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Who Said Poppies HaveTo Be Red? ;) How To Transfer Your Art To Fabric Hastypearl

Who Said Poppies Have To Be Red? ;)

How To Transfer Your Art To Fabric

I have always been fascinated with the concept of Transferring.
Carrie Avery first showed me how to do it in one of her basic technique classes.
Still, for some reason, it has always held this mystery for me.

The mystery ALL went away with Leslie Riley's Transfer Art Paper, or TAP, 
because she has made it SO easy.
No, I'm not a paid advertiser, I just Love this product.

I'll show you in these following quick steps, how simple and fast it is...
however, I warn you, that you are going to be mad in the end!

You see, I've made this as a surprise gift for an unsuspecting friend.
They MIGHT read this hastypearl blog posting, and I'm not quite ready for it to been seen !
You will JUST have to come BACK to see the finished piece...soon! 

So, lets get started!

I recently, got an urge, to paint some Poppies.
I'm not the most literal of people, so my Poppies AREN'T red :)
The good news! 
I Haven't seen the "Accurate Paint Color Police" yet, 
so I think I will stick with that approach :)

I drew and water colored in my journal page, but you could draw 
directly on to the white side of the TAP, if you want.

You can use whatever you want...even use a photograph. 
Its up to you!

Photocopy your art with an ink jet printer.
Some products use laser...TAP uses ink jet.

Trim your piece down to how you want it.
Remember, what you leave is what will transfer.
I ONLY wanted my flower, so I trimmed right down to the outline.

Place your art in your printer. I had room to place three Poppies!

Feed the TAP through your printer.
Leslie has GREAT instructions, that I read and reread.

The flower printed on the TAP paper, exactly as I had painted it! 

Cut out your printed images.

Place your TAP image side down, and press with a hot iron onto your fabric.
My project, is about Fabric, but TAP, will work on paper, wood, glass, canvas, metal...
I guess anything that can withstand the heat of an iron.

Last year, I made my sister a Canvas Bag, with images of her grandchildren eating watermelon!

So, you can see that I transferred onto Vintage Fabrics. 
Specifically, a handkerchief and a napkin.

My studio iron, is kind of a toy...and it doesn't get super hot, and my little toy ironing board, while space saving, doesn't have super padding underneath, so the finished transfer, wasn't total, but because I am always looking for a soft, vintage look, I think the finished result is perfect.
(It sounds like I am making excuses for the results, but it you look back at my paintings, the transfer was actually quite accurate!)

Hotter iron and firmer surface...and you will get a crisper transfer.

So, that's it!

I told you, it is soooo simple.

There really isn't an end, to what you can do with this process.
If you wanted to, you could lay down additional layers on top, 
to build layers of texture and really make it interesting!

So, This is the part, where you will be angry with me, for not showing the final project.
I Promise, I will Soon! 

You will just have to stop back in an look for the Continuation of the Story!


Yesterday, was the Summer Solstice.
I think I may be the ONLY person on the planet, that dislikes the day.

For me, a warm weather lover, it means we are on the Down Side towards the colder half of the year.
Yes, that's half glass empty thinking, which I am not known for, and Yes...we have PLENTY of warms days in front of us in S. Central Texas...its just a THING that I have.

Regardless...the days are beautiful and there are Poppies blooming in my garden right now, 
so we have MUCH to be thankful for.

So, head out with your paper and pen and sketch something to Transfer..Right Now!!
(and can paint it Whatever Color YOU Want!!! :)

Thanks Lesley Riley for making us such great products.

I hope that you will Tap the Buttons on the right side of my blog front page, 
to head over to my hastypearl Etsy shop, and see some of my Art ! 

Thanks as always...for stopping by...I'm So Glad that You did!

xoxo Laura


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