Sunday, March 31, 2013

Drawer Angel Mixed Media Project

I had a great time making this Mixed Media Angel Assemblage project!

A while back, Larry and I stopped into an interesting estate sale, in Boerne.
It was a whole warehouse, of a life time of collections, including a retired trolley car, which had sold, to tractors, tools, books and maps. There were boxes and boxes of wonderful rusty treats!

 I asked the dealer what a piece of very rustic furniture, filled with a series of drawers, had been used for. He said it was for the owners tools.
Well, I wasn't interested in the whole piece, but I sure had my eye on the drawers.
In the end, he said if the furniture didn't sell, they would push the leftovers out into the field and burn them!
 I knew I needed to go home with some of the drawers, so I asked him to sell me five of them, and he did. Of course, afterwards, you know you should have asked for more, but since they belonged in the furniture piece, I couldn't get greedy!
I filled my bags full of rusty "saved from the fire" treats and headed home to curate.

Just look at the wonderful..."you can't reproduce that" color, in the bottom of this drawer...yeah, you better look now, because in the end, it got dusted out and eventually covered up with a beautiful angel!
At least I memorialized the color with this picture!
I had just received my Anthropology catalog, so I used a beautiful red headed model for the inspiration for my drawing of  my angel and started pulling found objects that I have in a drawer called, Magic!
I don't subscribe to magic, but what happens with the collections from that drawer, can be magical, to me:)
I layer and layer and build and build, until I get closer to what I want to happen in a project.  
This angel wears a necklace and a brooch, to go with her pretty dress, made from some of  my original watercolored rice paper.

I made some fabric twists or "beads" and placed them in the box, above her.
In this project, I had the perfect place to feature one, out of a whole box, of colorful spools of fly tying thread, and some brass gears, used for building fishing reels.

Those finds were from at a great estate sale where a man's hobby was tying fishing flies.
Larry loves to fly fish when we go to Colorado and was right to bring me those items from the sale.
To me, a great sale is one where the garage or out buildings, are full of items collected by someone with a wonderful passion and imagination!  
So, after cleaning and sealing the drawer...of course I left the label detailing the items that were kept in it... and decorating it with the beautiful angel, the transformation is pretty amazing!
 It can stand alone, or be hung on a wall.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the development of one of my projects!
I will be listing her in Hastypearl, soon!

I have enjoyed hearing from some of you that have enjoyed my new blog.
Feel free to comment at the end of each entry!
Yeah, you can do it! We're all learning together!

Have fun!

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