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My Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine Experience Hastypearl

My Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine Experience

This time last year, I was thinking about my annual goals.
I always set some realistic goals, and for good measure, 
I throw some in that seem completely... 
There isn't a Goal Police, after all.
If you achieve, great.
If you don't, you don't,
 but as you know, 
we wont achieve them if we don't try.

One of my goals, was rather open ended...meaning...
it could happen in a number of ways, but the basis was, 
SUBMIT my art to publications.
That is a lot different than BE PUBLISHED.
One of them I had control over, the other I didn't.

I had learned, that publications, have schedules in their pages, 
for concepts that they want submitted and due dates.
I started thumbing through my stock of Somerset Magazines 
and one day, saw a request for a Gothic Themed Mixed Media piece.
I SUBMITTED, and was ecstatic to learn that it was accepted for the 
Readers Submissions section, of the Somerset Studio magazine!

After that, 
I met a wonderful new Managing Editor of Somerset Studio Gallery,
 named, Brianne Martin.
I sent her pictures of some Mixed Media Finial Birds 
and was again....sooooo delighted 
that she liked them and wanted to publish them.
How could this be happening?
Yes, you see artist after artist on FB talking about 
how they have been published...
but now, 
it was my turn. 
Soooo Thrilled !

I couldn't believe it when I saw on the cover...

The Finial Birds !!!

My little flock, had an Introduction on the Cover!

Brianne made everything SO easy.
It's Time to emphasize, that we don't need to know how 
to accomplish every step of our goals.
There are people out there that already know the wheel and how to turn it.
We don't have to reinvent it every time!
I've learned more about asking for help, 
and how generous people are through my art.
Most people WANT to help us !

I sent in pictures...
boy, I have learned sooo much more about photography since then, 
(and wont ever stop climbing that learning curve)
but it doesn't matter.
You can Send In your art for the magazine to photograph and return, 
or you can submit your own photos.
They have TALENTED photographers/editors, 
that can do Wonders with our photos.

*Lesson Number One Million*
 Don't wait until you are Annie Liebovitz, photographer extraordinaire, to try.
That MIGHT take longer than you want.

I wanted to give it a try, 
and do my own writing about the creation of my Finial Birds. 
I suggested Brianne go to the Where Women Cook article that I had just written, 
and again...I am not a professional writer, but she liked it.
Brianne the Angel, 
came through again.

While constructing the birds, 
I took photos of the creation process...Always Do That.
You never know when you can use them in a blog, 
a workshop or an article.
It helps also to refer back to, when you are describing your steps.

I sent in the required number of words, 
and what was needed for their format and it was approved !

It was such fun, to see my OWN words on the page!

I thought that you might enjoy seeing some of the following images, 
that I Didn't send in.

Yes, I took them.
Retook them.
Is Retook even a word?;)

This photograph of the French Bird, 
helped me sell this shelf at Hastypearl Etsy.
I think that little bird in a beret, 
would have sold an old shoe sole, it was so cute :)

This little Finial Bird was based on Mr. Carson, 
the wonderful head butler on Downton's Abbey. 

I found the most amazing vintage keys to use for their wings.
Can you believe, that these tiny keys were actually original Model A car keys ?
The etching on each key was BEAUTIFUL !
I'm always looking for Beautiful.
Anyone can use just a key, 
but Hastypearl isn't just Anyone :)

This bird was meant to be a ode to Amelia Earhart.
First woman to fly.
Thus, Amelia Birdheart seemed right !

Again, I try very hard, to go the extra mile.
I didn't just form a bird head, 
I formed it over and over, 
because when I pressed a beautiful stamp to bring 
texture and embossing into the clay, 
it would distort the head.
So, I would do it again,
until I could get the embossing AND the head shape that I wanted.
Its all about the details.

This was the Clown Bird.
If there is a Clown Fish, I saw no reason not to have a Clown Bird.
But, because there are people out there, that have Clown issues, ;), 
I tried really hard to make mine a Sweet Clown...
not a Scary Clown.
Don't you just want to squeeze that little red nose and see if it honks?:)

Mr. Carson looking very Dapper !
His collar is freshly Starched.  

An "ariel"view of the group.

Finally, it seemed appropriate to have a pirate in the group.
But not just Any pirate.
How about Johnny Depp's, Jack Sparrow?
Geeeeeeeet it?
It takes a long time to make one of these little creatures, 
so I had lots of time to form their characters, 
personalities and names !

The above image as used on the second page of the article.

I cant explain the thrill of privately and dorkily, 
going to the bookstore, 
and searching for these magazines.

When you find wonder if its crossing the line, 
to tap innocent people on the shoulder and say, 
"Do you want to see my Finial Birds", 
but sanity requires that you DON'T !

