Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mixed Media Bluebird Collage Assemblage Hastypearl

Mixed Media Bluebird Collage Assemblage
So, it all started with birds!
I'm into them.
Well, not so much Starlings, because they are arch enemies of the me...Purple Martins...but that's another story, for another time!
I drew and water colored Wrens. Then I drew and water colored Bluebirds.
Both are fascinating studies, to be sure.
Then, as often happens to me, I woke up one morning, with this idea of a circle of a map...around the birds.
Sounded interesting.
I worked out an appropriate sized circle and cut it out and placed it under the Bluebirds.

Not one to be satisfied with one layer on much of anything, I began layering with my stash of ephemera.
Player piano music, old engineering templates, ledger paper...
It was starting to look right!

I got the idea, to feature a city. Why not?
This prototype, features Baltimore...but why not Phoenix, or Miami...or Your hometown.
Everyone has a special, place...right?

I finished the piece off, with a row of buttons and a bit of thread in the females mouth, because after all, we females love to nest.

I'm really happy with how this Mixed Media Collage turned out.
I've already sold a non collage and collaged version (for someone from Lansing...but's a surprise;) of the Bluebird.
If you have someone that loves birds, that you are looking for a unique gift for, I can customize with either the Bluebirds or Wrens...featured on another project listing on Hastypearl.
We can do any city that you like and any color thread that you prefer!
It's a lovely way to tell someone that you love, that they and their favorite place, are special!
You can find the Baltimore listing on Hastypearl.
Just convo me, and we can work out your special, custom details!
I hope that you enjoyed seeing the process of this project.
If you haven't checked out my hastypearl Etsy shop in a while, be sure to do that.
I've also got some neat Hastypearl Pinterest boards going, as well.
You can use the buttons on the right side of this posting, to hop over to either.
Thanks for following along on my blog...
It really matters to me that you do:)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Phlox paniculata ' John Fanick' Garden Phlox with Hastypearl

Yep, I am a Stubborn Gardener!
I have a gardening friend.
She's tropicals, I'm desert.
She likes geraniums, I like agave.
Well, if you live long enough, you learn that there is room in a garden for both.
Yes, to have each group, you have to keep different water needs in mind, but sometimes, you can be surprised!
I argued with my friend for a long time about Phlox.
"Not in San Antonio", I would say.
She would say..."You're Wrong!
Well, I had to admit, that I had found and been successful with some varieties of clematis, that "you aren't supposed to grow in South Texas", so I gave in a planted three small plants of 'John Fanick' Phlox.
Here is what it says on Plant Delights Nursery, (Juniper Level, North Carolina) website.
This heat-tolerant phlox was discovered in San Antonio, Texas, growing in a patch of St. Augustine grass by plantsman, Greg Grant. The plant was subsequently named after the late San Antonio nurseryman, John Fanick. Phlox 'John Fanick' grows in regions of Texas where most Phlox paniculata cultivars are just a distant memory, and as since have been named to the Texas Superstar program.
This tough phlox makes a 3' tall spectacular clump sans mildew, topped, starting in early summer and continuing long after other phlox selections have faded, with flower heads of light pink flowers, each with a darker pin eye...a humming bird haven. Phlox paniculata 'John Fanick' has proven to be tough in NC, but then again, we're no Texas.

So, it would be easy to take a shot at that last line...uhh, yeah...there's NO place like Texas...but Ill pass...sort of;)
Not only do the hummers enjoy the snacking, but this beautiful flutterby, didn't even know I was there!
Not only have the three original plants spread to probably 4' x 4', but I found a ton of side shoots, to replant around in other beds in my garden.

The final compliment, which is a "high on my list requirement"...they are FRAGRANT!!!
You'll find all kinds of reasons to walk past them, just to get a whiff of that smell:)
Oh, and yeah, I have to report that the deer would gobble them up, so you'll have to plant them in a safe zone.
So, Yeah friend Pat, I were right...(and I told her so), but for the meantime, I'm sticking with my mostly desert plants, and you enjoy your mostly tropicals:)
Hope your summer is going well...
Life is good:)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hastypearl's Mixed Media Collage "Custom Sinks"

Hastypearl's  "Custom Sinks"!
Well, there are just times, that you have to take things into your OWN hands!
If you Imagine colorful sinks, that just aren't being manufactured, and of course you do...
then you MUST be Forced to make them YOURSELF!
YES, I think we should be able to Buy patterned sinks, like these, that I put in my collages! :)
Seriously, designers have done just about every shape they can...but WHEN do we get to see pattern like this?

I spent a rainy afternoon, drawing furniture and sinks and tubs ON PATTERNED paper, and this was the result.
I then, gathered up lots of maps, and graphics and advertising, and had some fun making this pair of collages.
Don't you just love the ad below, that was on the cover of a mending kit, for your Silk Stockings!
Hmm, today, If we were to wear stockings and get a run in them, they would be Tossed, not mended!

