Monday, September 28, 2015

Where Women Cook Giveaway....And The Winner Is! Hastypearl

Where Women Cook Giveaway

...And The Winner Is!

Thanks everyone for supporting me with my Second Hastypearl Giveaway!

In celebration of being featured in the Sept/Oct/Nov 2015 issue, 
I hosted a Giveaway, 
and I extended the fun to Hastypearl's Face Book
Instagram and Hastypearl Blogger friends.

I left the time frame open, to like or comment on all venues, for 10ten10 days!

It was fun watching the names roll in and thinking...
oh, I'd Love it if SHE won :)
I literally thought that with Every name! 

But, because I promised to be Honest, and because its super fun to 
let the random process do the selecting, 
I wrote your names on paper.
Cut them out.  

Put them in one of my prettiest glasses...
actually, a gift from Tiffany's ;) I took EXCELLENT care of you.....

I put my little fingers, with my fingernails still packing heavenly 
Bees Wax from an amazing over the weekend
 Michelle Belto Encaustics Workshop...


...........drummmmmmm roll please......

The Winner is....Jean Thompson!

Not her actual New name, as she is a newly wed...
but she will Always be Jean Thompson to me!

Congrats, Jean!
I'll message you for your address and soon you will 
receive a copy of 

I know that you will love reading it.

So, thanks everyone that signed up, 
and those that just enjoyed me celebrating 
a really wonderful event in my life!

I'm still pinching myself and 
pretty sure that I will, for a Long Time!!!

I've said thanks a million times already 
to Anne Christian Lorys photographer Extraordinaire
 and Jo Packham, Amber Demian and Brandy Shay
 of Stampington & Company, Somerset Studios.

I'm almost embarrassed to do it again, 
but I wouldn't have been in the magazine Without them :)

Dreams Do come true!

Hope one of Yours comes true for YOU today !

...thanks again, guys...
and as always
...I'm so glad that you stopped by for a little visit....

Laura aka hastypearl  


  1. I don't know how you find the time w/ everything you do nice job. How was the workshop this weekend? :) Congrats Jean Thompson!

    1. I eat my spinach, or crypton, or something like that, Joel! Yes, this weekend with Michelle Belton and her bees wax was grand! Ive known Jean since waaaaay back, so imagine that she was honestly picked :) xo

    2. oooops, Belto, not Belton! Was thinking like a Texas road map :) Laura