Thursday, April 23, 2015

Interactive Art Hastypearl

Interactive Art

Ive always had this theory, feeling, that art doesn't HAVE to be flat!
I mean, most things in life aren't flat, right?

I think its also Fun and certainly Interesting, when additions to an art piece 
move or can be explored and interacted with.

The pictures in this posting are a corner of a piece, like many that I 
have listed in my hastypearl Etsy shop.

You can see that the piece has lots of texture, 
which makes Your eyes move around the piece and stay a while.

When You follow along today, You will see that if You are a Curious Person, 
You can actually open a Door of sorts, and see what is behind it.... 

I've used really wonderful butterscotch Vintage Buttons, 
stacked one on the other 
as the little lock to the Door.

If you U-N-W-I-N-D the Marsala fiber yarn... will allow you to Open the Secret Door!

And what do You see inside?

A ghost like eco dyed print of a beautiful Red Oak leaf, 
that I collected from my Fall garden!

Yes, I could have just glued this piece to the substrate, 
but You would have missed seeing one of the sides of the paper.

You can leave it open....

....or You can wind the yarn back around the button lock 
and keep it a Secret, until You are feeling Curious, the Next Time...

Art should be Compelling and Provocative...

And FUN!!!

Thanks for stopping by...Im so glad that You did!



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    1. Hey! Nice to see you artist annnnd poet, Robin. And Thanks! Laura