Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hastypearl Gets Antique "y" !

Hastypearl, Gets Antique "y"!

Hopefully, it's clear to you by now, that Hastypearl,
is about Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art.
For me, the joy is Mixing the Two.

Last year, for 8 months, I had a small case
in Boerne, Texas, just west/outside of San Antonio.
I really enjoyed it and not surprisingly,
inquired about "upsizing" to a larger space.

The good news is, that the space owners, really love their spaces.
The bad news is, that the space owners, really love their spaces!

The owners, promised me,
that my monthly"bugging/reminding" them
about a new space was encouraged, and so...I did!

Well, it turned out, that one shop owner,
wanted to consolidate two spaces to one,
and a February placing, opened up for me.

Awesome, News and I had a MONTH, to shop.
Piece of Cake!

I was sure that that was Plenty of time, to Fill my small space.
Boy, was I Surprised!

Its not that I didn't go to Many Estate Sales and Auctions,
because I did!

I was determined, to make this space Legendary...yes,
that is my Word!

Okay. I know that there is Legendary
like a Cathedral in Europe...but what Im NOT going to do,
is get lazy and place Just Anything
in my little shop, that isn't as Legendary,
as I am capable of!

I hope that when you see it,
you will be pleased with what I've selected.

If you ever see anything that you are interested in
...use the Email button on the right column,
and I'm sure, that we can work something out!

The following images, are the Before and After images, of the process!

Here we go!

The Purchased items, started showing up in the "storage room",
formerly referred to as the Dining Room! :)
There were also larger pieces, stored in the garage.

That old ironing board has seen some use!
It is solid wood and VERY Heavy. 
Can you imagine lugging that thing out to press a shirt?
I'm using is as a great display table for my Valentines!

You will see later...

More collections waiting...

I found an entire collection of
hundreds of beautiful creamers at an estate sale.
I selected... the most Legendary...:)

The beautiful linens that I found,
were washed and ironed...of course,
but Not, on the old Wood Ironing Board :)

There is a stunning finger tip towel,
with an embroidered "C" on it, in this group.

With Larry working so much these days,
I am hitting the road for auctions, myself.
Thankfully, the employees, load for you,
so after I get them home,
I begin the process of repairs and refreshing up. 
Its a lot of work, but I love the fantasy of
Who has Used each piece and find
some interesting goodies left behind
in the drawers and spaces.
This is the bottom of a great English Bookcase.
You will see it later, with the creamer collection,
tucked safely inside! 

Larry, helped me one morning,
with a loose hinge.
I couldn't have done Any part of this,
Without His Help!

Saturday morning, we delivered the large items
and bought and transported, the oak display case,
which will be perfect for showing my small offerings.

 Here's an After shot, from Sunday around 3 pm.

Another angle view where you can see the
new oak display case, and the tall bookcase
that was last seen in my truck bed.

I added my Original Art Pieces,
so you can see that it is shaping up nicely!

I made the necklace on the mannequin.
It has a beautiful skeleton key hanging from a polymer clay heart.
I etched on a metal plate,
a quote from Dickens that I love...
It says...
"A very little key, can open a very large door."

What a Great Phrase of Encouragement,
to wear around your neck!

One of the best parts about opening in February,
was being able to make a great Red Valentine Display!
These are little ornaments, that actually started out as
unfinished corner baseboards.
With some polymer clay, fabric, wire and fibers... I did the rest!
They were great engineering fun!
One is called, "Love Bird" and the
other is a sleeping cat called, "Dreaming of You"!

This image, features my little handmade
faux leather envelopes with lavender pouches,
made from beautiful fabrics and fibers...
and of course...they Smell Wonderful!
I hand stamped words into the envelope
fronts that say things like...Friend, Unbroken, Timeless..
This is NOT an envelope,
that will end up in the recycling bin!
Ahhh, so sweet!

This is the Last picture of the Valentines.
The pillow on the left and the heart shaped
ornament are my hand mades,
and the little trunk on the back,
is a turn of the last century doll chest.

I think that you can see, that my love of vintage parts
and my heart to make Heirloom Art Pieces,
is evident in my little space.
I want to find and offer...Legendary to Me,
items, that are also Affordable,
and make it worth the trip to see!

If you are in Boerne, Johns Road Antique Mall
is at IH10 West, exit # 539.

Its really easy to find, and you should plan on staying a while,
as there are 70 shop owners!
I have been shopping there since it opened,
almost 5 years ago! 
There are now, several Food Trucks, parked next door,
that serve up a variety of Yummy!

I hope that you enjoyed this little posting about my
Next Adventure, and will share the News
about it with your Friends!

My days are Full, and I stay Amazed at how My Life
constantly turns New and Exciting Corners...
All Of The Time!

It is Wonderful to Recognize, the Providence, in all of it!

Thanks for joining me in yet another,  
Hasty Unfolding!

xoxo Laura


  1. Laura, I love your new antique space and that you have your own art displayed! This is my second comment, not sure if the first one went through or not, but if it did just delete one! Congratulations!! Oh, and I collect little tins if you have any for sale, I use them in my workshops...


  2. Thanks Roxanne! Of COURSE you use little tins, because it just sounds wonderful Saying it! I love them, too! Looking forward...:) Laura

  3. I always think that I could become an antiques dealer one day, because I'm such a good antiques collector! It has always seemed to me that one thing leads to another. Good for you, and best of luck!

  4. It is well established, Leslie, that we both have a weakness for a good lookin' piece of Golden Oak! There are Worse things to be persuaded by! Who knows, maybe you will do something Hasty like I did and be in business of antiques, soon.:) Looking forward to the continued possibility of possibilities, together! ;) Laura

  5. Looks amazing Laura! Can't wait to hear more details. SO wish we lived closer and could pop in to say hello and drool over your wares. Wishing you all the best of luck. xoElizabeth

  6. Elizabeth...I say, MOVE to Texas! Larry golfed in shorts and short sleeves, yesterday! First thing you could do...Buy a Truck:) call the movers....today!