Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sisters! Hastypearl

There are just Some People out there.
I hope you know One...or Lots.
I don't think they come in Lots.
Just Ones.
My my Sister.
Eight years my elder.
One million years, my Mentor.
She mentors in all kinds of ways, that my mind and actions, haven't the skill.
In the 57 years that I have watched her...I have been the Learner.
She, the Teacher.
I've said before, that I've never known her to hurt me or disappoint me.
That's a pretty tall statement to make about anyone, right?
She's experienced life's Challenges.
The Kind that would drop many to their knees...
and if she indeed went to her knees...she Got Back Up.
Its been very easy for me to brag on her over the years...and I even confessed there's been too much idolizing,
but for the First Hastypearl Blog posting of the year,
I just wanted to honor her and say how THANKFUL I am, to be her sister.
She could Possibly kill me for doing this...but that's ok.
It will be the most Amazing and Sweet Killing, that I could ever experience :)
PROOF of how well she knows me...
The following pictures are part of what she gave me for Christmas!

Yep. It was a spot on pick, don't you think?
Some months back, Larry and I were at an amazing estate sale, in one of the historic districts in
San Antonio.
I looked up, and there in the Same Room, was my Sister and her friend.
We were so both "heads in the game", that we hadn't even noticed each other!
I cant pass up the opportunity to explain, that San Antonio is big, like over a million big...and we randomly? bumped into each other!
I LOVE those ODDS !
She had her fanny pack on and canvas bag under her arm...both absolute necessities for picking.
I Marveled at the Gift of That Day, but as I skipped...yeah literally...sorry...back to our car to leave, I was ever reminded, that being the younger, its possible that one day...I wont Have her anymore.
Just like has Already Happened, to many of You.

So, this morning, as I write this posting, its easy for me to see her in my mind, bumping around at an estate sale, with these two treasures on both arms...absolutely Confident that she's found my perfect Christmas gift!
Because she Knows Me.

Maybe you have a sibling that you love deeply.
Maybe not. And for That, I am terribly sorry. 
But, If you are Blessed!
And If you never hurts to tell them One More much they mean to you :)
so...Love you, Dinan...
To my treasured Readers... Happy 2014!!!!
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xoxo Laura


  1. Beautiful Laura. Ha! I tormented my two little brothers- though we are close now. A sister in the mix would have been so different. Nice that you celebrated yours here. xxoxElizabeth

  2. Its amazing how things change over the years. My sister is an amazing person and I love bragging on her :) Glad you stopped by ! Laura