Thursday, June 18, 2015

Crystal Marie Neubauer Comes To Texas ! Hastypearl

Crystal Marie Neubauer Comes To Texas !

I've talked about it before.
That special to me, concept of Community.

While I wouldn't consider myself a person that needs to be surrounded by people, 
I DO crave moments of Community.

Times, when people that you couldn't imagine come together,  
from different dogmas and mindedness, 
setting all of that behind and just stepping together in a remarkable rhythm,
even if just for a couple of days!

I have to believe that there is Providence involved.
There has to be.
Mankind, women couldn't themselves, generate the sacredness, of such times :)

Well, just one of Those times happened in my home, in May 2015.

Crystal and my paths crossed about the subject of a 
Mark Making and Collage workshop, on FB.
It was one of those right place, right moment times where...
I offered.
and She accepted.
I don't think that there was more than a nano seconds time, 
for that whole transaction to take place.
It was meant to be!

We set the plans in motion and waited.
...and Women filled the slots almost immediately... and they came!

...From all across the country and from all across my city!
All with one common be taught by Crystal.

No one would argue, that if you placed 100 pieces of art on a wall,
that You WOULDN'T identify Crystals.

There wouldnt be any "hmmmm...I think this one might be hers".
You would KNOW, that it was hers.

I hadn't thought about it, hadn't anticipated the rest.

We weren't just going to be taught art techniques by Crystal, 
but rather, we had discovered a woman, with a perception, a wit, 
and an ability to generously translate to each of us, 
what it meant to her, to tell a personal story, 
by making Marks On Paper...

It was as if we were in a museum, with headsets on, 
and she was translating to Each of us in our Own languages.
We were captivated!

I sat in the back of the room, with a perfect vantage, 
to watch the women's faces as she shared, 
and there were many times, when 100% of the faces with dropped jaws, 
were leaning in...listening to her!

We dove right in.

The abundant rains in my South Central Texas garden, 
afforded us with lots of mark making materials,
 with which we made our own "brushes".

Long before the familiarity between strangers had arrived, 
Crystal threw us into a vulnerable mark making exercise, on my front lawn.

We used long armed sticks with brushes attached, 
to express our marks on papers.
There's a certain confidence that we all rely on in our abilities, 
but take that away with a long stick...something that takes away your control, 
and all you can then rely on, is intuition.

It was a great exercise and one that we should constantly
 invite into our art...AND lives, 
in order to grow.

These papers cut up, became central to our collages, later in the workshop.
I KNOW that I will use this and morphed techniques, again.

Little by little, the bonding of Friendships, began.
It was as QUIET a group, as I have ever been with, 
and certainly one of the most talented.
You will see what I mean as I later share the art, that was made.

Crystal would teach.
Then we would work  play.

More teaching.

More playing.

I'm always the girl in a workshop, that loves to walk around and see what everyone else is doing. You get a chance to meet each person, and see Who they are. Amazing things can happen, when abandon and experimenting, is on board.
I saw Color combinations that I would never think of.
Its one of the ways, that our unique fingerprints, show up.

These papers on the left and below, were made from a little side teaching that Crystal did on marbleizing. I would take a WHOLE workshop on that subject, alone. 

 Themes began to emerge, sending us straight into the arms of composition.

Finally, after two days, the enjoyable time came, 
where we all threw our shyness out the window garage doors, 
and brought our creations, to the Common Table.

Crystal had a run for her talented money, with this little Gallery!
The pieces were Every One, Astounding!

Was it the excellent formulaic teaching of an artist?
Was it the skill of women from the four corners?

Its amazing when these two collide, 
and we each gain enough trust and confidence in the moment, 
to take the risk... and exceptional things can Happen! 

But waaaaaay better than that, 
is what happened between People.

Community had happened!

Cherishable and singular to THOSE TWO DAYS.

I am so Thankful to have been Blessed to be a part of it...

...and I cant WAIT to see where and when it will happen, again!

So, here is my Thank You, to YOU Crystal, 
for schlepping those monster paper and supplies filled suitcases,
 across America for all of us.

For sharing a Talent/Gift, that you understandably could be keeping for yourself  and career. 

You, were the reason that these ladies crossed the country to be together.

Your generous Message was loud and clear!

We EACH have a valuable story and we have unending ways to tell it, 
with our own Mark Making.

Thank You, 
for turning over our fertile ground and showing us new ways to do it.

So, thank you Dear Hastypearl blog Readers, 
for stopping back in to visit with me for a while.

I know that these workshop reviews, are many in blogland, 
but they are necessary at the very least, 
for those that attend.
They are like little photo albums of times that we cherish.

Thanks for indulging us a moment to go back in time, 
to refresh the happy times that we shared together!

I hope that you will stop in again...soon!
Laura :) 

PS...Crystals book, : The Art of Expressive Collage:Techniques for Creating with Paper and Glue,
 will be released August 26, 
and can be preordered on Amazon.!


  1. Hi there! Just wanted to let u know that I agree with u 100% re: the talented and so very giving crystal! Don't know her but have followed her artist life thru blogging and I am obsessed with her collage work, can't wait for her book, maybe someday I will be so lucky to get off this island and take a class in person, even an online class, always about the dollar u know! Tx for sharing and inspiring, aloha, angi in hana

    1. Thanks for checking in, Angie. Crystal has a very good friend that lives in Hawaii, so you Never know. Maybe she will come to You:) until then, keep following her blog(so do I) and preorder her won't be long until it's out! Best, Laura

  2. looked like an amazing & fun filled time with beautiful creations, energy and company! I so love when this happens and love reading about it. Great Community!

    1. You're exactly right,mKim.mwe had a wonderful time. I learned a lot. Crystal is so talented both as an artist and teacher. The group of ladies attending were so gifted...Best...Laura