Sunday, October 4, 2015

Intro to Encaustics Hastypearl

Intro to Encaustics 

I have a Confession to make.
Its not a bad thing, its just a way that I function.

I tend to learn something, and stay in it for a Long while.
When something new or at least new to Me comes along, I resist.

Encaustics is an example.

When I first started hearing about encaustics, 
I thought, oh, its ANOTHER new direction and it 
would take a ton of new equipment, 
I dont WANT new equipment, 
where will I store it...blah blah blah.

I recently had 4four4 ladies come to Crystal Neubaurs workshop, 
that I hosted here at my house, 
that were ALL going to Encausticamp 
and I finally let my wheels start turning :)

One of the ladies, later mentioned on FB, 
that Michelle Belto, a San Antonio artist that I had wanted to meet, 
was going to hold an Intro to Encaustics class
 at Southwest School of Art, 
in  San Antonio.


" I test drove the car". 
That's my theory for...never test drive a car or you are probably going to Buy it!

Specifically I mean that, I went to SSA's web site and read about Michelle's Class.

You Know what I'm going to say next!

I (BOUGHT the car)...meaning...I signed up for the Class!

Well, I'm happy to say...that I now GET why everyone loves Encaustics.

Michelle was a fantastic teacher.
Her format was indulgent, to say the least.
First, demo time, to show us the steps, 
tell us about the product and safety issues with working with hot beeswax.

she sent us back to our stations to Explore, Create, and Play!
She quietly stayed right there with each of us, Encouraging all the way.

Knowing how fascinated with architecture and buildings I am, 
I have to digress and tell you how amazing the entire SSA building and classrooms were.

My husband has a built in square footage skill of walking rooms off with his stride.
I couldn't wait to do that for myself, 
just so that I could tell him how HUGE the classrooms were.
This room that the class was held in was !!!!! 3000 sq. ft. !!!!!!
It was a Fantastic space to be in :)

Two of us shared a table, even though there was one table empty.
The tables were so huge, 
that there was PLENTY of room for two...
plus it was fun And I made a new friend :)

This picture shows the perspective of the space with three working tables lined up.

More working ladies.

Here is Michelle at the end of the weekend, 
doing a little gallery showing of all of our finished pieces.

Its always amazing to me, 
to see the versatility and variety of the humans capabilities,
Colors, Styles, Voices.
If there are 10 people, there are going to be 10 wildly different styles.
I LOVE that!

Here I am working on one of my last pieces.

More end of class gallery time.


(piece hanging on wall at SSA) 

I've said before, that I've had almost NO art training.
I was a theater student in University, and we had our wonderful fair share of time, 
designing sets, makeup, costumes, etc, 
but with an eventual focus on Learning Differences, 
I ended up getting through without ever taking an art class.

Walking down the halls of Southwest School of Art felt 
like the halls of Trinity University.

All I had to do was read the names of those massive wonderful rooms 
and I knew that I wanted to walk through them and Taste what was inside.

It felt like home.

If felt like sanctuary.

I LOVED the feeling,

It felt like I WOULD be back.

(piece hanging on wall at SSA)

All you had to do was walk up and down the halls,
 and see the great creations on the walls,
 to feel excited about the possibilities!

(piece hanging on wall at SSA)

(I'm sorry that I didn't get the artists names for the above pieces)


So, these two are my pieces. 
Such yummy colors and products from R&F 
that were provided for the students, 
to combine with our own papers and ideas.

The sky was the limit!

So, Finally, here's Michelle !

What an honor, to spend three days with such a talented artist, 
and thoughtful, vulnerable and provocative woman.
(who by the way, soldiered on and taught even though, her husband was in hospital)

You're another Door Opener for me, Michelle.

We all meet those Important people in our lives, at Just the right time.
I love the Providence of that.

I love the sweet Adventure of Life!

Don't You ? :)

As always dear reader, thanks for stopping by and spending a little time with hastypearl.

...and Enjoy your Adventures, today :)

...oh, and ps... 
I bought an electric skillet and griddle this week 
and they will store just fine in my studio :)  


  1. It looks and sounds like a great time! I can't wait to see your pieces when I see you next month!

    1. Yep, Leslie, it was so much fun. Next month sounds so far away, but the clock is ticking fast. Really looking forward! :) Laura