Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's Spring! Mixed Media Assemblage Hastypearl

It's Spring!

 Mixed Media Assemblage


Spring is certainly in the air, in South Central Texas.
We say that we have a few days of Spring, Fall and Winter...and the rest, is Summer!

I recently came across and purchased Two Neat Things, and when combined, 
they express the feeling of Spring, for me.

The first is a book, co-written by artists Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard, titled, 

Acrylic Solutions
Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer.

I've never met either Chris or Julie, but I feel like I know them, from following them on the different social medias.

I know that for me, acrylics, were my first art medium.
I've used them for everything, including faux painting entire restaurant interiors!
I don't recommend doing that :)

New products have continued to come out, that when mixed with acrylics, can create amazing effects.

I was very excited to devour this book!
The devouring comes easy....
the Retaining and Implementing, can Happily take a Lifetime. 
I really appreciate that these ladies went step by step, to show how they have achieved their special pieces.

 I bought the book through Amazon.
Every page has different ideas for using acrylics.
I want to try them ALL :)

So, if you know me at all, you know that I love to engineer, build and assemble.

I started this piece, with a nice vintage found box. I love its brass hinges and corners.
I took it apart and only used one half for this project.
It was lined with a great mid century wall paper, but I removed it.
That worked to my advantage, because it left behind, a rough surface, that when painted over, 
made for a terrific textured base, to build my background on!
Yes, that was cheating, Chris and Julie, but hey, you have to go with it when it is given to you :) 

So, I always dig out every supply and found object that I love, even though, 
I know that I am only filling a very small space.
That way, I can think through the basics of my layout.

Keeping some of the techniques from the book in mind, I painted out my background with my acrylics.

I LOVE how the raised portions caught my paint, as I drug a plastic knife with paint on it, 
over the underside of the box lid.
I added red and blue and orange over my white background.
I hope that you can see that some of it even crackled over what I think was probably old glue, 
from under the wallpaper.  

I ran horizontal rows of wood appliques and game pieces, on the top and bottom.
The appliques came from ElizabethRosenArt.
I cut out flowers and birds and butterflies from Carrie Avery's, Paper Wings Productions, clip art collection.

And the Main reason for the Spring theme...was this Beautiful Girl, below.
I've had her for a while now, just waiting to see where she could be best used.

She is Occupied Japan, and I love her.
Shes holding a bouquet of Spring flowers!

Perfect :)

I could tell that there needed to be some interior structure, so I used some painted balsa wood strips, 
that I keep on hand.
You can buy lots of shapes and sizes in the model building section, in craft stores.

I felt like it needed a little shine, so I added some gold leaf on the background, 
and gold thread along the blue strips.

For the final layer, I dipped some red Christmas cactus florets in bees wax, 
and placed them in the garden at the girls feet.  

I really love how it all turned out and it was lots of fun to create!

My appetite is whet by this book, and I am certain to do some more Exploring.
I saw lots of things that I want to incorporate into my future projects!

Maybe you will, too!

I'll be sure to show you what I come up with...Next!

I'll eventually list this piece on my hastypearl Etsy shop.
I hope you will stop in to see what New things have been added!

I hope that you are Enjoying these Beautiful Days of Spring...
wherever You are... 
and Thanks as always, for stopping by to read this blog!

xoxo Laura


  1. Nice job on the step outs- you certainly took what you learned from the book to a whole new level and made it your own style. I've got that book, and now I think I need to go look through it again. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Aww. Thanks Crystal! You KNOW your kind words mean a lot! Yep, get the book out and like all good instruction, youll see something new to try ! Laura

  2. Hi Laura :-) love the inspiration here, great blog post my friend. Love boxes in fact I have an obsession with them.......perhaps I will try a little assemblage one day. Xx

    1. I would LOVE to see a Marilyn Stephens assemblage. I can already see it in my mind. Soft, serene and beautiful! Actually, your fiber art, IS assemblage! But, throw in a time ! Appreciate your friendship :) Laura

  3. Hi Laura- I love your distressed and colorful creation!! Thank you so much for your kind words!

    1. Youre welcome! I think I have just "scratched"...pun intended...the surface of your book! Looking forward :) Laura

  4. You found a winner of a book here Laura, I love both Julie and Chris...and their book. It is a must-have!

  5. I kept it close by when making this piece! I can see referring to it for a long time:) Laura

  6. Lovely mixed media assemblage and I think this book is great too. Also, your horse is gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks Roxanne! Both of us enjoy building, right? ! :) xoxo Laura

  7. Lovely mixed media assemblage, Laura! Thanks for showing us your process!

  8. You are welcome, Sharmon. Glad that you liked it and glad to have you at hastypearl!