Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where Women Create....OR at Least Where Hastypearl, Creates!

Where Women Create
or at least where...
Hastypearl, Creates!
No, the magazine by the same name, hasn't called to feature my studio in its pages!
However, wouldn't That be a fun call to receive? !
You might have read on my Facebook wall before, that I crazily decided to set up the Christmas tree, house decorations, AND swap an extra bedroom for my Art Studio, at the same time.
I didn't have big plans for the week, so it seemed like the right time to do it.
Well, it took way longer than I anticipated, but it was done in time to hold a bit of an "Open House", for the families that came through our home, during the holidays.
With the room swap, I easily more than doubled my studio space, and boy, does that feel good!
Now, I know that there are people out there that have Much
 more room than this, and I know that there are those that have less.
I'm convinced however, that whatever room, panty, closet or garage it is, or its size,
we will Always...fill it up!
I think that you can see that I love Antiques.
I love Design.
And right after that...I love to Make a Mess!
I thought that it would be fun...for you to see how nice the room looked during its
"Open House",
 because basically right after I closed the door behind the last guest...
the fur/supplies/waiting projects list, 
started to fly.
I do like to "clear the decks", as Ina Garten says, after each project, but somehow, I just end up getting back out most of the same supplies all over again,
so it stays in a Perpetual.. Mess!
So, cue some soft non-reality Disney music, as you scroll down and look at the neat and tidy images,
and then when you're done with those...
rip out some real world Rowdy music, to see what the last picture I took of my old space looked like, because my table already looks like that, Again!
Yep, Where Women Create...
If you are going to call me for a photo-shoot, I'm going to need a few days to get the space looking magazine ready!
Until then,
 Here Here, to all the REAL World Offices and Studios...Right? :)
As always, Thanks for stopping in to read my hastypearl blog!
While many of you, are still shy about commenting on this blog,
I received many thoughtful responses to my last posting, and I really appreciate that.
For those of you that would like to sign up to receive an email notice of my blog posts, you can do that on the right side of the page.
And, I sure Hope that you Will !
xoxo Laura 
...oh, and, there are some pretty sweet Valentines, already starting to sneak their way into my hastypearl shop, if you haven't checked in, in a while.
Hear that, Men? ;)
The walls will eventually be covered over again, from notes from artist friends, finished pieces
 and future project ideas. 
You're Playing the Disney music, right?




Okay. Cue the Rock and Roll music...For Messy Table, Now! ;)  
(Hope you had some fun at your messy!)
 Best to you...Laura 


  1. How fun to have a new space to mess up! I love your sense of style and your unabashed attitude about making a mess while creating! That's what a studio is for!

    1. Hi Ruth! I would love to see your space. Ill bet its seen some splashing ;)...Your work is wonderful!...Laura

  2. glorious! - with only a bit of birdsong and doxie woof...
    wait till the wood whisperer sees the 3rd image above... ooo empire dresser
    what a BEautiful mess AND tidy too


    1. Don't you love how photo editing works...the field of vision can look so tidy, than what has been piled in the out of sight corner! For a couple of actually Was clean...but who could live with that for LONG ;)
      Hope to get to see what your "work space", looks like...soon! Laura

  3. I love that cabinet and your new studio space. Love LOVE the messy table! It means something interesting is happening there!

  4. Its like the ocean...water sweeps in and cleans off the tabletop...goes out and the mess comes back! I love the process! LOVE your work, Crystal...:) Laura

  5. Laura, I love your space, tidy and messy and such beautiful old furniture!! Also loved scrolling down through your blog this morning.

  6. Yes, it's wonderful to have a space, just for our minds and hands to play, isn't it! Looking forward to some creative times with You, Roxanne!