Monday, January 11, 2016

Collage Wall Decor by Hastypearl !

Collage Wall Decor

Happy New Year!!!

Are you used to saying 2016 yet, or are you still saying 2015?
Whew...How can the days zip by so fast, right?

2015 was amazing in so many ways.
It had its hard days, but the Wonderful days far outweighed them.
You already know that I've said...
when you lose patient, 
because something amazing is waiting in the wings to blow you AWAY!

Its certainly been true for me.

I had a wonderful Christmas season hosting and co-hosting several events.
It's lots of work, but I just cant get enough of it.
It's so wonderful to spend time with people that I love.

I am so Blessed.


I want to show you a couple of Collage Wall Decor pieces that I made in 2015, 
but before I do...
I want to mention to you, 
that I am busy working on a new website, that will also house this Hastypearl blog.
If you have enjoyed reading Hastypearl, then be sure that you 
*sign up on the right, to Follow by Email*.
I don't want to lose you or make you feel like I moved out 
and didn't leave you a forwarding address :)

Its going to take a while to work out the details and to make the switch, so stay tuned...


The following pieces are in a series of Hastypearl Collages.
They were all laid down on white watercolor paper, 
and then mounted on 1" birch wood panels.
These two have black edges.
While they are Ready to hang on the wall or stand on a shelf, 
they can still be incorporated into a framing arrangement if you want.

They are both 8 " x 10 " 
$ 88. each

My first layer is a background where I painted with tea. 
Can you see the faint color?

Keep an eye out and see if you can see the little embossed edging that I applied.
I found this amazing vintage tool...
I don't even know what its called or what it was used for, 
but I loved using it on my pieces. 
It just adds one more layer, and for me...I LOVE LAYERS :)

I'm pretty crazy about this Orange and Red combo.

In fact it shows up in my work fairly often.

Black is most likely going to appear as well.

I used some of my hand painted papers, mark making papers, 
vintage children's book fragments, 
vintage lettering, book cover spines, thread, trims.

Hey, I'm a Mixed Media Artist!
There's always room for one more Thing!

Its all about the Story for me.
The one that is in my head.
The one that is in your head.
50 people can see an art piece and Find a different story.
The story that matters the most, is always our Own :)

I got in the mood, and am paying the shipping bill for US buyers.
Yep, FREE SHIPPING on these two collages for US buyers. 

I didn't raise the price of the art to cover it...Ill Pay It For You :)
Lets call it a First of the Year treat!

Check in Often and I'll pay shipping for an International buyer another time !

It can feel like there are bad things that happen in the world, 
but just like good days and bad days, 
there are many more good people, than bad.

Lets keep focused on That.
Encourage Someone.
Give a random Smile to someone.
It can mean Way More Than We Will Ever Know!

As always, hop over to Hastypearl Etsy and take a look around.
You can get there with this link 
or you can use the Hastypearl button on the right side of this page.

As Always, Thanks SO MUCH for checking in.

Welcome to you New readers, 
and I cant thank those of you Long Time readers, enough!!!!

2016 Blessings to ALL :)
Laura aka hastypearl  


  1. Aloha laura and happy 2016! I just Loooove these collages! Tx for sharing and inspiring, aloha, angi in hana

    1. Aloha, Angi in Hana or was that Angi in Heaven? So glad that you like these collages. I appreciate your comment:) Stop in again...Laura