Monday, July 6, 2015

5 Steps to Mounting Art on Wood Panels Hastypearl

5 Steps to Mounting Art on Wood Panels


I was recently invited, to show my work at the Redstone Labor Day Art Show.
I was Thrilled, by the invitation!

The tiny trouble of it is, I don't Live in Redstone, Colorado...yet!
One fine day we will, but for now, it is just a 4 times a year, visit.

Framing and shipping 4 days worth of art, was going to be quite cost prohibitive, 
so I decided to mount my art on wood panels, instead.
Its really a great way to display, anyway.
Its still quite possible for a buyer to frame, should they decide to.
I also think it gives a nice cohesive look to the installation. 

So, I thought that it might be helpful for you to see the process.
I am thankful, that right at the perfect time, 
I saw Jane Davies do the same on her blog.
Thanks, Jane !

There are a number of places that you can buy 
lightweight wood panels, or sometimes called, cradle boards.
Cheap Joe's, is an excellent resource and by far, 
the least expensive for this particular product.
I had to WAIT for weeks, for one of the sizes to arrive, so make sure you check that part.
I wasn't in emergency mode yet, but I had to be Extremely Patient.

Determine what sizes you need.
I did my collages in pretty standard sizes...5 " x 7 ", 8 " x 10 ", etc, 
but you will be amazed at all of the sizes that are available.

Even still, I left a little extra paper, on each collage, 
so that after gluing, I could simply remove it.

Here's how you do it :

Step 1. 
I first painted the outer edges of the panels, with a 
color that would compliment my art.
I even painted a little of the front edge, so there wouldn't be any chance 
that you would see the raw wood. 
(you can see that in the second to the last image)
It would be next to impossible to touch up AFTER the art is adhered. 
I was Really glad that I thought to do this step.

Step 2.
Its also time to add whatever kind of hanging hardware that you want. 
I like to use saw tooth hangers. Everyone has their favorite. 
I cant tell you how many times, in my excitement, I forget the hanger, 
and then, I run the risk of damaging the face of the art, pounding in a hanger!

Don't do as I do, rather do as I say ;)

Step 3. 
I am a Weldbond"aholic".
No, there is not a 12 Step Program for such ;)

I buy it online from a place called Grady's Hardware.
(I'm guessing, that I have probably sent at least one of "Mr. Grady's" kids 
through college, for all of the glue that I have bought from him ;)

Whatever your favorite glue is, paint a thin layer on the wood.
You wont have a long time before it starts adhering, 
so get busy with your ruler and make sure that you have it evenly placed.

Step 4. 
After you are happy with the placement, find some heavy books 
and place them on top of the glued art. 
I leave mine overnight. 
If there is any chance that the cover of the books will stain your art, 
place something in between them and your work, just to be safe.

Of course, its like Christmas the next morning! 
I'm like a kid to see what it looks like, dry.

Stillllllll, there is One more step before completion.

Step 5. 
Use an X-Acto Knife/Blade, whatever you have, 
and simply trace next to the edge of the frame to remove the excess paper.
I was a bit nervous the first time, but it is Really Easy.

Depending on the thickness of your paper, you may need to make a couple of passes.
Keep going around the four sides of your frame...and You Are Done!

It really is amazing how Finished your art will look.

I bought multiple boxes of each size and see myself using 
them for many more projects.

With Cheap Joe's, there is a multiples discount.

I hope that this helps You and that You use it with your Art.
Let me know how it goes for You, if You do!

Its really going to make my shipping, much easier 
and I cant wait to see it all on display!

Ill be sure to take pictures of the Art Show and post them here :)

So glad, as always, that You stopped by.

I hope that You are enjoying these Wonder filled days, wherever You are!

Please stop back by, very soon!

: ) Laura aka Hastypearl


  1. Fantabulous!!! And I love these pieces so much! Good luck at the show! 😉

  2. Great tutorial and your pieces look amazing! Look forward to seeing images from the show. Also thanks for the link to Cheap Joes.... I will have to see what the shipping costs will be to my part of the world.

    1. So glad to see you stop by, Kim. I love reading your blog. Your art style is so natural. Stop in any time:) Laura

  3. You do some fabulous work Laura and your blog is delightful. I've just popped over from Instagram and Lancashire in the UK
    Lynn :)

    1. Yes, of course Lynn. We cross paths in several ways, don't we? Thanks for the thumbs up. You are invited to stop by any time:) I hope you will. Best...Laura

  4. So pretty books making. I return to read your blog. Nice to connect and found all the informative posts.

  5. So glad that you stopped by, Terriea. Ill look forward to your return. I am so impressed with your dyeing talent and enjoy your blog as well :) Best, Laura