Friday, August 15, 2014

Kindred Stitches Magazine Plus Hastypearl = :)

Kindred Stitches Magazine Plus Hastypearl  =  :)

There is a Continuum in our Lives.
Sometimes, I think we wish we could see it from start to finish, but really, 
where would the fun be in that, right?

It hasn't been long since I launched the concept of Hastypearl, but almost EVERY DAY, 
there has been something Wonderful and New to experience.

In July, I received a Lovely email, through my Hastypearl Etsy store, from two creative Australian ladies, named Lenna and Janice.

It seems, that they were both so passionate about all things needle, thread and stitching, 
that they 
CREATED an Online Magazine.

Who does that?
And Who does That, Beautifully???

Well, THEY Did :)

They called the magazine, Kindred Stitches.
What a Beautiful Name!

So, they fill their magazine with Incredible images...I mean Beautiful images.

There are features and interviews with artists.

There are stepped out "How To's" for beautiful AND achievable arts of all kinds.

There is a Selfless Promotion of artists and their craft.

The ONLY thing that is missing in this magazine is....ADVERTISING.
Awww ;)

So, why did they contact Hastypearl?
I was honored to be asked to be included in their Twelfth Issue, called, 
A Place To Call Home.
They thoughtfully, include artists and their creations...and this time, my little Fairy House, 
fit right in with their Homey theme!

I'm pretty sure, that the Noisy Fairy Residents in my little cottages, 
must have had Something to do with Wooing Lenna and Janice to contact me! 

You can imagine how Thrilled I was to see my little Home

Besides the fact that these little cottages were such a joy to make, 
its great to see that They loved them, also.

I hope that you will take a look at them, and see if you love them, too!



The magazine creators didn't know, that Hastypearl's recent life Continuum included a declining of an offer for another wonderful opportunity, because it just didn't quite fit my goals, 
to only embrace opportunities of Excellence.

Kindred Stitches Magazine definitely met that goal !

Kindred Stitches, is available through the Apple Newstand and is so easy to buy.
I hope you will check it out and forward this posting to all of your "Stitchy" Friends :)

Thanks again, Lenna and Janice.

Enjoy the Continuum called Life, Everyone!

You never know what will Next, come knocking on your Life's Door!

xox Laura


  1. That is awesome Laura! And I can't think of anyone more deserving than YOU! I would've looked at those as rusty old hinges and you took them and made BEAUTIFUL art! So proud of you!!! The magazine looks like it may be right up my alley too!

    1. Yes, Beverly, you would definitely enjoy it. They include knitting and crocheting...all kinds of needles. Eeww. That didn't sound right :) Kindred Stitches would be wise to find You on Etsy! Thanks for always being my cheerleader. You've Always had it in you :) xo Laura