art dealers/ framers.
It was inevitable, that I was going to be exposed to a good bit of art framing.

Over the years, my husband and I have bought our own art for our own homes.
That is when I needed to learn how to hang art.

So, as happens in couples, hes a perfectionist. 
I'm a hold your thumb up, look over your thumb and eyeball it, kind of girl.
When he hangs art, there is a penciled in page full of fractions.
When I hang pencil and paper is necessary!

Stick with me. 
I'll make it So Easy...

First. Our setting?
Our "new to us" home in Colorado.
If you've followed this blog, you will know that Colorado is important to us and dreaming of owning our own home... has been long.
Well, it Finally Happened Yippee, so, let the decorating begin...

We found two WONDERFUL Habitat for Humanity ReStores outside of Aspen,
 and the pickins' are GOOD :)

I found this set of four VERY AFFORDABLE watercolor prints of Victorian men fishing.
Vintage and fishing together in One frame....awesome!

So, Ill step out the EASIEST way to do this..'ll be hanging clusters of framed art in NO time :)

We will start with the Vanna White picture first, so you can see where we are headed.

You say...What? Your going to hammer into that beautiful paneling AND it has horizontal lines???
You'll fill it with tons of mishammered nails AND it will show your mismeasurements!
I promise This only took a FEW minutes and I got the nails right FIRST time, every time.

(Whew...I look tired. Hmmm. Wonder if that's because we went like bats for 6 straight days! 
Cant wait until our trips are for playing and NOT working :)

OK. This is not a new concept, but it IS what makes this work.

TRACE around your art on some newsprint or whatever you have handy. Trace Every piece!
Cut it out and play around on the wall placing each piece, just where you want them.
Take your time. Go back and forth looking to make sure its even.
The horizontal lines in the paneling were actually an asset for me, but if you don't have that, measure either from the ceiling or floor, to see if your newsprint is even. 
Your Eyes are Trustworthy...they are almost ALWAYS Right...learn to trust them!

I had the tv cabinet and thermostat to work between. You will probably have those kind of issues, too.  

The Next step helps you determine where EACH piece will be hung.

Lay your art on the floor and simulate it hanging, by pulling a bit on your tape measure and note where the tape is at the TOP of the frame.

On THIS piece for me, it was exactly 5".
Framers aren't robots. They don't wire (I had NEVER seen a piece of art hung with twine before..eww) every piece exactly the same, so make sure that you do this step for EACH PIECE. 
MY measurements were slightly different for each piece.


Calculate what the center from side to side of your newsprint, is.

Go to the wall and from the TOP of your newsprint, mark down YOUR MEASUREMENT, 
right in the CENTER of the newsprint.
Mine was 5", so I penciled a line at 5".

On EITHER side of your line that you drew, Mine was at 5 ", place two identical hangers with the BOTTOM of the hanger resting on your line.
(Two picture hangers are what keep your art from needing to be straightened all of the time. Its worth it to do, two :)

That will make your picture wire hang AT your measurement.
Your nail will be slightly ABOVE your measurement.

I left the newsprint on the wall, throughout the WHOLE process.
That way, you can always go back to the beginning if you need to.
See? You cant even see the paper behind picture # 1. That's because it is exactly on top of it.
No math.
No fractions. 

Can you see the nails on top of the first newsprint where I hung the first piece?

Go to the next piece, and repeat the steps.
Remember, measure the wire on EACH piece, as the measurements will likely vary.

Keep working around the cluster, until you have them all done.
See, my paper is still  there throughout, just for a safety net, but when you are all done...
you can finally take it down!

This is what happens when you ask your husband who can function perfectly using only a few words a day, to take your picture! 
Whatever happened to the words....R-E-A-D-Y?????

So...that's IT!!
You Can Do It!!!

I literally did this in the last minutes before we ran out to catch a plane.
Not something that you would choose to do under a time crunch, 
but I did it completely alone, and so can YOU!!!

Below, is an example of a smaller grouping.
You still use the same steps.

*Make paper templates.
*Measure the wire on the back of the art, to the top of the frame.
*Mark that number in a line from the top of the newsprint.
*Hammer your two picture hangers... Bottoms Touching the line.
*Hang Your Art!!!   

So, I thought after all of that work, we deserved a reward and it comes in Visual form!
This is a glance that I caught, just outside of our front door.
I will always remember that sight!

I sure hope that this Step by Step, was helpful for you!
You may already have a method that works for you...awesome!
If not, Give this a Try.

I once knew a person, that didn't hang pictures in their home for years, 
because they were afraid they would mess up.
Remember, its not the end of the world, if you miss and have to try again...
Life is Short
...there are few mistakes that we can can make, that are going to Matter for Long!

You Can Always Fill the Holes!!!
Hey, I think I will make a Bumper Sticker of that :)

So GLAD that you stopped in to read my blog...
Hope that you will again...Soon!
xoxo Laura

p.s. This home is eventually going to be our half time home with Texas. Until then, we have it listed on VRBO for Vacation Rentals. In our first year, it has been rented almost 100% of the time. We are SO THANKFUL for that. If you or someone you know, is looking for a place to get away, THIS IS THE PLACE. It will accommodate a couple for a romantic get away, or a large group of 10 for a retreat or family reunion. I hope you will take a peek at our VRBO listing and see all that there is to do in Redstone!   

