Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Red Oak Book Workshop

My Books

Hopefully, you have already read my previous posting 
about a fantastic workshop 
that I recently hosted, with Roxanne Evans Stout 
and Leslie the teaching seats.

While we are still floating along in Post Workshop Bliss, 
that's not what this posting is about:)

I thought that I would simply show you... what I created!

No two students book covers were alike 
 and no two pages were alike, either.
We were given technique and tools 
and left to our own imaginations! refreshing.

I will apologize, but Once.

When I say that, you will understand.

If you want to know what these books 
look like from the hands of the talented teachers, 
you would be wise to go to their websites.

That is not to say that I'm not amazed and proud 
of our work.

Its just important that I direct you to look 
at what Years of practice in these techniques, can look like!

Our books had Soldered and bound covers.

Some people sent Leslie pictures that they wanted to use on their covers, 
but she somehow and amazingly found for me,
Vintage pictures 
of the town that I live near.

I had never seen any of the pictures that she found.

This one is undoubtedly of the river 
that runs through the city and its original bridge.

I will Treasure this Sentimental Find.

My book will Never lay flat, Nor close!
That's OK.
I love FILLING the pages.

That's my style!

We were all amazed at the simplicity of the graphics 
that the string made on our paper and fabrics, 
from winding it around and around a copper pipe.

After dropping our "wands" into the boiling water, 
the leaves made their own beautiful tracings. 

Those of us addicted to Mixed Media Art, 
are always scavenging materials.
I retrieved the strings that came off of our pipes 
from the trash cans and along with some ribbons, 
made a little weaving.

Again, I could hardly pay attention to Roxanne's 
copper box making tutorial, 
because all I could think about was 
grabbing her little copper squares, leftovers :)

She also told us a story about where 
she illegally   ;)
found this metal grate, 
but again, I cant remember it, 
because all I wanted to do was grab it :)

I tied it to one of my pages and cut out the openings.

I love how light pours through the holes 
and even better, how it looks from the back on the pecan leaves.

It was fun asking the owners 
of the Turn of the Last Century Old Time General store
 that I shop at, if I could have leaves 
from their Century Pecan Tree! 
They were actually curious 
and asked if I would bring the art that I made with them!

I'm a talker, and find that most people 
love hearing about other peoples interests AND, 
that same store owner, gave me a really great suggestion 
about who I might invite to future art workshops!

One thing leads to another, right ? :)

As you have seen, I've made Many more pages.
I will post them 
along the way on my Facebook timeline.
I hope that you will stop by there 
sometime and see what I'm up to.
There is a button on the right side 
of this page that will instantly link you to it, 
and to my Etsy shop and more! 

Next, are a few images of a mini book that we made.

Leslie sells AMAZING books with beautiful embossed lead covers, 
in her Etsy shop and at Shows.
I was fortunate enough to buy one 
from her last year, and I wear it all of the time.
I look forward, to making another embossed cover.
It is definitely something that repetition will help with.

It was another opportunity to practice 
the bookbinding stitching that she taught us.


So, there You are! 
A little continuation of my previous blog posting.

Its an Understatement that 
Both ladies opened many new doors, 
for ALL of us.

There are workshops of Every Kind, 
available around the country, All of the time.

Do be Bold and Try New Things!

Its a great way for us to build our brains, feed our imaginations and souls,  
and Discover things that we Might just fall in love with!

So, Thanks for stopping by my hastypearl blog.

I hope that You find Wonder, wherever you are!



  1. I love this post so much Laura, I've had to come back again and read it over. I will love seeing how you spread joy and what you create on more pages as the days go by. Your photos are fabulous and I especially love what you did with the rusty metal grated fragment and seeing your books open. Happy Autumn.

    1. Thanks, Teach. I plan on being influenced by you for a LONG time...thank you for sharing so much with us, both as an artist and friend. Ive said it before, Your work is singular. You have your own Roxanne finger prints. xo Laura

  2. Laura your book is I am certain was the experience. What a treat for you, Leslie, Roxanne and the rest of the crew to have this time together. No doubt it will be a time you will always cherish.

    1. Yes, and I'm pretty sure, there is already a Part Deux in the works. wink! The Three Muskateers will ride, again:) Laura