This sink below, is featured in a hand gouached frame, that was on the cover of some very old sheet music. The graphics from right after the turn of the century, are always so Gothic and detailed.
Maybe it made the choirs sound better!
I also used a copy, of an engineers green template.
 I just love to use them in my pieces.
I also used some found vintage seam tape on this piece.
Remember when it was used inside of garments?

I couldn't resist the bathroom tile reference, and added some shimmery glass tiles. 

These two lively original pieces would really look cute, in a Bathroom or Dressing Area.
They are both 5" x 7", and I sized them a little larger so they can be custom framed, or placed in a store bought frame.
I confess, I often just leave them unframed and lean them, around my house.
I have even been known, to glue a small saw tooth hanger on the back and hang them from a straight pen, hammered in the wall.
Straight pens can hold up Surprisingly heavy items, but would totally be perfect, for something as light as these pieces! 

So, you can find these, at my Hastypearl shop!
They are super affordable for gift giving or...hmmm...why not for you?!
I hope you will visit the shop often, as I am always adding new items.

If you haven't noticed, you can find an opportunity on the right column of this blog, to sign up for email notifications of my postings.
If you don't know already, I'm not terribly annoying with constant posts, so you might enjoy getting the alert.
There are certainly blogs that I enjoy following this way!
I'm also having a ton of fun and am really quite humbled, seeing where people from all over the world, are reading this blog!
It's really astounding, how close we can be, from so far away! 
Well, I hope you feel "sudsy clean", after seeing all of these sinks...and from here on...
Let's Chant Together...
Down With Plain White Sinks!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Estate Sale Tools...Works of Art and Historic "Time Capsules"!

Works of Art

If you've read my blog for long, you will know that I enjoy shopping estate sales, and that 
 I have a weak spot for old sheds, dark cellars and boxes in the garages.

One of the reasons that I enjoy looking in those areas is because I am hoping to find a Vintage tool or two.

The tools you find at the box stores, just don't look like this anymore.
Sure, I enjoy an old nice clear plastic handle on a screwdriver now and then, but wood and brass...
yeah, that's says OLD!


Now, its not that I know anything about what I buy, I just know when I see something well made and beautiful!
Its not until I get home, that the real studying begins.

Some estate sales companies, have workers specifically for these areas and I definitely take notes from them before I leave.

Or, even more fun than that...I've been known, to find an older gentleman, and introduce myself and ask him if he knows what I'm looking at.
You can have the BEST conversations with them. I have so much respect for their wisdom, and they almost always have a great story to go with the information! 


But, sometimes, no one knows what an item is and I just have to go home and start digging.

I guess, no one is surprised, that there are clubs, and websites, for just about everything these days, and that

If I am lucky, and so far so good, I will find what an item is called.

But more times than one, I have had an item, that in All of the internet, there isn't anything exactly like the one that I have found...and that gets me VERY EXCITED!

So, its been so much fun learning about this whole new world.

Some items, I keep and use in my Mixed Media Projects.


Some items, are so heavy, this old "S" wrench, that weighs in at 5lbs., that I take them to my shop at Johns Road Antique Mall, in Boerne, Texas, where they can rest on a shelf and be admired...or a farmer, or rancher, wearing overalls, or a granddaughter that wants to remember!
I will NEVER forget what it Felt like, Smelled like, Sounded like, to be in my Grandfathers, blacksmith shop and that was 50 years ago!

The hand drill below has such a unique hand grip, that I haven't been able to find another one like it...Anywhere! 

So, maybe its because my father's father was a blacksmith, that this girl digs a great Vintage tool box, full of wood and brass.

I know, they aren't frilly, and you cant find them at the mall, but I will continue to be drawn to these amazing Works of Art and Historic "Time Capsules".
AND I'll probably stop and imagine the man that used them in his life, every day.

If you ever see anything that you are interested in owning and its not listed at Hastypearl, just leave me a comment below, and I will be sure to get back to you...

Hope your days are great and you are enjoying your summer...

And as always, Thanks for reading my blog...
I Never take it for granted :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Making Nichos in the Studio

Nichos in the Studio

I would love to say that all of my projects, are well thought out... ahead of time!
Some are More than others, but I can't tell you how many times, I have had a basic idea, and the rest just seems to fall into my lap.

My original ideas, for the four nichos that I made last week, were centered around polymer pieces that I made in a Laurie Mika workshop, that I took a while back at Stamp Antonio, in San Antonio.

The pieces were basically "how to" lessons/samplers, for various techniques.

The first "tiles" that I made, for the first nicho below are really exquisite.

Originally, I imagined making a sweater pin out of the two combined, but they proved to be, too large.
I looked, still taped to the plastic sheet in the corner of my studio, where I make my hand painted watercolor paper, and saw one of the sheets that had been hanging finished, for weeks, and thought...hmmm, that would really look great with these tiles.    

Yep, I was right about that!

