Saturday, April 6, 2013

Surfin' USA Mixed Media Shadow Box Project

So, there comes a time in life as we age, that our children become old enough to have their OWN children.
No one can prepare you for it, you just have to go through it, yourself!
I mean, you can know a person...specifically, a friend's child... AS a child and even watch them grow up, but when they have their OWN children, it's pretty freaky!
Yes, we will ALL surely, age! 

Well, not only has one of my own children had a sweetheart child, but recently, one of our friends daughter's did, as well. I was invited to the baby shower and the invitation said that "surfing"...a hobby of the new grandfather...was going to be the baby boy's nursery theme.

Seriously??? You're going to hand me THAT AWESOME theme!

Yep, I was definitely going to run with that one and have some fun with a Mixed Media Shadow Box Project.
I had an extra Shadow Box Frame, just waiting to be filled!
I used a found Catholic School Reader, from those pure and sweet old days, to make the surfboards, and a boat.
Of course, the boat had to rock on the waves and the sun had to shine brightly, to complete the theme! 
 These photos again, were taken last minute...pre-blog, and were not well lit. I'm about to be done with those "hurry up pictures" and am on track to better light for this blog, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to share this really fun project.
Instead of putting the solid back that came with the frame back on, I sought out help from my great friend, Patsy Wright, of Framing Done Wright, in San Antonio. She cut me a piece of glass and it opened up the whole scene for light to pass, right through!
I hope Mr. Clarke Stamper, is enjoying his little coastal surfing scene, as he enjoys his first days on planet Earth!
I love how my younger friends are growing up and having families of their own.
Yes, the circle of life continues for us all...
Sweet surfin' Clarke!
Have fun everybody...


  1. Got it!
    Thanks for figuring it out for me:)

  2. As we prepare to move Clarke up to a big boy room (he's almost TWO now, can you believe it?) this piece receives a new place of honor, on his new bookshelves :) thank you for the collectible, personal, beautiful reminder of you and the entire Roberts family! -- love, Catherine

    1. Wow, Catherine! Tracking down this hastypearl blog post took some effort. That means a lot to me. Making this piece for you and Clarke still feels fresh and wonderful for me. I'm so glad that its making its "Big Boy Step" into his new digs, and NO, I cant believe that he is two, but then, I cant believe that you are _______:) FB me a pic in its new place of honor! You know I love ya! xo Laura