Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Carolyn Saxby Artist A Birthday Treat for Hastypearl

Carolyn Saxby Artist

A Birthday Treat for Hastypearl

I first discovered English artist, Carolyn Saxby, in January, 2013.
Why do I remember that?
Well, Hastypearl was brand new to Etsy.
Everything was Exciting (it still is :) and there were many Firsts, happening to me in those days.
I had been featured in 5 beautiful Treasuries, and in number 6, Carolyn Saxby, appeared.

Her item featured in the treasury, was an amazing fiber piece.
She had dyed and layered beautiful fibers and it Stood Out, to me.
I'm a little blurry after that, but I think we ended up in another Treasury together and I contacted her about it.
She was very sweet about my convo and the rest is history.
I was a hooked Fan and Follower.

I found my way to her Carolyn Saxby blog and FB page.
What I saw as a pattern for her was...she would Make these heavenly fiber hearts and list them on Etsy.
And...They would Sell, before I could even make my way, over to her shop.

Not that it was any of my business, as she was clearly a successful shop owner, I wrote to her, again.
This time to tell her that I thought that she needed to Raise her prices on her Beautiful hearts.
Yes, that's Nosey me for you :)
What did I know about her pricing?

What I learned from her response told me a lot about her.

She said she didnt think she should.
I disagreed.
Her Humble response Impressed me.

Her photography and textile art pieces, are Singular.
They are totally handmade, and Im sure that there is as much time in dyeing her fabrics and notions, as goes into the actual construction of her piece.

Shes probably cringing at my telling you this, but its not the part about the pricing that's important...what was important to me...was the Humility.
Well, she finally conceded and Barrrrrrely raised her prices and listed more hearts.
AGAIN, they sold before I could get to them :)

It took me a while, to figure out, that I could message her on FB and PLEAD...that's melodramatic.. but Please Save me one of her hearts!

She is a Very Busy Lady, but it wasn't long, before pictures arrived for me to select a heart, that I wanted.
Yes, you can contact an artist and talk to them.
No, MOST of them will not BITE...not Hard at least ;)

So, That is a long introduction, to the rest of  my posting, which I know that you will DEFINITELY enjoy!

Pictured below, is an equally "wonderful package opening experience", to an earlier "package opening" (which you can also read about in a previous posting) of my last purchase, from Elizabeth Bunsen!
That means I must have Great Taste in finding ladies, with wonderful character AND that Surely know how to wrap a purchase!

So, here we go...and please enjoy!
I KNOW that I did! :)

...oh, and you should also know, that Carolyn, lives in one of the areas in England that has been hardest hit by rain and ruin.
Still, she managed to get this out to me, in record time.
Pray for these sweet people, who have MUCH  recovery ahead of them.

This was what I found in my mailbox, yesterday.
She also makes the sweet beaded snowflakes.
I didn't want to open it, it looked so pretty!
OK. That's not true. I Wanted to open it :) 
Isn't it wonderful, when so much time and care, is taken to make a gift even more special than it already is?

Even her business card is beautiful!

She enclosed, two of her beautifully photographed greeting cards, which she also carries in her Etsy shop.

Earlier, when she sent pictures, of the two hearts that she was working on, she told me that she had picked up a tiny shell at "Mousehole at Christmas"...
I stopped listening after the totally cute name...Mousehole!
I love to pick up stones and fossils and bark...and I'm sure that I would have picked up This tiny shell, if I had been lucky enough to go to a place as sweet sounding, as Mousehole! 
So, because of the shell from was reserved and MINE!

What a wonderful acquisition, to mark a wonderful new friendship!

On the 15th, that's three days from now, I turn 58.

I could go on and on with the true but cliche...How did I get here?
That the time has flown by!
That I still feel like a girl, inside...but most of you already know about such things.

I do know, that This Year, while not Perfect...because as you know, "Perfect" only happens in the movies...has been an Amazing Year.

At every turn, new friendships have been made.
Events that I never knew to Dream...are Happening.
Things that I DID know to dream...are Happening.
I've been Happily Stretched, in so many wonderful and refreshing ways, that it would take a book to detail.

What I also Know at this Birthday time, is how Much My God loves me!

Even if Wonderful things Didn't happen, I am mature enough to Rest in that Truth.

So...Happy Birthday to Me!
Yes, Happy I Am...

I'm so Glad that you stopped in to read my posting and I Hope that you will head over to Carolynsaxbytextiles, on Etsy.

You may have to get in line for one of these Beauties, but it will be worth the wait and I know, that you will make a Wonderful New Friend!

xoxo Laura


  1. heart 2 heart
    surrendering to BEauty
    happy happy birthday ms. Hasty

    58 is an excellent year


  2. Im SO glad that you are a part of My, 58! and as the song says...And Many More! :) Laura

  3. Such a wonderful and heartfelt post, Laura. And happy birthday, too. (And I have to tell you that I have one of Carolyn's beautiful hearts; it sits on my bookshelf with other treasures, always there to inspire me. Lots of love, Ann. xx

  4. Thank you, Ann. These hearts are works of art! You British ladies really know how to work a needle and thread :) Thanks for the BD wishes. Laura