Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Orange" You Glad It's Fall? Warm Colors Hastypearl

"Orange" You Glad for Autumn?  :)
Warm Colors
For years, our vacationing family, would drive to visit the Colorado Mountains.
We always teased about people jumping out and playing in the first patch of snow that they saw.
Its normal, especially for those of us that don't often see snow.
Well, the following images are kind of like that.
We've had our first freeze in South Central Texas...finally, and the foliage colors are starting to change!
So, out came the camera today...even though its a little early!
The understory trees in the foreground, are Flame Sumac.
Don't worry.
They aren't itchy, like their cousins!
I had a plants man explain to me one time, that just like human siblings with different color hair, plants enjoy genetic diversity as well.
That explains why several identical species, side by side, may be different colors.

The Purple berries are called appropriately...Beauty Berry.
They are Native to Texas.
I think they look great beside their neighbors.

This is our almost one year old, Darcy Doodle, carrying  one of her Many babies, right before she completely shredded one of four of our patio set chair cushions.

...and she annoys her much older Airedale sister, Lola.

This three year old Mexican Arroyo 'Sweetwood", will be covered in fragrant white flowers in the spring, that you can smell many yards away.
Our Koi enjoy sporting fall colors year, 'round!
We had a nice batch of babies this year.
The large trees are Red Oaks.
Our number one staple for color in the fall.
They are a brittle tree, apt to snap to the ground in a strong wind, and are susceptible to the devastating Oak Wilt disease, so you enjoy them with fingers crossed .
This is a long view, on a foggy day, from our upper deck.
The hills in the distance will be lit up with color soon.
Another freeze is forecast for this coming weekend.
And yes, I probably "jumped in the first patch of snow" by sending these early pictures, but I promise, it will only get better!
Hope you are enjoying your days wherever You live!
Has your Fall Color already passed?
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I also have some fun Pinterest Boards, that you might enjoy.
Hope you will check them out! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mixed Media Assemblage Hold Hastypearl

Mixed Media Assemblage
This Piece has been in a state of development for a couple of months.
That sounds heavy.
It really wasn't.
The Parts were all just waiting patiently, to Come Together.
It started with a purchase of a Vintage Scrabble game.
I think I've used the top and bottom of the box and this half of the game board, already.
They are all perfect shapes and sizes for a Assemblage base.
Also, the backs are just as cool as the front!
Two for One:)
Then, I found a couple of really neat Leather Pouches.
This Pouch, is actually the Inside Pouch of a Previous Piece, that I did a couple of blog posts back.
(maybe you would enjoy looking back and reading it:)
I bought it at an local estate sale.
The Man that owned it, was a retired engineer and clearly had loved and used it for MANY years.
I'm a sucker for that story, on So many levels!
Sometimes, I like to keep my pieces Neutral...neither Masculine or Feminine.
Its really easy when you mix up your materials.
I enjoy making these wrapped wire ribbon, "Beads".
The ribbons replicate the colors in my hand painted paper.
I think my collection of ribbon and yarn, brings Texture and Movement to this Piece.

So, here's the really great Pouch.
Can you see?
This piece actually slid inside of a Larger Pouch.
I wonder what kind of favorite and essential Tools fit inside the divided spaces?
Tools of the Trade!
I'll bet he never left home Without them.

Maybe you've noticed, my business name has the word...Hasty, in it.
I never really thought myself  SO hasty, but in some Positive Ways, I think I am.
I'm not the most Compulsive person on the planet.
(I know Their names...I can tell you later ;)
Yes, I have a plan, but while Creating...I like to try to let things... Just Happen.
For instance, I Literally, just Reached in a Button Bag and LOOK what Came Out!
It doesn't ALWAYS work, but look how PERFECT these Three AMAZING buttons work together on this piece.
I'm not sure that I could have made Better Selections, with Any Amount of time spent.
You DONT HAVE to use what you grab if you don't like it, but its kind of fun to just
Trust the Process and have a little Reckless Fun ;)

Another example of Wild, Reckless Fun ;)... was with the Dictionary Page.
About half way through the building of this piece, I started thinking about what I could name it.
I don't Always name Pieces, but this time....
I thought of the word....HOLD.
On a literal level, the pouch certainly was a "Holder".
So, I got out my vintage dictionary to use as a layer, and thought...
Wow...wouldn't it be awesome if the word Hold, was at the Top of the page.
As you can see...It WAS!!!
The name HOLD, was Meant to Be!
Such a Fun thing when it all works out! 

So, start to finish, this piece took about 2 months, to come together.
No Stress.
Its parts', just sat in a "Holding" area, Building Itself, as time passed.
It's Great when you have Time, to let things Steep a little and...
 Happen as they Will.
Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing it!
I'll list it on Etsy hastypearl, this week!
Thanks so much for checking in...and remember to HOLD On to what is Good and Perfect, and let the rest....Go! 
xoxo Laura

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vintage Parts Christmas Hastypearl

Vintage Parts
I couldn't Help myself!
They Looked So Cute looking up at me!
I Had to list some Christmas Items on Hastypearl!
Hey, Ill bet the malls have been playing Christmas music for Weeks.
So, here are some of the Beauties that I've listed.
Pre WWII German Blown Glass Ornaments
This frog is rare and Sold immediately to a lovely man in New York, that already has his 7' tree up and it is covered with Vintage Ornaments.
Add Some Egg Nog, and I can just picture it;)

Also quite rare.