I dug around in my drawer labeled "magic"...because it often produces the most amazing finds...and I found a little broach...that had perfect colors for what was building, before my eyes!

A good while ago, I found some little boxes on sale at Michael's and ...double Yep...a project was shaping up nicely!

I have a system, where I look inside of all of my drawers, until I am sure that I have tried everything that might need to go together, and then I start putting the pieces together.

These bunches of yarn, that I bought from Joni Russell, have proven invaluable to me.
The colors in this one, were perfect!

When it was all said and done, the ladies face, that was created by my accidentally placing a wet polymer clay tile with a transfer on it, onto a paper table cloth, turned out to be the perfect feature for my first nicho! NEVER throw out mistakes! 

I made a little "bead" with a feather and glass beads sewn around some strips of my hand painted papers and attached it to some dyed felt.

This picture really shows the beautiful colors on my watercolor paper!

Laurie taught us how to reproduce things in molding putty.
While I am still prone to gluing some ridiculously neat things onto my pieces, it will also be great to make molds of them, so I can reuse my favorite shapes, forever!

I think the finished nicho, is really fun!

                   The following nichos, basically made "themselves" the same way.
                Each time, I started with a tile, and the rest of the "parts" are all vintage findings.

The themes were all totally different, one from the other...
which makes it SO MUCH FUN!

This nicho, is surrounded by vintage letters and there is a secret name, embedded, on it!
...hint...her initials are PK ;)

My last nicho, is for the coneheads of the world!

It uses a crazy cute Teesha Moore graphic.

I found this door lock, at an estate sale, recently.
After taking most of the length of the chain off, the loop on the end, landed just like this, while the latch was drying.
I took it as a "sign", that it needed to become her monocle, forever!


So, there's a little description of  how projects can develop when you give them time!
Yes, its wise, to know where you are headed, but sometimes, its much more fun to let the projects take you there...themselves!

I'll be listing these little nichos  on Hastypearl, soon!

There is still time to take advantage of the 10% off sale. I know it doesn't seem like much, but my prices are already pretty lean.
Simply type in 15sales at the end of checkout!

Hope you had a great 4th of July Weekend...
and thanks as always, for reading my posts!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yippee! Hastypearl Makes 15 Sales! Get Your Coupon!

You heard it here, first!
Thanks to Dianne from Vermont, for pushing me to my 15th sale!
She just bought this adorable Vintage Doll Furniture this morning, that I just listed yesterday... and was glad to find it for her collection!
Hastypearl has enjoyed 15 Sales!
Might not seem like a lot to you, but Im still a newbie and it is FUN...EVERY TIME!
And, to thank you guys, for cheering me on, and shopping with me,
I have set up a 10% off minimum amount for your purchase, and it will be available through Sunday, July 14th!
At the end of your purchase, type in the words...15sales, and the 10% will automatically be taken from your total!
Seriously, I've had a ball with Hastypearl, and all that has come with it.
If you have a friend that you would like to share this coupon code with...that would be awesome!
Now, think about your upcoming gift list, and USE YOUR CODE!
Tight Hugs to All...Laura!  

Vintage Parts Hastypearl!

 Hitting Estate Sales is FUN!!!!
Before you know it, you've found Vintage things that pull at your Heartstrings!
These items below, are available either at my shop, Hastypearl on Etsy, or in my case
in Boerne, Texas.   
Sometimes, the items that I find, are functional, like these molds, once used for Jell-O, but are now fun for making mini cakes... or angel wings in an art project:)

Sometimes, they are just fun to own!
Don't you wish you found your tea bags, at the grocery store, packaged like this, instead of thin cardboard boxes:)

Sometimes, the items would look great in a baby's room...

Sometimes, Papa, used it in his shop, and you just want it, to remind you of him!

I listed these industrial casters because, I use them in my Mixed Media Assemblage projects, but my buyers are wanting them, to put under chairs and tables, to make them mobile or to raise them up.
I counted 9 pieces of furniture at out house, that have casters under them!

And sometimes, you just want something because it is your FAVORITE COLOR !

Whatever the reason, come on by and take a look at what is new at Hastypearl.
It changes ALL of the time!
I also have some enjoyable boards on Pinterest, that I think you would enjoy!
Check those out, here...
Hope you are enjoying your days...Make them Count!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Angel Sculpture Statuary Mockingbird Surprise

On 2013 Fathers Day, as I have since 1992, I took flowers from my garden and placed them on my fathers grave.
You may have seen that blog posting.
As I was leaving, I saw this beautiful angel sculpture, and couldn't resist getting out of the car and taking her picture.
She was lovely and rests tirelessly at the grave of a young woman.

Then again, in another part of the cemetery, I saw a similar sculpture and got ready to take her picture, and just as I did....

Texas' state bird, the mockingbird, arrived, and out of all of the places in the cemetery that it could have chosen, it lighted and stayed, right there in front of me, on her wing as if to say....
"All is Well"....
What a powerful and lovely message!  

I pray "it is well", with you, today!