Friday, August 30, 2013

Darcy Doodle Goldendoodle Chillin' in the Ponyfoot Hastypearl

Darcy Doodle
Just chillin' in the ponyfoot and
Lookin' Mighty Fine with three classes under her belt, as we head towards our Therapy Certificate!
Don't think much else needs to be said...:)
Glad you stopped by hastypearl!
Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The World on a Log Hastypearl

The World on a Log
Yep, that's right.
I'm posting about a Log!
I spotted it out of my second story, vacation cottage window, as soon as we arrived.
Mostly, because my eyes are always keenly searching, to spot such things.
If the story ended there, the shapes of the log would be worthy enough.
But wait, there's more!
You see, I live in a semi arid, environment.
We get rain in buckets, and then nothing.
A wise garden in my area, borrows heavily from the desert West, or Mexico.
Yes, we can coax some water thirsty plants along, but guilt comes over when you wonder if YOU should be drinking the water...not the plants.

 It wasn't until the last day of our trip, that I got over to examine and photograph, The Log.
Buried beneath the evergreens and decaying foliage, it was a...World on a Log!
How long had it steeped in the cool, wet, environment, to host the billions, of organisms, that called That Log home? No one knows.

Mosses and lichens and 'stools of all kinds, made me wish that I could pop it in my suitcase and bring it home.
Isn't that the way we are?
What I really knew, was that That Log, was in the ONLY place on Earth, that it could host and nurture all of its specific and unique, community.
One foot to the left or right, the conditions would be different, and maybe it would just be a barren log.
So, of course that's true for each of us.
Wherever we Are, is  RIGHT where we need to be, to Flourish.
Force a move on us one foot to the left or right, and we might not be where we are supposed to be.  

Still, we humans want to Have Things, that sometimes, we should leave alone.
Just to confirm...I did....leave it alone:)
Visits and Pictures of this unique world, are enough for me.
I do hope that I get to see it again sometime, to see how things progress.
I think the owners of the property will let me do that!

For those of us that live in a dry kind of world, to those of you who see This Kind of Ecosystem often, don't take it for granted!
WE should ALL slow down and appreciate more, the things that are special about our personal environments:) 
Hope you had a wonderful day...
Thanks for letting me share my interests, with you!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Can't Grow Hydrangeas! Hastypearl

I Can't Grow Hydrangeas!
I have a lot of Philosophical conversations with myself, while I'm gardening.
Most of the time, what I'm working on in my mind, doesn't really have that much to do with gardening, but rather, some much more Eternal Application.
Its a Life's Lesson's Classroom, of sorts!
It will start something like...
I wish it wasn't so hot, in South Texas.
Or, I wish we got more rain.
Or, I wish I could grow Hydrangeas.
Mind you, this last conversation happened yesterday, while I was cutting back and FILLING my wheelbarrow with clippings, from the Exuberance of these three particular plants!
The silver plant, probably 4' x 4' a Beautiful, native Artemisia, that I didn't even plant!
The birds Gifted it to me.
It is so large, that is has engulfed a sizable boulder, that we paid for and placed to be seen, in our garden. 

Then, there is the blue Plumbago.
Planted, only three years ago, from a one gallon container, it has easily spread to be 6' x 6'.
It too, has overgrown its space and will have to be radically cut back, twice a year.

Finally, the yellow tree, is in the Cassia family.
Also, planted 3 years ago, from a one gallon container.
In that short time, it has covered the beautiful oval window, in my pantry.
I hope that you are starting to get where I'm headed here, with the irony of my original wishes.
Reality is, we are talking about :
One Free plant.
One plant that very much LOOKS, like a Hydrangea, but grows Effortlessly, in my conditions.
One understory tree that Effortlessly, blooms its head off, for Months at a time.
All of this...with scorching temps, little water and alkaline soil.
Kids, are you ready for the Moral of our Story time?:)
I'm not Supposed to have the Same Conditions that everyone else does.
No one really believes that everything always, has to be Fair!
Not in gardening.
Not in Life!
I AM however, supposed to be content, with what I DO have, and make the best of it.
And maybe Right under my nose, I will see that I actually already have one beautiful garden vignette, after another!
Yeah, I know that you do:)!

