Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Hastypearl", Lives Up to Her Name!

 So, the true story goes something like this!

I stopped into one of my favorite antique stores in Boerne last check out a favorite booth and take a quick break from the puppy.
I walked around the store for a minute and on the last row, saw a "Space Available" sign, on the door of a small display case.
I promise, I have never seriously considered renting a space, anywhere, but something about this jumped out at me.
I came home and discussed it with my husband, and I was a little surprised, when he seemed positive about the idea.
 I called the owner and told him that I was ALL about art and vintage found objects.
I knew it was a stretch for an antiques store, but much to my surprise, and sight unseen, he said it was something he would like to try!
Crazy to say, but I basically signed on the spot and am now the proud owner of a great little retail case in a very busy location in Boerne!

I  drew inventory from my Etsy items that had just recently become inactive...interesting timing... and my stash of found objects inventory, from our estate sales shopping.
It didn't take long to collect just the right amount to set up a pretty presentable case!
You have to know that I enjoyed curating and staging!

 You may recognize some of my items and of course, there are plenty that you havent seen, too!

Added bonus... a number of very sweet shop owners actually came over and introduced themselves!
It seems like a really an encouraging environment!
I am glad for that, because I suddenly have a whole new area...yep, Im on a roll... in my life to learn a lot, about.

I know that there are always many reasons why things happen in our lives.
Sometimes, things can be well thought out and sometimes, we just need to do things in a Hasty way!
I am looking forward to seeing what God has for me in this next step of my life!

 A fellow shop owner took a picture of the finished product!

I hope that you will come by and see the case (#861) some time and feel free to tell your friends about it!

It is very easy to get to.
Its located at Exit 539, on IH10 and Johns Road, which is the exit for Tapatio Springs and the middle gateway to Boerne.

Now, get out there and do something Hasty, today!

And finally, you know that thing you bought at the store and brought it home and it just wasnt right.
Wrong enough that you actually took it back?
Well, thats what has happened with my Business Facebook page.
My computer brainerd friend, Jill said about it..."its too clunky and not user friendly at all"!
We decided to jump ship over to a personal Facebook Timeline.
So, because Facebook needs a first and last name for that, you can now find me under
Hasty Pearl!
The business name doesnt have a space so it seemed a little off, but I can live with being called, Hasty!
Its up and running and now I will be able to respond to everyone better while still sending out updates on Hastypearl!
Looking forward....
Have fun!


  1. A big step, but it looks like a great place. I hope you have lots of sales and admirers there.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes, Jennifer!
    Ive always told my kids that we should be at least a little on the edge along the way, or we're probably not pushing ourselves enough!
    I've got to practice what I preach, right?!
    Take care...Laura