Sunday, April 13, 2014

Art Framing...The Big Reveal! Hastypearl

Art Framing....The Big Reveal

Those of you that follow my blog, will remember in recent postings, that I had mentioned two pieces of art.

One was a gift, from Marilyn Stephens...a beautiful eco-dyed and stitched fiber piece, 
and the other one was an oil called, "Eight", that I bought from artist, Lisa Graham

Well, it took me a while to get them done, but they are now Beautifully Framed, 
and back home where they belong.

I hope that you have an Art framer that you trust and use for your pieces.
I know that I do! Her name is Patsy Wright, and her San Antonio business is called, Frame It Wright.
Every time that I have had her frame something for us, has been enjoyable.
Your framer should make you feel as comfortable, as Patsy does me.
When I head a direction that needs some steering back on the path, she does that, 
but she ALSO, lets me have a voice, and encourages me to express myself with the framing.

So, Finally...Here is the Big Reveal of Both pieces of Framed Art.

Ill do it striptease style, where I just reveal a little bit at a time;)
That will be to tease Marilyn and Lisa a bit...:)

You'll eventually see both finished pieces...They Look Amazing!!!!

Look how delicate this frame is.
Its perfect for the light...weightless, Fiber Art piece, that Marilyn created.

Here's the top half.

The bottom half.
It may be too hard to see, but I had Patsy elevate the piece, so that it would cast a shadow...
and add some more depth.
She didn't have to, but she hand tacked it behind, so it wouldn't damage the work.
Now, it is protected and will last many, many years.

Ta Dah!!! Isnt it beautiful ?

Of course, I had to photograph from an angle, because of the glare from the glass.
I originally, wanted to float the piece between glass, but Patsy reminded me, that my buttery wall color (which isn't photographing true here, at all), would show through the glass and might not be a great compliment, so we went with a beautiful taupe mat. 

It's Beautiful Marilyn!
Thank you again, for your generosity.
I'm so happy you are my new friend. :)


Now, on to Lisa Grahams piece!

Again, I originally thought that I would do something different than I did, 
but I'm so glad that I changed my mind.
What I decided to do was...

Go Crazy Big with the framing!

I wanted to simulate something that you would see on a Great Work of Art at an important museum...
so, I asked for a black liner, AND added a smaller crisscrossed frame, inside of the larger MAIN frame.
That is the beauty of a great custom Framer. Patsy said...we can do that!

Look at all of the Texture there is going on!!!
Not to worry...
the "Eight" ladies featured in Lisa's piece, can Definitely stand up to this much Pattern!

Here's a peek....
Aren't they already adorable!
Wait until you see the Whole Thing!
(p.s. Lisa...Patsy said as she was framing, that she kept looking at the ladies faces and she said she thought...
this girl is Really good! 
She sees a lot of that's pretty special :)

Here they are with just the black liner and small frame ...
drum rolls please!!!!!

Another... Ta Dah!!!!!
Mona Lisa....step aside!!

I think they look amazing in this big fancy frame :)

And thank you too, Lisa, for painting this great work.
I know that you were very proud of it and now I am proud to Own it.
I will take care of it for you...I promise!

It still not in its final place, but its holding up pretty great in superior company...that being Cathy Cullis' piece underneath called, May Queen, and a signed piece, by Graciela Rodo Boulanger, that Ive had since 1974!
Its turning into my, "Girl Wall"! 

So, there!

Yes, that was a little theatrical drawn out, but I wanted the artist...creators...friends, to get some special attention for their Beautiful Creations.

I hope that you enjoyed it, and maybe it will spur you on, to go get those things framed that you've been meaning to...

And from me to you dear reader, as always, thanks for joining me here.
I love that you do...

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xoxo to all...Laura   


  1. Beautiful works of art complimented by the framing. You're lucky to have such a good framer.

    1. Peggy, they are out there. Framing, is an art in itself, and a really good one, is open to interchange! She did a great job and yes, we had great pieces to start with! The real test is complimenting the art, and not letting the frame... steal the show. Laura

  2. Oh Laura, I love how you framed your new art! The fiber piece is truly amazing and makes me want to get a sewing machine and play with cloth. I LOVE LOVE that crisscross frame against Eight!!! What a beautiful job your framer did! Thank you for posting this for truly is a very special gift to get to see these labors of love being treated so so well.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I hoped you would like it. Yes, its fun when you have really great pieces. All we had to do, was stay out of their way! Laura

  3. Framing a work of art just as you want it to be seen is so important, very personal and I am glad you enjoy the process - lovely to see how thoughtfully you enjoy and collect work by other artists. Best wishes Cathy

    1. So Happy, to have your work, Cathy :) Laura