Now, go outside, and love the Garden...or Life, that you've been Given:)!
I hope that you are Enjoying your Wonder Filled Days...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wee Houses, Big Fun! Hastypearl

Wee Houses, Big Fun!
I've had the best time lately!
Imagining Fairy families, living in woodland forests, with gurgling brooks and mossy banks.
(Thanks to my Awesome Brother In Law:)
Of course, these fine families, had to have warm, dry cottages to live and sing and play in! 

Some would prefer brown painted trim...

and some would prefer green.

Some would have fancy, wavy eaves... 

with flowers and trees.

All would live happily together, side by side, making playing and fun making, all the better!

I want to sneak up on them, and see what they look like, don't you?:) 

Check out my new listings at hastypearl...

Here's to the Fairy way, of living!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Interesting World of Tiny Vintage Plastic Charms and Buttons Hastypearl

The Interesting World Of Tiny Plastic Charms and Buttons
One of my recent estate sale visits, produced a magic cigar box, full of little delights!
Sometimes called Prizes and Trinkets or Crackerjack and Gumball Mini Charms. 
I remember seeing them as a child, but I had no idea how detailed and sweet they are.
I can see how addictive collecting them could be!

They come in all colors and date back to the early days of plastic molding.
You can tell a lot about the age, by looking at the charm. Note the football players equipment. 
Definitely not a current NFL uniform:)
Look at the soldiers helmet.

The Cowboys and Native Americans are older. 



These Tiny Fruits below, are actually buttons!
Made in the 40's, they also are very detailed.
I can imagine replacing plain white buttons with these cuties.
Or, using them in a Mixed Media art piece


I bought the bracelet (below) a while back. You can see that they simply added pearls and charms to their fruit charms, similar to these listed at hastypearl.
Each of my lots are large enough, that they could easily make several bracelets.

NFS...but as you see, you could make your own:)
In South Texas right now, staying inside and creating something, is Definitely a wise use of time!
Hope you find something wonderful to do with your day...Wherever you Live:)
Thanks for reading my hastypearl, blog!
I'm sorry to hear, that you are having trouble commenting.
Apparently, its an issue with blogger, and not on my end.
I do appreciate that some of you are getting through! 
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daisy Line Drawing, Watercolour Collage, Hastypearl

Daisy Line Drawing, Watercolour Collage,
The Daisy
Noxious weed? or Iconic Summer essential in the garden?
I have Three kinds of Daisies in my Texas garden, just to make sure that I have some blooming.
Yes, they reseed and you have to edit!
Last year, I pulled so many, that my full tractor trailer, looked like it should have been in my small towns' parade!
I envisioned myself driving in the parade in my gardening clothes, doing the Queen's Wave, with Daisy heads bouncing and bobbing :)

So, to celebrate, the humble Daisy...I drew, painted, cut out and layered them, in this 8" x 6"
piece, that is now available at, Hastypearl!

It wasn't meant to be a companion with the Daylily piece that I previously blogged about, but they actually would look GREAT, together!
I cant resist using my collection of Victorian sewing notions.
On this piece, I used some of the giant hooks...those poor women!
 All Cinched and Hooked Up!
Then, on the bottom, you will see a row of weights.
They would ensure that the hem of a garment, would hang perfectly!
What those women would say, if they saw how we dress, or Don't dress, today:)

I loved making this,
sitting in the cool Colorado forest...looking at the Daisies!
Please take a look at this and my other listings at my Etsy site, Hastypearl...
Think about your gift list.
Let me know when you purchase, if it is a gift and I will wrap it for you!
I already send a surprise in all of my packages, but I would love being in on YOUR surprise:)
Enjoy your days...remember to Look Around you and ...don't miss A Thing!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mixed Media Collage Line Drawings Hastypearl

Mixed Media Collage Line Drawings
I have an IPad full of blogs that I enjoy following.
I love gardening blogs, but especially love artists who garden!
A perfect...Two for One:)

One blog that I follow is called Be...Dream...Play, by Elizabeth Bunsen. Yep, You guessed it...she's an artist that doesn't disappoint in the gardening department!

