Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mixed Media Watercolor Assemblage Shakespeare and Shells Hastypearl

Mixed Media Watercolor Assemblage 
Shakespeare and Shells
Setting tables and mantle scapes in my home, is something that really I enjoy doing.
And, I like to change them throughout the year.
One recent day, I noticed on my dining table, an opened vintage book of Shakespeare, on which I had placed some seashells.
The shells, made me think of someone special, that has a Texas Gulfside vacation home.
I decided to draw and paint the little vignette, exactly as it was on the table...which meant... drawing the book...upside down!
The finished piece, would be one of her Christmas gifts.
Well, one thing led to another, and not surprisingly, it turned into a small
Mixed Media Watercolor Assemblage.
Yes, I'm known to embrace the unadulterated practice of... More is More !
I recently took a short online, Jane LaFazio Watercolor class, which was promoted by Strathmore.
She has such a laid back, breezy way of painting and that was how I approached this composition.
It was a quick drawing, and a quick Gouache painting, with an inexpensive set of paints, from Michaels.
One of the great ideas that Jane promotes, is the use of a simple border.
I've started using that technique, more and more!
She is right, it just pulls a drawing that may feel like its floating,
 right back down on the page.
Thanks for the tip, Jane! 
I wanted my next page, to be a total contrast.
More of an abstract, than a drawing.
I changed the color scheme completely, but the colors are still complementary.

I have stacks of phone books.
Not used for telephone numbers, but they are perfect for slipping in and drying flowers.
The flowers can stay there, indefinitely.
When I need a flower or leaf...they are available and ready to use.
I placed two of the dried flowers, and some short pieces of gold thread between some tracing paper, and sealed the edges closed with tape.

This "flower envelope", became my second page.
I punched holes on the edge, and tied it to the inside cover with some of the same gold thread, that is free floating in the pocket page, with the dried flowers.
I love it when there is actual movement in my pieces.

I started pulling fabrics and beads in complimentary colors from my stash, for some added texture.

The word "love", was an obvious choice, for the recipient.

I struggle, to NOT use fibers in my work.
Or better put...
I almost ALWAYS and HAPPILY, use fibers in my work!
Yes, that's right! This blog, is a Dishonesty Free Zone!
Just look at the Textural Component, and again...the Movement, that the fiber bundle brings.

I used some great colors and variety of fiber types, and tied them together, with the same gold thread.
Repetition of at least one component from page to page, brings continuity.
For this assemblage, I used the gold thread in a different way, on every page. 
This is how the little finished book, looks on the inside...

And on the outside....

Finally, I thought it would be appropriate to honor  Mr. William's ancient,
but still contemporary words... 
and so from Measure for Measure, which is one of the selections in this book, 
"Virtue is Bold, and Goodness Never Fearful!" :)
I enjoyed making and sharing this project...and hope that you can use some of the steps,
 in one of your pieces!
I'm so glad that you stopped by, to read a bit of this blog...
For those of you experiencing bitter cold...Be Boldly Virtuous...and Good...and Please...
xoxo Laura


  1. Just beautiful, Laura! what a thoughtful gift and I love the addition of fibers and flowers and textures to the inside. thanks so much for the mention!! xoxo

  2. Thank You, Jane. It was for someone that I love. Things are always better with a little love on them ;) I am and have been a follower for a long time. Keep teaching us! Laura