Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let Heaven and Nature Sing ! Mixed Media Angels Hastypearl

Let Heaven and Nature Sing !

Mixed Media Angels

I don't know when I made my first Mixed Media Angel.
I know that after the first, I wanted to make more !

Angels have such great symbolism, 
and we sing about them a lot, during the holidays.
The Bible discusses them often, 
in both the Old and the New Testament.

Nehemiah 9 : 6

"You are the Lord, You Alone.
You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens,
with all of their host,
the earth and all that is on it,
the seas and all that is in them;
and you preserve all of them;
and the host of heaven worships You.

Angels are powerful, but never meant to be worshiped.
They always point back to their Creator.

They have many duties and some are Created to be our Guardians. 

Artists have attempted to paint and draw them, 
but I love to use my imagination and Engineer them 
out of my collections of Vintage Finds.

I realized, that I have quite a few in my Hastypearl Etsy shop right now, 
and thought that you might enjoy seeing some of them :)

~$90. ~

This little Angel, is very elegant and pure.
I used Garnets...my favorite stone, and some silver leaf.
There is a bit of bridal trim and rusty bits.
Her crown has an Owl on it symbolizing, Wisdom.

I often find tools on my Vintage Hunts.
This one was perfect suggesting a body !

I built her on an amazing Wooden Vintage Plinth,
 that I found at an old Texas estate.


~ $120. ~

This next Angel, may be one of my most complicated, yet.
I bought a "lot" of Vintage Clock Dome glass.
I wanted to simulate something of an old snow globe, 
only interpreted My way :)

Instead of snow, I filled the "globe" with lots of Vintage Pieces.
When you shake it...with care of course, 
the pieces are free to settle anywhere they fall.

I put faces on both sides, so it is as pretty from the back as it is the front !

Her body, is a wood finial, 
that I bought at the estate of a retired Clock Repairman.
That estate will rank in my top 5, for a very long time.

I don't have an instruction book when I make my Angels.
They are very labor intensive.
Every step has to be thought through and figured out before I drill or glue.
If not, I often cant undo it !

I bought another "lot" of Vintage Mother Of Pearl Chinese Game Tokens.
Only One, had a hole drilled through it.
The hanger on this angel was a perfect place to use it.
The tiny details hand inscribed in this Token, are so beautiful.

My Mother taught me from a young age, to look for details.
She pointed out tiny tucks and lace and buttons on garments.
I still look for the details, to this day.

No piece is too small to save.
I waited for a Long Time, 
to use this tiny piece of Victorian Lace.
It is very old and is exquisite.

The Renaissance Angel below, 
had its beginning from a flat furniture finial.
I found a rusty metal strap and thought it would make perfect wings!

~ $78. ~

I hand coiled tiny wires, for her radiating halo.
Her necklace is made from seating a found moth in a resin filled bezel.
I have a whole drawer, 
dedicated to Natural Wonders
 that are also waiting to be used, on just the right piece.

Angels cover a lot of ground, 
so I thought I would help this one along by giving it a wheel.

Scripture describing some Angels...

Ezekiel 1:16

The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was like sparkling beryl, 
and all four of them had the same form, 
their appearance and workmanship 
being as if one wheel were within another.  

Trying to imagine that is Fantastic!


Finally, this Angel was part of a challenge by an artist friend.
Her suggestion...See if you can use a spoon in your piece.
I had a number of wooden spoons in my kitchen, 
so I used them in different ways.
I love how this one turned out.

~ $80. ~

Gold Leaf and Clock parts make for great Details.

Again, Garnets.
The very tiny buttons are quite old.

She can be hung anywhere by the attached beaded loop.
She could hang from a Christmas tree, in a child's room or on a book shelf.

She has no powers...shes just vintage parts, 
but she can remind you of the legions of Guardians, 
that surround you !


'Tis the Season to think of such things !

Gifting and the Messages that come with them, are important.

I love gifting Handmade Things.
They seem to last longer and have the added Bonus, 
that someone's Hands and Hearts have touched them.

Please stop by Hastypearl Etsy
to see additional images of these Angels 
and other Angels that I have listed.

These wont be the last that I make...I promise :)

Thanks for stopping by.
Best...Laura aka hastypearl 

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