SOLD....I love them ALL

hastypearl prices are So Reasonable!
I see prices in my research, that are Staggering for the same type items.

Love. This. Garland.
Snowmen make me smile.

Before I stood up from the computer:)

I cant tell you how LOUD these bells are!
I love the patina that they have from years of faithful Jingling!

Majestic Bugler!
Love Him.

I have 2 of these guys.
$10.00 each
Yes, I Contributed to the Spirit.
And because of it, I thought all day that I could even smell Evergreens!
Maybe its the Winds blowing the scent from the North Pole!
Hope these pictures are getting you in the Mood!
Thanks for reading!
Id love for you to hop on over to Hastypearl and see What's Available!
I'm shipping up a storm and will be for a good while:)
Early HOHOHO:)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mixed Media "MOSTLY" Whites! Hastypearl

Mixed Media Art
(tap the green word hastypearl, above, and it will take you to my shop:)
For a person that Really Loves Color, I was surprised, at how many times MOSTLY White things have shown up on this blog, over the months!
You'll See!
When you live in a warm climate, you simply MUST grow white things to Cool You Off and to catch your eye in the Moonlight!

I had these listed on hastypearl, but withdrew them, because I think they MUST be turned into something Wonderful for Christmas!
I LOVE that you can still see the imprint of those Adorable Vintage Toes!
See Them?
These are SOLD...I can see Why!

These SOLD to a wonderful woman that said they were Perfect for her dollhouse!
You can meet the nicest people when you own an online business.

This Iris in our backyard is one of those that slip in very quietly and surprise you on your walks.

This Mixed Media Angel is named...Wise, for the beautiful Owl, she wears on her Crown.
She is waiting for her forever home and is priced at $ 60.00.
Hop over and See the Owl. 


These Fairy Houses with Vintage Hinge Roofs, are placed on a table in our living room.
Sometimes, I think I hear Giggling and Singing coming from that direction at night:)
They are $ 36.00 each.
They would be great with your Holiday...or Anytime, d├ęcor.
This Mixed Media piece is called, Hold Life.
There is an image of a mother and her children, after bath time, inside of the Shadow Box.
It is exquisite and waiting for its Forever Owner.
It is priced at $ 118.00.

The Lonely Letter Q
I LOVE it:)
I guess its not So Lonely as I also have a B and an A, if you know anyone whose name starts with Those Letters!

I just listed three Lovely Buglers today! beautiful.
Celluloid, from the 1940's, only $10.00 each.

Polymer Clay Hearts for the ones that you love.
The Cluster of Vintage Buttons ALONE, make me Swoon:)

Set of 4 Blank cards.
My line drawings of De-si-ra-ble Furniture!
Perfect, ready to go gift for $16.00.
There are other interesting packs of original Greeting Cards on hastypearl.
I fix them up really sweet before mailing them.

shhh...there it is again....did you hear that singing....?
That was fun!
White is a color, Too!
Hope you had fun seeing some things from earlier blog days and Some New things as well.
I hope you will consider handmade when you start creating your gift list.
There's Nothing like it in a Box Store and often priced just as affordable!
Thanks So Much for checking in with me here at my hastypearl blog.
It Really Makes me Happy that You do!
xoxo Laura 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mixed Media Art Feeling Blue? Hastypearl

Feeling Blue?
Mixed Media Art
Here are some Mixed Media Offerings from Hastypearl, that will be sure to Cheer You and your Loved Ones, Up;)
Its definitely time to start your Gift List.
I know that I enjoy giving handmade gifts.
Maybe you will consider doing more of that this year, if you don't already!
You can contact me through my Etsy shop if you have any questions about any of my items.
I'm reminding shoppers that I am happy to combine shipping and I do ship...worldwide!
So, no more Blue...You!
Blank Composition Journal
Write...or Paint your heart out!

This Collage and a Companion Piece, will be listed on hastypearl, this week.

This great Vintage Advertising and many antique tools, are available at the Johns Road Antique mall in Boerne, Texas, but I can get them for you and ship.
Looking for something Unique?
Contact me!

Know someone in your life that collects unique tools?

I would be glad to feature Your city on a map!
Great gift no matter where you live!

Galvanized Metal Box with Antique Embroidery piece.
Great for storing Treasures and Secrets:)
Weimaraner in the 'Hood Collage
Handmade Bird in Nest
There's no reason to be Blue!
Hop on over to Hastypearl to see These and Many More "Blues Chasers"!
All items will be Lovingly shipped to your Friends or Family...or maybe even... Your house!
Hope you have a Wonderful Day....
Thanks for being part of Mine:)
xoxo Laura 
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