Thursday, March 14, 2013

Darcy Doodle

We welcome Darcy, the Amazing green eyed, Goldendoodle, to our family. 
She's been with us for a week now. I forgot how challenging having a puppy can be!
Every day, sometimes more than once, we walk our property line. The first few days were more like a drag, than a walk, but you can see her independence after a week.
Lola, our very alpha Airedale, has surprised me with her loving attitude. It took her a while, but they are full out playing with each other now. It takes courage to be 8 lbs and play with a new 75 lb friend, but Darcy is proving a formidable playmate. Not to worry, she too will one day be 75lbs!
We will survive and use our adapting skills, daily!
Welcome, beautiful girl.....Don't you just want to give that long snout a big kiss!

I would like to mention Mustard Seed Ranch Goldendoodles for helping us find our perfect companion!

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  1. Aww So cute I know a guy named darcy doodle he's a beast on netflix
    He looks so simpler except this darcy is a homosapien