Sunday, August 30, 2015

How Many Plates Can You Spin? Hastypearl

How Many Plates Can You Spin?

Most everyone has been to a circus, or has  
seen someone spinning plates!

Its a race against time, that the spinner doesn't let one fall and break.
It can be Dizzying for sure, but if done well, the spinner can win.

Observers certainly hold their breath and cheer the spinner on!

Have you ever thought about the phrase as an applicable analogy for your life? 
With say Activities being your "spinning plates" ?

There are lots of plate "spinning rules", to consider.

First, are you Inclined to spin or are you more comfortable with an observers amblers pace?

Do you like the thrill of spinning two plates 
or being an Experienced spinner 
do you want Lots of plates to spin?

Do your plates need to spin quickly, 
or do you like the thrill of catching a wobbly plate, 
right before it falls?

Do you see someone with less spinning plates than you
 and judge them for not having as many?

Do you like to have helpers spin With you or 
are you a solitary spinner?

Do you feel guilty if you don't have lots of plates?

Are your plates all one color and size, or are they patterned, 
different sizes and chipped?

I'm pretty sure that I could go on forever with these questions!

Its really fun to think about.

Of course, there are no right or wrong answers but in a way, 
they are pretty revealing, about who we are.

I am in a time in my life, when my kids are grown and gone.
I am through with most of my Required goals.
From here on out, (and I plan on that "out" being quite a ways a way :), 
most of what I do, is really optional pleasures.
For that, I am extremely blessed.

When we are young we think... 
I wish I could just have some quiet time, and maybe sleep late.
Be lazy.
Do nothing for a change.

I guess there's really nothing stopping me from doing just that!
However...I'm finding that how I am choosing to live my life, 
is exactly the Opposite.

I cant WAIT, to get up every morning and see what the day brings.
I am experiencing an EXPLOSION of creativity, 
not only in art made, but also in ideas in general.

Ironically, only ONE thing that has happened to me in the last 5 years, 
was actually something that I imagined doing.

The rest, has just Happened!
(or...Providentially Happened)

Occasionally, I will say...
I don't have a good enough Imagination to have 
Dreamed Up the things that are happening in my life.

And I think that I have a Great imagination!

Its all actually been quite surprising!

So, back to the original questions that I asked and some of my answers...

I don't spin a lot of plates at a time.
Well, I probably spin more than I credit myself, 
but compared to some people...I don't.

I like spinning by myself.

My plates are different sizes and colors,
 and chips are NO problem for me.

I think wobbling is fine. 
I'm OK with restarting a dropped plate.

I'm not competitive about spinning. 
I'm happy for you to have hundreds...or none.
Or, for you to get there long before I do.

I can be hasty(pearl :) about starting to spin a new plate...
I love to try new things.
I mean... 
I Really Love to try new things!

I was thinking about this topic while photographing 
in the garden this morning.
The morning was cooler...our days are brutally hot right now.
There were some clouds.
It was VERY quiet. Which I love.

I have been spinning the photography plate for what seems 
like a very long time now, 
but truthfully, its probably not as long as it seems.

Inch by inch, I have learned Just What I Needed to, 
to keep me coming back for more.

As I was photographing the garden, I would see weeds.

I would question myself and it sounded something like...
Why are you playing (with your camera) 
when you should be pulling these weeds, or pruning?

Apparently, I felt like that the garden plate needed spinning.
The garden plate ALWAYS needs spinning :) 

Happily, the questions weren't so compelling to me, 
that I was in danger of stopping snapping these pictures!

It was time to for me to relax and let the (gardening) plate go, 
so that I could practice shooting in Manual mode, 
like I knew I wanted to.

Maybe you are like me...
when you are doing something that you love, you THINK!
When our minds clear, it seems like we can sort through things easily.

Its good to have daily, monthly, yearly and lifelong goals, 
but we cant let our goals be what Control us.
Sometimes, we have to grab and stop some of those required plates 
and instead, do some things that Feed us.
That bring creative growth to our lives.

I think its actually those special things that we love, 
that refuel us and energize us to grab a stick and start those 
necessary plates back up again!

I hope that you have wonderful, beautiful, gently spinning plates, 
in your life... 
that Feed you!

I would love to know what they are!

Thanks for stopping by for a while...

I Hope to see you again, soon.

Laura aka hastypearl 

p.s.....if you are in the Redstone/Aspen Colorado area, Sept. 4-7, 
I would love to meet you at the Redstone Labor Day Art Show 
at the Redstone Inn.
I've heard that the art coming is fantastic!
Its not too early to start filling your gift lists.

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