Sunday, April 28, 2013

Darcy Doodle Update! Chocolate Goldendoodle Arrives Hastypearl

Darcy Doodle Update!
 So, look what a month and a half can do for a Goldendoodle puppy!
I will continue to take her picture in this same spot, on the fence on our property, to refer back to.
In March, when she arrived, she was just a little handful.
Scroll down to the March 14 posting to see the matching picture!
She has probably tripled in inches and has gone from 8lbs to 20plus lbs in a month and a half.
She should end up around 70lbs, so she has a lot to!
To say that she has grown, is just an understatement!

 Our Border Collies, were workers.
Sesame Street had a skit with a catchy song, in the 80's...
"I'm a dog, I'm a workin' dog, I'm a Hard Workin' Dog"...sung along to a video of a Border Collie herding sheep.
Does anyone remember that?
For years, the boys and I sang that song!
Well, Darcy, doesn't seem to have the same desire to work as our BC's did.
The only work she's into is to constantly irritate her Airedale sister, but that is another story!

Larry has been at his job night and day, lately.
Yesterday, he finally had a bit of time, and some green grass around the burn pile, to reduce our always growing, brush pile.
Darcy's only interest was at the end, when Larry ran water onto the hot coals.
She is a bottomless pit for water.

Many times lately, I have asked myself, WHY I insisted on getting a puppy.
My life WAS quiet and mostly my own.
Where was the screaming voice that should be heard in ones head saying....
                                       DON'T DO IT?:)
We all know that dogs don't live forever, and our Airedale is aging.
After all of the hard puppy work is done, I can already see that Darcy is going to be a sweetheart!

This is a wonderfully back lit morning stroll with  two new best friends.

Yep, she's growing!

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