While I was on vacation, I read her July 17 post and one of my favorite pictures was of some daylilies. Bright Orange!
That's not generally one of my favorite colors, but when you hold the brush and gouache can paint whatever color you want!
I used her lilies as inspiration for this a softened version.
I found a great page from a dictionary with the word....Grace.
Its a pretty loaded word...
An early definition for me in my life was...Undeserved Favor.
Boy, how many times in my life can I think of, that I was extended, Grace?
A Lot!
How many times have I Offered Grace...not as many!

I made a large "bead" by wrapping a glass bead studded wire, around some really great fibers and layered it on top of a row of Victorian snaps. I also love finding the large Victorian hooks (and eyes) and using them when I can.

Inspirations, are all around us. I'm thankful for beautiful photography from the many great "eyes" that are out there.

          Hope your days are Full of Grace and that we will all choose to spread more of it, around!

I will be listing this 5" x 7" Mixed Media Collage Line Drawing, in my Etsy shop, hastypearl, tomorrow.

Hope you will visit hastypearl...soon!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mixed Media Fiber Heart Pillow Hastypearl

Mixed Media Fiber Heart Pillow
I've been wanting to make a heart pillow for a while now.
Had some good uninterrupted time while on vacation and finished it up when I got home.

Had a lot of fun with this one!
I will be listing it on hastypearl, tomorrow.
Enjoy the last few minutes of your weekend...and thank you all, for following my blog.
Maybe you would also enjoy seeing what's up on my Pinterest boards.
What a eye feast it is:)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mixed Media Collage Tutorial Hastypearl

Mixed Media Collage Tutorial Hastypearl

I had fun, on our recent vacation, with a picture that our kids sent us of our granddaughter, Katie.

I've had it for a while now, and as happens, when you give something time, a project will ALWAYS emerge!

When I'm doing a collage like this one, I like to start by spreading out papers that I think could work on my project.
This year, I shipped up ahead, a 12 lb. box of supplies. It's kind of a neat test, to see what you can get done without your whole studio of supplies to choose from!
While I Will use a cut edge, I often prefer tearing paper. I think it gives more texture and interest.

I bought a dictionary, circa 1984, right before vacation.
I tore some random pages out to take with me and kwinky dink, the word "Girl", was on one of the pages!
I placed it in a window of one of the background pages.
Sometimes, you have to have at least the major pieces ready, so that you can figure out placements.
I did a little gouache painting on Katie's t-shirt, but I left the rest black and white.
I loved the Graphics Fairy butterfly, but when I showed it to Katie on Skype yesterday...she didn't like it!
Oh, well. We're talking about a very precocious little girl:)  
One of my favorite finds when estate sale shopping, are women's sewing kits.
Especially from women, who lived through challenging economic days.
They saved Everything! 
A real bonus for me, are little nests of thread. I loved the colors in this bunch, and those are the colors that I used for the stripes in Katie's t-shirt.
At this point, I had the water colored background, but I wanted to soften things up, so I used a beautiful piece of textured tapestry upholstery fabric.
I eventually used a running stitch to hold it all together.

This piece will hang in our living room, so I kept our colors in mind when I selected the ribbons for a hanger.

Long before I finish a piece, I will get an idea for another project.
You can see in the picture below, on the right side, my next project starting to take shape.
I like to have lots of things going on at once.
It makes for a messy studio, but that's how it works best for me!
I can't really relate when I hear about artists who run out of ideas...I cant imagine that Ever happening to me:) 

In the end, I threaded some glass beads on some wire and twisted the wire around the ribbon hanger.
I also dotted the butterfly's abdomen with some tiny glass beads.
Finally, I glued some vintage hem tape to the piece, but left little openings, to slip in some dried flowers.

Our vacation cottage, had these great cut out windows going up the staircase, and I made a little gallery of the things that I made during the two weeks.
I had a great two weeks of creating. 
It's hard to have the same uninterrupted stretches of time, when you get back home and life's responsibilities resume.
For me, each of these projects are like a journal of my time, for each of our very special trips!
I'll be looking forward to that next perfect picture of Katie, for next summers project! 
I Hope you enjoyed seeing how one of my projects develops...
and that you are having wonderful days...Laura