Monday, March 18, 2013

Mixed Media Assemblage Box, Tisket Tasket

Estate Sale shopping is something that we love to do when we have a free Saturday afternoon. I'm pretty picky. I really don't want to bring home found objects that I can't or won't use. Larry and I had hit a number of estate sales one Saturday and hadn't been too inspired. We stopped late in the day at a sale that wasn't on our list, but was close to home. It turned out it was an antique shop owner from a small town nearby. She was thinning her stash and I was glad!
 She had this little metal framed embroidery work that spoke to me. My guess is that it is probably from the 40's or 50's. I bought it and started thinking about what I would do with it for Hastypearl.
I had an empty galvanized box and the rest is what you see! A Mixed Media Assemblage Box, called "Tisket Tasket"!
All of the vintage fabrics and notions are from women's sewing boxes that I buy at estate sales. It fascinates me the things that are saved.
I recently sold a wall hanging that had a small piece of the hook part of a bra, and slip strap. I often see that particular wall hanging repinned from my "hastypearl" Pinterest page!
Women can somehow relate to keeping just one more button...just in case.
I can't help it!
My mind goes "imaginating" about these womens lives. All of the years and their collections are not important to their families, so I "collaborate" with them and their collections live on!
I know I'm often drawn to bright colors, but I love the soft pastels of this box.
The final fun thing about it is the pouch of lavender that is inside. I love how the fragrance mixes with the history of it all. Yep, helps the "imaginator" start up all over again!
A great way to celebrate, Mom's!

Hope you are all well and enjoying these early days of spring!
Texas has a way of "tip toeing" in and them SLAMMING us with hot days.
The butterfly count is building and I heard my first hummer this week.
The martin houses are set up along with the Dawn Song, cd set to repeat! Maybe this will be the year they choose to grace us by moving in ?

Having a puppy has put me in the garden...a lot, but that's a good thing!
While we take our potty walks, I have gloves and shovel in hand for weeding or dividing perrenials and in general, just making good use of the time.
The books and 37 years of experience say for puppy to potty after eating, drinking, sleeping and playing. In other for the yard ALL of the time!
If anyone can think of any time that that list leaves OUT in a puppies life...please let me know in the comments below:)

Have fun...L


  1. What a nice blog! looks fantastic!
    Best of luck and welcome to the world of blogging!

    1. Thanks Laurie!
      You and I are tearing it up one screaming technological centimeter at a time, right:)
      Glad you checked in...See you before we know it...