Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hastypearl... On Love A Photo Essay!

Hastypearl... On Love

A Photo Essay

For me, Valentines and my next day birthday, have always been rolled into one.
It seems that the celebrations come one after the other, starting at Thanksgiving, and ending in March, when both of our sons were born.

Ill show you a few photos from the 2014 February period, that make me think of Love!

I was contacted by a great buyer, that was interested in my Hastypearl Etsy Vintage Letterpress letters.
At first she wanted to spell, L-O-V-E.
And she ended up with, X-O.
I love it when I get to see/hear about what people do with the vintage parts and heirloom art, that I sell them.
She is an interior designer, so Ill bet it will be G-R-E-A-T!

There was of course time, to make a fiber Valentine, for my Sweetheart granddaughter, Katherine Anne!
We  had a great time Skypeing with her last night.
Thank Goodness, for that technology!

Of course, Larry and I exchanged something, Valentine-y.
I've known him, probably 42 years now, and we have been married Most of that.
That's a lot of cards!

At the last hour, we put together a Valentines evening out with some sweet friends of ours, where we joined up at one of our favorite restaurants in Boerne, called The Cypress Grill. 
Good Times and delicious food :) 

A good while ago, while following the artist Lisa Grahams blog, I saw this oil piece, called, Eight.
It appeals to me on so many levels.
Later, she mentioned on FB, that she would be taking it to a gallery, for an art crawl.
I got this gasp feeling, as I knew that it would likely sell.
I showed it to Larry, who knows and appreciates art...thanks to his parents owning two galleries, in San Antonio, during his youth.
He immediately should buy it for your birthday!
Great idea...AND I DID!
Well, it is HERE and it is just as amazing in "person" as it was on Lisa's blog.
I am soooo thrilled about owning it.
I will eventually get with my framing friend, Patsy, and  we will have some fun!
I'll let you see it when we are done.

Sometimes love Comes, and sometimes, it Goes.
Stamp Antonio Arts, is closing its doors, soon. :(

Of course, we are all so sad about it.
It is a testimony to the times.
Specifically the times, where it is increasingly difficult, for individuals, to successfully own and operate small businesses. Especially those, that have large chain stores, as competitors.
So, if you have a favorite book store, art or gift shop...keep SHOPPING and BUYING there.
There is NO guarantee, that it will Always be there!

When I heard that they were closing, I assumed that there would be one more opportunity to take a class with the amazing, Carrie Avery.
The story is long about how I found her, but the truth is...She Gave Me Life!
That is what I wrote on a small gift that I gave her, yesterday.

She has art and craft knowledge, that will crack most brains, but she even has More than that!
She operates a "Recovery Room"!
A room, where you walk in with concerns or worries, and they slip right off of you, only to be left, somewhere outside on the sidewalk!
She has an infectious laugh...and shes not afraid to use it!
She makes you feel So Comfortable and Capable.
Every student, feels Encouraged and Special.
Its not an easy Thing to do, but she is THE BEST!

So, thank you Carrie, for your big heart, your freely shared talent and as I told the ladies in the room...its not OVER!
Stamp Antonio just got us, Started :)
Carrie has a great etsy shop and Paper Wings Productions.
Please check them out!

You KNOW the happy Buzz of a great class!
Everyone goes about their work, but still has the energy to chat and share and have a great time.

I'm so Happy, that I got a first time picture of my sweet, "Save the Day", friend, Jill!
She is pictured, seated on the lower, right corner.
One day, in that same room, I told Carrie, that I Wanted to set up an Etsy shop, but I didn't have a clue how to do it.
Boy, am I technically, challenged!
Not far, from where she is seated in this picture, Jill said softly..."Ill help you".
What a God Sent girl she has been!
I call and say HELP...and she Does.
Like she will run and do it during a commercial...its so easy for her :)
She has NEVERNOTONCELAUGHED and have Got to be kidding...the average 4 year old could do that :)
Nope, she just fixes it or sends me Amazing step by step tutorials, that make it Possible to do what I thought was Impossible.
So, please check out her blog and etsy shop

Here I am, at my last art class in these beautiful blue walls.
There will be MORE classes to come...Elsewhere!
Two, Amazing classes...I mean Amazing...are already in the works.
I will let you know more, when the details get ironed out.

Then finally, what do I Love?


My two Boys, who were so sweet to check in for my birthday...and often during the weeks.
My friends and family...husband, mother and sister...who, I also heard from.
My home with this view. (this was taken this week, off of my upstairs deck. I love to watch the sun line/shadow march across the valley, as it faithfully wakes us all up every morning!)
 I could never have dreamed Big Enough to have imagined, that I could be blessed to be Owned, by this Homeplace..that is named...Splendid Rise!.
My sweet animals...the four legged kind...canine, feline and equine!

Its always Overwhelming at times like this, to Collect it all, in your mind and Heart, and just Soak It In, and to know that there is a God who Loves me and Gifts me with SO MUCH!

So, there is a Quick View of my Happy, Happy, thoughts on Love 

What Sweet Feelings, did YOU Discover this Valentines?  

xoxo Laura

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I would love for you to.
I promise that I wont overwhelm you!

There are wonderful things ahead for hastypearl, and I love reading your comments below :)
I've made some wonderful connections with bloggers, just by chatting with them in their comments sections!
so, dont be shy :)


  1. Wonderful post Laura! Happy birthday to you and happy valentine's too!!! SO happy you love Eight and thank you for sharing them too!

  2. It was a bittersweet afternoon at Stamp Antonio! I still think we need to have a wine and cheese send off on Feb. 28! Or Whine and cheese? Loved the box you made. Are you going to post it? Happy Birthday again and thanks for sharing your day!

  3. Thanks, and my Pleasure, Lisa. Im very proud to own them and of you and your accomplishments! Take care and keep the great work, coming :) Laura

  4. Beth, I am SO glad that you were there with me. It was so important to me, to be there and having you, was icing on the cake. I liked Carrie's decision to just be happy about the time that we HAD and look forward! Such a smart, girl! Yes, the boxes were fun, weren't they. Its such a win win type of class, where walking around and seeing EVERY box be great, brings such satisfaction! See you SOON! Laura