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Interview with Artist Carla Trujillo Hastypearl

Interview with Artist Carla Trujillo

I love the Mystery of Attraction.
Attraction's of All Kinds, go on All Day Long.

You love That flower, she loves the other one.

You love That song, he loves the other one.

There is no explaining it, but its a Beautiful thing!

It's an easy thing for me to say, 
that I am Attracted to ALL things, Carla Trujillo.

A good while back, I found her blog...and read the WHOLE thing.

That happens, when you find that you share 
Important Life Themes with someone.
I feel that I share some very important ones with Carla.

While its likely, that we wont ever meet (but you NEVER know :), 
she is a person that I will always follow 
through this wonderful world called, the internet.

I was pretty excited, when she agreed to do this interview with me.
I'm sure that she has done plenty.
I know you will enjoy getting to know her and seeing her great Art Dolls.

Lets get started so that if you don't know her yet, You can....!


1. Laura: Carla, at what age did you recognize/feel, 
that you had an ability to express yourself artistically
 and what medium was it?

Carla: My artistic journey began around twelve years of age. 
I had won an art contest with a pencil drawing of Christ,
 and my prize was drawing lessons.

2. Were you encouraged? 

My parents were always encouraging me 
and they even went so far as to let me paint images on my bedroom wall.

3. What/Who inspires you?

I think I learn a little from many different artists, 
but the one who really inspired me to explore 
mixed media art dolls is Patricia Anders. 
I first came across Tricia's art dolls in a magazine publication 
several years back and was blown away by her talent. 
I was instantly hooked.

4. What percentage of the time, do you like your finished product?

I would say about 75% of the time.

5. Do you start and finish a piece, 
or do you work on multiple pieces at a time?

I have multiple pieces going on at the same time. 
When one stumps me, I set it to the side and move on to something else. 
Most of the time I return to finish the piece, 
but there have been times where it is 
dismantled and integrated into other works.

6. What gives you the most satisfaction in your work? 
i.e. The idea? The process? The materials? or none of these?

I would have to say that I get the most satisfaction in the process. 
I usually come into the studio with no preconceived ideas 
of what I will be creating. 
It just happens as I experiment and fiddle with stuff.

7. I hear people talk about running out of ideas? 
Does that ever concern you?

Not really. 
When I feel like I have come to a road block, 
its usually because I am burned out. 
That's when I know it's time to walk away 
from the studio for a while.

8. Carla, you know that with pleasure, 
I have read your WHOLE blog all of the way back to 2007! 
It was great fun, to see the changes/evolution of your art. 
You have mostly had a figure, and often a female figure, 
central to your art. 
Can you share where that comes from for you 
or is it just the most fun thing for you to assemble?

I have always been drawn to the female figure. 
I guess I view her as a powerful and mysterious image. 
She can range from simplistic to very complicated 
and I just love exploring those aspects. 
My desire is for simplistic, but the muse usually has other plans.

9. Carla, when I was gathering up your link information, 
I found that you aren't the only Carla Trujillo out there! 
But, your name comes up First and certainly as an Artist!

You have your indiandollartworks blog
which is usually the mother-ship for everyone, 
a FB, Flicker and Pinterest presence...
plus you do gallery and art shows! 

But your most recent accomplishment was to your surprise, 
for submission of some of your pieces. 
OF COURSE they were accepted, and not only that, 
they were Featured in a 5 page article 
in their Summer 2014 issue!

I wonder, if you could briefly walk my readers 
through the nuts and bolts of how someone submits their work to a publication. 
Did you send them photos/images or your actual pieces? 
How did that work?

I do share the same name with some very interesting people. 
Its funny that you should bring that up. 
My husband had taken a class in ID theft 
and one of the things to check was to Google your name,
 to see what comes up and that leads to some interesting finds.

As for the magazine submission, 
it was not as intimidating as I thought it would be. 
I mailed in the art quilts, 
so they could be professionally photographed in their studio. 
You do have to pay postage both ways and write the article. 
The first paragraph of the article is information about yourself and the art piece,
 and everything after that is about technique. 
The entire article should be no more that 700-800 words. 
It seems like a lot, but when you write the technique, 
it fills up the pages real quick. 
Once everything is submitted, they will email you a rough draft 
for the article with photos for your review.

Then you have to be patient for the magazine to be published. 
I received a complimentary magazine as payment for submission. 
It was exciting to be published!

10. Finally, what is next for Carla Trujillo? 
Is there something brewing that we should be on the lookout for? 

I have so many things in mind and never enough time to do it all. 
I'm hoping to publish assemblage work in other magazines 
and I have been approached about teaching a class online.
I also have been working with clay and love it! 
So, keep an eye out for new materials in my work. 


So, there You are!

Thanks Carla, for participating in this interview.
I know that your fans will drink up Every word, 
and that you will make NEW fans after they see your amazing pieces.

Your work is One of A Kind.

It means a lot, for someone to see art and say...Oh, that is______'s.
Well, We all say, Oh, that is Carla Trujillo, when we see Yours! :)

And just like happened to you with Patricia...we are Hooked on You !

And Thanks Dear Readers, for checking in again with hastypearl!

I love that you do...

I hope that you are enjoying these Wonderful Days.

In these exceptionally Busy days, make sure that you Take Time to look around and drink it all in!

There are Free Gifts for us...Everywhere we look :)



  1. Great interview Laura! It is easy to see why you are such a fan of Carla's work. I am a big fan now too!

    1. I Knew that would happen! You are an artist that focuses on female figures, too...:) Glad that you stopped by...Laura

  2. Hey Laura! Love the article!! Thank you and you never know about meeting up one day!


    1. You're Welcome, Carla. It was fun and we persevered, right? :) Ill look forward to that meeting! Laura

  3. I enjoyed your interview. I'll be going to check out her blog now!

    1. Great! So glad that you stopped by. Hope you will again:) Laura