Sunday, November 29, 2015

Point Away From Face And Other People ! Hastypearl

Point Away From Face And Other People !

Well, the Season is upon us.
Every family has its rhythms.  
We, love to have people in our home every chance that we can.

I'm a very casual hostess.
I mean, I love pretty things, 
but, I'm just as happy to serve you tamales and the humble pinto beans, as anything.
There is something very comforting about 
non pretentiousness.

Last night, we were blessed to host my husbands side of the family.
Following a terrible personal loss this year, 
Thanksgiving and Christmas, 
are the first round of special Seasonal Days, without her.

It was important to me, 
to find time to honor their mother 
and our Aunt Barbara, 
but I hoped that we would also find our way to some 
childhood reminiscing and laughter.
I'm glad to say that we were successful :)

I greeted them wearing my handmade, 
" I Had My Colonoscopy", button.

Hey, we get our "I Voted" stickers, 
and we give kids buttons for everything, 
so why can't we adults get a pat on the back for accomplishments, as well?

It wasn't long, before the stories and laughter were full on!

My BIL said he couldn't remember when he had laughed as much.
Everyone brings just the perfect thing to a group like that.
I am so Thankful to be a part of this one :) 

Christmas is the perfect backdrop for my newly listed 
Mixed Media Collage Angels on Hastypearl Etsy.

I believe that I made 13 of them.

Every One is unique !

~ $ 54. and $62. ~ 

We didn't have much time to decorate, 
but we got out a few special pieces of Christmas Decor.
There is a Chance, that our Granddaughter will be here for Christmas, 
so we will take special care to decorate :)

I thought that my little Etsy Hastypearl Vintage Putz Houses
 looked perfect on this narrow upper ledge on our sideboard.

These are quite special !

They are much more detailed than many of the Putz Houses that I have seen.

~ $24. each ~




My husband decided to do a little cooking and went to the store for some ingredients.
I asked him to pick up some Party Crackers/Poppers, if he could find them.

Well, he was successful !

The Angels and Chandelier are so much better for the use of those at our table :)
Can you see the streamers?

One of our family members has led a bit of a  sheltered life ;) 
with a mother that was sure to keep her safe, 
needed a little education firing her Party Cracker.

I found one of these instruction pieces, 
lodged in one of my table centerpieces this morning.

On behalf of Cindy, 

I have enlarged it, so that you will all be prepared at your next party.

And there is an instruction for You too, 
inquisitive Michael.
It says... 
Not to be Dismantled ;)




Its a busy time of the year for Everyone!

There are so many Activities, that we can sometimes miss the Special Moments.

I try to whisper a Thanks to the One,
 that allows me to live the most Wonderful life.
We aren't in danger of "using up", all of our Thank You's we can use Them Liberally.

Take time All Day Everyday, 
and you will find Many Things to be Thankful for :)

As Always, I'm so glad that you stopped by.

Each listing has 5 pictures and I love telling a story about each vintage part and heirloom art.  
Now, you know how beautiful they will look in your setting.

~ Best...Laura  


  1. Thankful there's still stuff to which way to point explosives at the dinner table!

    1. We will gladly be there to teach you all of life's essentials. That's what family is for:) xo Laura