Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where Women Cook Hastypearl

Where Women Cook 

Can you read that letter below?
Can you imagine getting that letter?
I had no Idea, that a magazine sent such...until it happened :)

It all started sooo long ago, but it is a testimony to encourage you to 
Never give up on your Dreams.
I wont tell you the whole long tale of it, 
but the Dream would have to have Special and Necessary people in it,
 to fulfill it.

It had to have a photographer.

Not Any photographer.

THE Photographer.

It didn't hurt, that I had followed Anne Christian Lorys on her Fiona and Twig blog 
and it Sure didn't hurt that she lived only 45 minutes from my house in Texas.
But, would she make her way into my Dream?

Yes, she Would!

We spent ONE CRAZY day together, laughing and cooking and tasting.
Much of the time, I didn't even know that she was taking pictures, 
she made it so easy.

The Dream, would take additional wonderful ladies like Jo Packham, 
Amber Demien and Brandy Shay, 
who spend their days encouraging individuals to Cook and Create...
and then making them look beautiful for the Stampington & Company, 
Somerset Studios publications, 
that we Cant get enough of. 

My Dream, had to have Years and Years of eating Fantastic Mexican food, 
to make me think of No Other Topic, to write about.

Eating Mexican food for 40 years...Oh, such a burden!

So, because of a Dream coming true, 
I thought it a very fitting time, to Celebrate and Give Away 
a copy of Where Women Cook, 
to someone in my Hastypearl blog family.
Its over 150 blog postings and I hope 150 MORE to come !

The Giveaway time frame will be 10 days (from September 16, 2015) 
and Larry will do a scientific drawing, 
for a Free Copy of the Sept/Oct/Nov issue of 
If you've never read it, you're going to Love it.

Leave a comment here, or on my Hasty Pearl FB page, 
so that I can find my way back to you for your address 
on announcement day...September 26, 2015 !

If you would like to sign up to receive a notice when I next post on my blog, 
you can do so in the blank on the right column.

I say that column is the Mothership for all things...Hasty!  

As always, I hope that you have days full of Wonder, 
and Thanks so much for stopping by!

Gotta go now...tonight is Mexican Food Night!

:) Best, Laura


  1. Me, me, pick MEEEEEE!!!!!

    Okay, maybe not. ;-)


    1. You are already the winner! Annnnnd you already have your own copy but thanks for the thumbs up...and Im so glad that I picked you :) Laura

  2. Congratulations, Laura! I'm so proud of you!!

    1. You're my hero, Leslie. Thank you for all the things that you have done to Help me. How did I get so lucky? Looking forward :) See you in November !!! Laura