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Colorado Creatures Watercolor Collage Hastypearl

Colorado Creatures Watercolor Collage

As you know, I enjoy traveling to the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
It is a Happy and Reoccurring theme, in my life.

While in Colorado one trip, I decided to focus on and to draw and paint, some of the local animals.
I will usually head outside, under giant and ancient evergreens, and listen to the birds, hummers, squirrels and the nearby Crystal River, for inspiration.

I ended up Drawing and Watercoloring a number of animals, two of which are featured in this posting.

I know that I just posted about these, in the previous blog posting, but I thought that I would revisit them, with a few more images and explanation.

Today, you will see, The Barn Owl and the Red Fox.

My Best Animal Treat on that trip, was actually seeing a Red Fox, literally sit down yards from me, while I photographed with curiosity, as to why he seemed so docile. 
I questioned a local about it and he said that unfortunately, people had probably been feeding it, in their backyards.
Irregardless, I had thought so much about the Red Fox, that I was so glad to be able to see him.
All of the Foxes in my Texas neighborhood do what nature intends them to do, which is to Disappear! 

I didn't collage the pieces, until after the trip, and back here in my Texas studio.
Its hard to travel with the perfect papers for projects.
It was fun to continue the process After I got home, anyway.
It was a way for me to remember my trip and enjoy thinking about those special hours, creating.

As I look back over this collection, I see that I had a bit of a black and white theme going.
That combination is dramatic and always one of my favorites.

Please Enjoy!

I love his serious and business like eyes.
It feels like he is locked on to his dinner! Yikes!

He is a set of blank cards. 
I often write in my Etsy, Hastypearl card set listings, that after the recipient enjoys the card, 
its easy to slip it into a ready cut mat, for framing.

The card below, is a black and white version of the Watercolored one, above.


The three Red Fox pieces below would look great framed as a set, but can also stand, alone.

The first piece and Fox, is definitely the confident Alpha Fox, and Leader of the Pack. 
Sometimes, we all enjoy kicking back, and letting someone else more qualified, do the leading.

I used Vintage Ephemera from my collection. 

Below, is the full shot of the piece.

This second piece, is a pair... maybe they are siblings?
They have stopped, to look off into the distance at something that has caught their eye. 
I wonder what it was?

More Layers of Vintage Papers.

Here they are again, framed in a ready cut mat just to show you just how easy it can be.

Finally, the last piece, is the Fox at the back of the pack.
You've heard the phrase..."I've got your back".

Its good to know that there is always Someone...that has our backs for us, right?

Also on this piece, is a page from a dictionary from the 1800's, 
a small bit of Colorado map, actually near where we stay, 
and some pages from a Vintage Typing School Book.

Below, is a shot of the last piece...again framed.


It was a Wonderful time of focus on animals of the region that I love.

Both animals are Illusive.
Not naturally interested in posing for photographs.

Meant to be left alone in nature.


I hope that you enjoyed seeing a few of my Watercolor Collage Pieces.

They are all available at Hastypearl, my Etsy shop.
I would love for you to take a look at them and the other listings that I have!

Thanks for stopping by...for a little time together.

I hope that you are enjoying these Wonderful Days...Whether Winter or Summer...Wherever You Are :)
It makes me so fascinated, to see on the feedjit chart on the right of the page, where you all live!
Its really such a small world, right?

I hope that you will check back in...Often!

:) Laura aka Hastypearl


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