Wednesday, April 23, 2014

American Quarter Horse Eye Candy! Hastypearl

American Quarter Horse Eye Candy!


Today's posting, is a topic that I haven't shared with you dear readers, yet.

I love horses.
Always have.
Always will. 

No one else in my family had the" bug", so I guess I am a bit of an anomaly.
I talked my parents into letting me have a horse as a child.
They were pretty brave, now that I think of it, to take it all on.
I loved my mare, and filly and rode in crazy places, that no one would dare let a child go today.
Somehow, we were always safe.

High School came along and we sold the horses to the people who owned the land that we kept them on.
 It wasn't until my now 30 year old boys, were probably 6 and 8, that I found a way, to start it over again,
 and I've had a horse, ever since!

My interest in Showing Western Pleasure, in the American Quarter Horse Association, soon followed.
After those childhood horses, I have had 7 different prospects, over the years.
With each horse, came different talents and dispositions.
I can say, that with each change of horse, it has been harder and harder to separate.

Horse people all agree, that we have a "Certain Sickness"!
It's Incurable...but there ARE salves for it :)

Some find that the salve comes from touching the soft part just above the equine nostril.
Recalling your first ride on your two year old in training, will do it.   
Or feeling soft breath on your cheek or a tug on your ponytail.
A nibble when you're holding your hand flat is nice.
My favorite, was making a specific clicking noise, when I came in the barn.
All of the other horses, just kept doing what they were doing...but my horses knew to look for me!
But maybe the best times will come, when you arrive at the barn, and your horse is laying on the ground in their stall.
Getting down on the ground and have them sleep with their head in your lap, is their very special gift to you.
What kind of 1100 lb. animal, will trust you to do that?  

I have known for a while, that for physical reasons, I'm not going to be able to continue Showing.
After you have experienced Showing, its just not the same...just to ride.
When you have a talented horse, its a waste, to keep them out of the show pen, so we are looking for his next forever home.

These pictures are of my horse.
 My trainer changed barns, so I went to see him last week, in his new barn.
He hadn't been in a place, since he was a colt, where he could run, so we turned him out to see what he would do. 
He went to see his buddies in the paddock next door, and then he ran and played.
It must have felt great!

As it was getting to be time for me to leave, I thought...wouldn't it be great if he ran towards me and I was able to snap some pictures.
I called him, and as if he had read my mind...and yes, he probably did ;) he ran straight for me for these pictures!

There is no way to prepare for how it will feel to no longer be a horse owner.
Yes, I can find some rides, but it wont be the same.

I've tried in my life perspectives, to practice seeing things for their positives and not their negatives.

Yes, I had horses, when others couldn't.
Yes, it has been Amazing.
Yes, it has been one of the Greatest Joys of my life. 

So, asking all of the "Why's" not always that productive.

I can no longer  Show a horse...but I have had the Honor, of Sharing my Secrets with them.

This geldings name is Zips Red Cora Vette.
Out of Dont Skip Zip, he has a great nature and a future in the Trail.
The right Someone, will take him, and I know he will be Successful.

I really had a terrible time, letting my last equine girl, Brilla, go.
About the same time, we lost our dear Border Collie, Ceilie.

When we found this guy, I named him, Jace.
Jace, is a Greek name and it means....Healer.

He has been that for me.
They ALL, have been that for me.

He helped me though a tough time and even though he will be my last horse...
I'll never forget him.

So, the Good News is...
I'm already seeing things happen in my life, that I couldn't have Ever Imagined!

They wont REPLACE the horse...they will just be a different path to go down.

I don't think that we were ever meant to just experience ONE thing.
There are So Many things to learn!

I know that you have had a similar experience in your life...
I'm glad that I got to share mine with you...

xoxo Laura 


  1. Beautifully poignant Laura, thank you for sharing xxx

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn! Laura

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