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Mixed Media Fiber Art Poppies For A Friend! Hastypearl

Mixed Media Fiber Art

Poppies For A Friend!


Some time ago, I received a Surprise Gift, from a New Online Friend.
She lives in England, and is a talented artist.
When she decided that she wanted to learn about eco-dying, she bought books, and Taught Herself.
She loves to stitch...boy, can she stitch. 
So, she combined those two disciplines and created a special style...
that is All Her Own.

Yes, this posting is a "step out" for my project, but its also about...Friendship! 

So, you know how sometimes you Stew on things?
I knew that I would eventually..."repay" her with a return gift. 
That really isn't the right word because it sounds more like a Transaction, than a Gift...
but I think that you know what I mean.
It took me a while, to decide on what I would do.

I recently became randomly interested in drawing/ painting...Poppies.
I did what I usually do and that is, I Googeled them.
Of course, that means that millions of images of Poppies, well... popped up!
They would be my muse for a treat...for my Friend.

While working on the project, I eventually realized, the significance for Commonwealth Countries...
and really for the World...the symbol for wearing a Poppy on a lapel.
Remembrance Day, November 11, recalls the end of hostilities of World War 1 and remembers the members of their armed forces, who died in the line of duty.

So, even though I showed the process for transferring a drawing to fabric in a previous blog posting, 
for the sake of this project, I will zip back through it again.


Draw, paint or even simply find an image that you love.
IN AN INKJET PRINTER, according to her excellent instructions, run a sheet of Leslie Riley's TAP or Transfer Artists Paper, through the printer and on it, make a copy of your image. 
I bought my package of TAP, on Amazon. 



Cut out your image.


With a hot iron, press your image onto your selected fabric.
I love vintage textiles, so I used a clean vintage hankie.


Peel off the backing!
Its magic EVERY time I do it :)
Thanks, Leslie!


I'm lost without my Paper Stash.
I found a piece of my hand painted watercolor paper that complimented the Poppy.
I think this is the last fragment in this my favorite color way...
I've used it Only for my most Special art pieces :)
Guess I will HAVE to make some more!


I always have piles of fibers and beads in different colors.
I gathered some yarns and ribbons and strings and stitched them together with gold thread that had beads stung through.


I used painters tape, that will come off easily, to keep the piece in place while I stitch.
I don't know what I would do without tape, in my studio :)


I've seen pictures of my friends' Lively Wallpaper in her living room...
I'm guessing she would call it her lounge...don't you love the similarities and differences in languages?

Based on her wallpaper and her love for color, I didn't think that I would scare her with piles and piles of colorful complimentary papers, more images transferred to fabric, and heavy textured upholstery tapestries.
I guess I have always operated under the "More is Best" philosophy, 
and that was certainly true with this piece.

I love to layer a piece so that it can be peeled back for new discoveries, over and over again.


I was feeling pretty good about the composition, and decided that it was time to go to my faithful and original circa 1975 sewing machine, to stitch it all together.
Yes, the bottom thread is Always wonky, despite my repeated efforts to repair/balance...
its just a part of the fingerprint of what I do.
The old machine basically goes forward and backwards...and it has "Cams" that I Never touched. 
Of course, new sewing machines and NASA's rockets are Interchangeable...but not mine!


So, I stitched through all of  the layers, on to a piece of sturdy watercolor paper.
I glue saw tooth hangers onto almost all of my art pieces.
I've found, that it you put a generous amount of glue, I use Weldbond, and push down on the hanger, 
so that some glue ooozes up through the little holes, it acts like a little nail and holds it on.
It even works on light weight wood pieces.



So, below, is what the finished piece looked like before I sent it merrily on its way, 
to Surprise my friend...just like she had done for me.

There is this Mystery...Mystique...that can happen on the internet.
I know that you Know about it, or have heard people talk about it.
What started out for me, as a way to share what goes on at Hastypearl, 
and to connect with like minded artists, 
has WAY surpassed my original intent.

Every now and then, there will come a Connection.
One that I know will be for something that I Never anticipated.
A Bond is created.
And a Friendship is made!

I guess, its just a Contemporary version of Pen Pals,
 and I think everyone always imagined how much fun that would be!

So, I'm Thankful, that its happened to me a number of times now and I love it!
The World is made smaller, by these Friendships. 

These last two images may look familiar to you if you follow my blog.
You will know, that Marilyn Stephens, my new online Sister, made this for me months ago.
It is now framed and featured in our dining room, where I can pass by and think about her and 
All of my Special Friends, that mean so much to me.

Friends are one of Life's Special Gifts and I don't think we can have Too Many!

I know that you are Thankful for all of YOURS :)

I enjoyed sharing this easy technique for my Mixed Media Fiber Art piece.

I hope that you will try parts or all of it and I would love to see what YOU create!
You can always leave a comment below about one of your similar experiences, or email me pictures by using the email button on the right!

...and Thanks as always, for checking in with Hastypearl!

xoxo Laura   

p.s....I just saw something that I think this is appropriate for my Theme of Friendship. 
You might have noticed some of my handwriting on the paper on my studio table.

One day I wrote down the lyrics to a song that you might recognize...

Remember, to let her into your heart...then you can make it Better!!!
Here's to Friendship :)

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