Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Are You On The Accomplishment Train? Hastypearl

Are You On The Accomplishment Train?

If you are Breathing...you're probably are on some 
kind of Accomplishment Train!
You may be raising kids, or are a professional, an artist, athlete, or retired.
It really doesn't matter what category you are in, 
it seems that we are all S-O Busy... Accomplishing!

I don't mean to paint it as a "bad only" effort, but sometimes, 
we/I, seem to go from one Accomplishment destination 
to the next...without even taking a breath.

My husband and I for example, are on seriously different tracks.
His accomplishments effect many more people than mine do, 
regardless, I find that its hard to get a grip on the speed of our trains.

I wont list mine of late, but I've been busy....For Months.
Truthfully, some of things that I've done 
have been plain old utilitarian hard work, 
and others have been fulfilling some of my Life Dreams!
The amazing and scary reality, 
is that My Legitimately Busy List, 
doesn't come Close to Comparing to Other peoples.

So, last night...after a Wonderful and anticipated evening,
 at a Boz Scaggs concert, 
(it was wonderful but Boz...I'm begging you to answer me this...
W-H-Y was the concert so SHORT??? :) 
I determined, that Today, was going to be a Treat Day!
Pretty sad, that it takes Determination to do it, 
but whatever is required...Do It!

Yes, my computer was down this morning, because of router problems, 
and yes, it resulted in three different lengthy calls for help. 
And Strangely, Not One of the techs, suggested that I do one 
simple hair pulling simplistic but finally stumbled upon thing....
 I pressed the On button, on the back of the router!
Whatever you do...Reckon that you will Honor Yourself Enough...
to periodically step off of the track,
Press that special ON button that works perfectly Just For You,
and DO Something For Yourself :) 

So, I've done my neglected but feels so good Miranda Esmonde White 
classical stretch this morning,

 I've lazily deadheaded some flowers in my garden,

and I'm next going to turn on the Eco Dyeing pot and simmer 
the Beauty right OUT of these important to me flowers, 
onto some awaiting beautiful and thirsty papers and fabrics,

And then Finally, I'm going to eat a homemade chocolate chip cookie 
and Intensely Chocolate, Ice Cream Sandwich! 

Today is going to be, My Day!!!

Let me know something special 
that you've recently gifted Yourself with doing...
I would LOVE to hear about it...

 ...and Thanks as always, for stopping by...
:) Laura

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I'm enjoying and appreciate seeing returning and familiar "locations" 
of those of you, that are stopping by often...:)



  1. My recent gift to myself was finally getting to meet you. :)
    I'm trying not to covet, but I can't help it thinking about what deliciousness will come of your economic dyeing time!

    1. Crystal, your sweet sentiments are mutual. I scratch my head sometimes, wondering why we are so blessed from day to day. Spending those 4 days with you this week, will always be special for me. Finding Kindred Spirits is a treat beyond measure. You are frighteningly intelligent and talented and especially GENEROUS to share your heart, your techniques and experiences. We will meet again...sister :) Laura