Monday, July 27, 2015

Marbleizing on Paper Step By Step Hastypearl

Marbleizing on Paper
Step By Step

I have always been fascinated by old books.
It seems like the details and care taken in illustrating them, are so exceptional.
The end pages are often marbleized and it mesmerizes me to see them.

I happened upon a video of the technique of marbleizing one day 
and thought that only someone with years of mastering could do it.

Then, this past year, Crystal Neubauer came to my home to teach a workshop, 
and as a part of her mark making, she taught us a very simple technique 
that made me think that even someone like novice me...and maybe you...
could enjoy marbleizing. 

Crystal taught us using ink, but while walking around the workshop room, 
I saw that one of the students had used a Pebeo product, 
and I knew that I would order some to try for myself.
It has its Advantages and its Disadvantages.
Disadvantage...its not water soluble, 
so what you use to drop it, is pretty much useless afterwards. comes in a lot of amazing colors that to me, 
resemble those in the great vintage books that I love seeing.

So, you decide what you want to use.

I found these paint boxes on Amazon and they were each affordable.
I think it could take a lifetime to use all of the paint.

I opened all of the bottles and gathered a flat plastic tray, 
that would accommodate the size of paper that I used.
Choose something that is disposable.

I decided to try using toothpicks.
You will need to stir the paint with one, anyway.

Let a drop of paint fall to the water.
It will sit on the surface of the water.

Drop as many as you want, and as many colors as you want.

Gently stir the stick through the water, or, you can gently blow 
on the surface of the water 
so that the colors move around.

If you decide to use water soluble ink, you can purchase plastic 
transfer pipettes on Amazon.
They are also very affordable and useful to have for lots of other projects. 

The ink or paint, will make interesting shapes.
That is what you will capture with your paper.  

I gathered strips of leftover 140 lb. watercolor paper.
Crystal also used old book pages.
Thinner paper didn't work so great.
Just play with what you have and see what you like.

Gently, lay each strip on top of the water.
When you lift the paper, the paint will have transferred to the paper.

Lay them out to dry.
I used my heat gun, to speed the drying process some.
If you don't feel like you have enough paint on your paper, dip again!
Its fun to see the individuality of each piece.
No two could possibly be alike :)

These were some of my finished strips!

I had planned on making some new journal covers 
and was happy to have some new strips of marbleized papers 
to incorporate into the compositions!

Can you find them? :)

This technique is so easy.
Yes, there are people that have serious skills and you Should Google 
and watch some of the videos.
Most of us don't need to start with such complicated processes.

Its fun!
I think that you will be happy if you invest in either inks Or paints.

We just returned from a trip to the cool Colorado mountains where we 
played as a family with polymer clay's.
I'm thinking, that we may give marbleizing a try, 
next time we get together :)  

Let me know how it goes for you, if you give it a try!

I'm so glad that you stopped by for a visit.

I hope that you are all enjoying your days.
It's the Dog Days of Summer in Texas.
Working in the garden, happens only in the earliest hours...then 
its back inside where its cool.
It really makes me thoughtful for those men and women 
whose jobs are outside, year around.

Best to all...Laura

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