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Interview with Artist Laurie Mika Hastypearl

Interview with Mixed Media Artist Laurie Mika


I'd  say God knew what He was doing when He sent Laurie Mika into my life :)

I first met her in a transitional time in my life, at a workshop, in San Antonio.
I Hadn't Ever Been to an art workshop, so, I was a bit anxious when I walk in alone.
I'm a firm believer in recognizing and announcing  my "Noviceness", so I did.

Laurie doesn't care. 
In fact, I think she sees it as an asset, and she treats 
EVERYONE in her class as equals.
While you are learning at Light Speed, you don't know it. 
She makes it that easy and relaxed.

Laurie's style was exactly what I needed to see.
MORE and LAYERING are my favorite Colors! :)

She believes in MORE and LAYERING...but, Laurie's art is deceptively tricky. 
It may look easy to do, but there is so much experienced wisdom involved, 
and she knows just when to Stop!

I recently sent out a FB tease of one of her images, encouraging my friends to be watching for an upcoming mystery artist blog for those of you that saw you know.

Lets get started. I cant wait for you to see her answers!

 Laura: 1. At what age, did you recognize/feel, that you had an ability to express yourself artistically and what medium was it?

Laurie: I grew up drawing and doodling, so my first medium was a good old pencil and paper! I clearly remember drawing horses like crazy in the 7th grade!
2.Were you encouraged?

I would not say that I was overtly encouraged but my parents used to give me creative/crafty presents during the holidays and for my birthday, so in a sense, they understood my love of creating from an early age and that fostered a growing desire to "make things".
3.What/Who inspires you?

Medieval, Renaissance and Mexican Folk Art are my biggest influences. I have decided that these influences come together in Spanish Colonial art which I am passionate about. Travel inspires me especially when we are in locations to visit shrines and churches and to see examples of local arts and crafts and to go to local flea markets. Pinterest inspires me, such eye candy! Going to a museum and walking through their Medieval collection is sure to get the creative juices flowing. Jewelry design often gets me thinking of new ways to approach my clay work, There are countless artists, both from the past and the present that influence my work.

4.What percentage of the time, do you like your finished product?

I would say about 85 percent of the time I am happy with the finished product because with clay, you can wad it back up into a ball and start over...there are always chances to redeem something that is headed south!

5. Do you start and finish a piece, or do you work on multiple pieces at a time?

I used to only work on one piece at a time, but have noticed over the years that while I am working on one thing, it tends to spark another idea and then I begin something else. Ever so often, I have a piece where I start off totally inspired but midway through the process, lose the inspiration. I hate when that happens! Those tend to be the 15 percent of the pieces that I am not happy with.

6. What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
 i.e. The idea? The process? The materials? Or none of these?

I would say all of these! I love coming up with the new idea or inspiration and can't wait to see how I can push the medium (materials) to make the idea come to fruition ( the process). It is the experimentation with the medium that brings me the most joy. I always love combining clay with just about anything else and seeing what happens.

7. I hear people talk about running out of ideas. Does that ever concern you?

I have the opposite problem, I have too many ideas and not enough time to execute them? I am often up in the middle of the night thinking about ideas and ways to do something new but get frustrated when I don't have the time in the studio. Teaching also keeps me on my toes coming up with new ideas.



8. I first met you at a workshop. You ARE a teacher, but it doesn't feel like it from a students perspective. You have a way of sharing, that feels like we are friends in your living room. You build confidence in every student, so that any "fear or anxiety" slips away. Can you talk about "teaching", from your perspective?

I never thought that I would be teaching, but once I did, I loved it and was hooked! I love sharing the knowledge I've gained over the years from all of my experimentation with polymer clay. I especially love having newbies to clay in my class because the medium is magic, and there are just limitless possibilities with it and to be able to share that with people and encourage them to express themselves through clay is incredibly rewarding. The fact that polymer is so forgiving, makes teaching with this medium a true joy. I don't think I ever taught a class where I didn't learn something from truly is a two-way street, the giving, the taking and the sharing of ideas and seeing how someone else interprets the process.

9. You are the author of, Mixed Media Mosaics: Techniques and Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles, Beads & Other Embellishments, have a website, an Etsy shop, a blog and you teach workshops nationally and internationally...whats the next exciting frontier/idea, brewing in you head?

Retirement! Lol!

Actually, I will be teaching my first E course next year at an online polymer clay retreat!
This will be my first time teaching online though I have been thinking about it for a long time. Of course, a second book has been brewing in my head for quite some time, it is a matter of which way to proceed. There are so many options out there now for publishing. So, in a nutshell, I think the next exciting frontier will be exploring possibilities in the digital age!


So, there you have it! 

Start to Finish, Laurie, is as one of my friends says, Top Shelf!
Her work, her career, her heart and love of her family...who I meant to mention are involved in her business, make her someone to latch on to and follow.
Just I as did from that first workshop!

I hope that you enjoyed meeting her either for the first time, or learning something new about her since your first time meeting her.

I'm very thankful that she generously shared images of her art.
Be sure to check out her website and enjoy her extensive gallery, and  do some shopping! 
Also, check out her yearly schedule and see if there is a class that you can make, soon!

Thanks Laurie... You're the Best!

xoxo to all...Laura