But, you do Have to get up the courage to geek out 
and ask an employee to take your goofy picture, 
with a smile that almost won't fit in the frame.

It's Just Plain Fun!!

Moral of the story...
If I can do it...YOU can do it :)
If its not being published, its something else, wonderful.
YOU can do it!!

The icing on the cake, 
is that a friend from Florida,  
who came to an art workshop that I hosted in my home, 
bought the WHOLE series/FLOCK from Hastypearl !

I could have been happy with all or part of the above happening, 
but when I posted an image of one of the birds on my FB page 
and she said she wanted them...
Such a Happy Ending!

So, I have some very achievable goals for 2016.
We all should.
But, I have some OTHERS, that seem SOOOO unattainable.
It doesn't matter.
I'm Going for it.
If I don't make it, 
I'll either reevaluate or I'll roll them over to Next Year.

Hear that?
Yeah. Its silence.
Its the absence of the siren sound of the Goal Police !

Whats YOUR craziest 2016 goal? :)

Thanks for stopping by to my Hastypearl blog.
As I mentioned in my last posting, I am working 
on starting a new blog.
While I am doing that, 
it will give you time to decide if you want to follow me over.
You can do that by signing up to get an email 
about the switch over time and new location.
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I Hope you are enjoying your days, warm or cool, 
depending on which side of the equator you live!

Best to you...Laura aka hastypearl

If you have a favorite fictional character or an occupation in mind, 
that you would like for me to custom make for you, let me know.
You can find me on Etsy and contact me there!
I've collaborated with customers, 
to create just the thing that is in their imaginations!
It's fun to do together :) about a fireman, teacher, movie star?
The list is ENDLESS!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Collage Wall Decor by Hastypearl !

Collage Wall Decor

Happy New Year!!!

Are you used to saying 2016 yet, or are you still saying 2015?
Whew...How can the days zip by so fast, right?

2015 was amazing in so many ways.
It had its hard days, but the Wonderful days far outweighed them.
You already know that I've said...
when you lose patient, 
because something amazing is waiting in the wings to blow you AWAY!

Its certainly been true for me.

I had a wonderful Christmas season hosting and co-hosting several events.
It's lots of work, but I just cant get enough of it.
It's so wonderful to spend time with people that I love.

I am so Blessed.


I want to show you a couple of Collage Wall Decor pieces that I made in 2015, 
but before I do...
I want to mention to you, 
that I am busy working on a new website, that will also house this Hastypearl blog.
If you have enjoyed reading Hastypearl, then be sure that you 
*sign up on the right, to Follow by Email*.
I don't want to lose you or make you feel like I moved out 
and didn't leave you a forwarding address :)

Its going to take a while to work out the details and to make the switch, so stay tuned...


The following pieces are in a series of Hastypearl Collages.
They were all laid down on white watercolor paper, 
and then mounted on 1" birch wood panels.
These two have black edges.
While they are Ready to hang on the wall or stand on a shelf, 
they can still be incorporated into a framing arrangement if you want.

They are both 8 " x 10 " 
$ 88. each

My first layer is a background where I painted with tea. 
Can you see the faint color?

Keep an eye out and see if you can see the little embossed edging that I applied.
I found this amazing vintage tool...
I don't even know what its called or what it was used for, 
but I loved using it on my pieces. 
It just adds one more layer, and for me...I LOVE LAYERS :)

I'm pretty crazy about this Orange and Red combo.

In fact it shows up in my work fairly often.

Black is most likely going to appear as well.

I used some of my hand painted papers, mark making papers, 
vintage children's book fragments, 
vintage lettering, book cover spines, thread, trims.

Hey, I'm a Mixed Media Artist!
There's always room for one more Thing!

Its all about the Story for me.
The one that is in my head.
The one that is in your head.
50 people can see an art piece and Find a different story.
The story that matters the most, is always our Own :)

I got in the mood, and am paying the shipping bill for US buyers.
Yep, FREE SHIPPING on these two collages for US buyers. 

I didn't raise the price of the art to cover it...Ill Pay It For You :)
Lets call it a First of the Year treat!

Check in Often and I'll pay shipping for an International buyer another time !

It can feel like there are bad things that happen in the world, 
but just like good days and bad days, 
there are many more good people, than bad.

Lets keep focused on That.
Encourage Someone.
Give a random Smile to someone.
It can mean Way More Than We Will Ever Know!

As always, hop over to Hastypearl Etsy and take a look around.
You can get there with this link 
or you can use the Hastypearl button on the right side of this page.

As Always, Thanks SO MUCH for checking in.

Welcome to you New readers, 
and I cant thank those of you Long Time readers, enough!!!!

2016 Blessings to ALL :)
Laura aka hastypearl