Monday, June 22, 2015

Signing Your Dimensional Art Hastypearl

Signing Your Dimensional Art

Some artists, create on surfaces, besides a flat piece of paper or canvas.
I am pretty addicted to building, engineering on just about anything that I can.
Its pretty much decided where you will sign your name on flat surfaces, 
but where do you do it on something dimensional or assembled?

I came up with this method for the little cottages that I make.
You can probably use it or at least adapt it for your art.
Its really easy, and I think actually adds a little character to my cottages.

I have bags and bags of ribbons in my studio.
I really love crinkle ribbon, because it coordinates with my art, which usually leans vintage.
I bought this ribbon from Joni Russell.
You can contact her and tell her what you are looking for and she will ship it to you.
Her stashes of ribbons and yarns, are THE BEST!

Because I needed to write on the ribbon, ironically, in this case, the crinkle won't work, 
so I gave the ribbon a quick press.

Then, I cut small segments, that would fit on the bottoms of my little cottages.

Are you impressed that I've labeled my scissors?
Scissors are destined to destruction in my tomboy world, 
so I really am glad to have scissors that Actually Cut fabric when needed :)

Writing on ribbon, isn't that easy, so I first pressed it to some painters tape.
I always have pieces stuck to my table from previous projects.
I know that the frayed edges would make some of you crazy, 
but it happened when I took the ribbon off of the tape, and I liked it so I didn't remove.
Of course, you could always freshen them a bit if you wanted to.

The ribbons, were ready to stitch to the bottoms of my cottages.

So my jeans are a little frayed, too!
I Told you that I was a tomboy.
Those frays have been hard earned in the garden and are a badge of honor :)

So, there we are!
The finished product.

Sure, you can buy name tapes, but I really like how the hand signed ribbon looks.

I hope that this technique, will be helpful to you in your work somewhere:)

How do you sign your dimensional art?

Thanks as always for stopping by....Laura aka hastypearl

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